Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. Last Saturday was one of those perfect summer nights. All of my siblings and nephews spontaneously came over. We had pizza, played Bocce and Spades, and had a bonfire. We laughed and talked and puked - well Lucy puked. But that's what she gets for eating 4 pieces of pizza and half a bag of marshmallows. Ha. Poor kid.

2. As promised, I got serious about potty training with Lena this week. It was a disaster. The first day she cried every time I put her on the potty chair and had 8 accidents. She did have 2 successes despite her aversion to the potty chair. Day 2, she was feeling more cooperative, but didn't have any more success. By day 3, she was done. She was holding it longer and longer, refusing to go on the potty chair, and having accidents minutes after I took her to the bathroom. We powered through most of day 4, but I finally gave up by 6:30 that night. I stopped counting on day 4, but between days 1 and 3, she had a mess to success ratio of 21:4. Not cool. I guess we'll try again in a couple months.

3. I went back in my blog archives to see when I potty trained Lucy. She was almost exactly the age Lena is now. But I also read a few other entries that show how completely opposite my girls were. Take this for instance - one of my updates about Lucy:
She knows all the basic colors, and she's getting the hang of letters. One thing she doesn't do that most kids her age do is sing the alphabet. She sings her own version of it, but not the classic version. :-) She kind of counts. Again, she knows her numbers 1-10, she just says them in her own order. She's clueless about most shapes. We've been working on that. She knows heart, star, and moon, but not circle, square, triangle, etc.
If I were to write a similar update about Lena today it'd be almost the opposite. She knows her colors except red and green. She has no concept of letters. I'm amazed that all my friends' two year olds can identify their letters! Lena seriously doesn't know one. And yet, unlike Lucy, she's been singing the alphabet flawlessly for months. She can count to 12, and she knows her shapes. The point is, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Lena's not interested in potty training because Lucy was at this age. Haha.

One more quick note: It's also amazing how much better Lena speaks than Lucy did at this age. I was reading an old entry about Lucy potty training, and I wrote that she peed on the floor and said, "Uh-oh. Floor!" She was barely speaking in sentences at 2.5. One day this week, Lena saw I had put a towel on the couch cushion. She said, "Why you put that towel on couch?" Before I could answer her, though, she continued, "Just in case I go potty on it?" Haha. No shortage of sentences with that one.

4. Lucy had her pre-kindergarten doctor's appointment this week. She continues to be strangely tall. Haha. (3'9.5" - 93%) And she's in the 74% for weight, so apparently that diet of mac n' cheese and bananas isn't stunting her growth too badly. She passed her vision test (which I was worried about), only had to get one shot, and I had the doctor check out her rash. Over the past week, Lucy's entire torso has broken out in this splotchy, itchy rash. It's starting to spread to her limbs and face, too. The doctor said it was likely a food allergy or an environmental allergy. Since Lucy is not an adventurous eater and hasn't had anything new, we decided it must be environmental - probably pollen or something similar. So we got a prescription cream that is supposed to help. So far, it hasn't changed.

5. I read two vastly different books this week. The first was One Night With a Rockstar (Chana Keefer). It came up in my daily bookbub email and looked interesting, so I "bought" it. (Free Kindle book.) It was good, but kind of strange. It was definitely a Christian book. The characters have relationships with God, evangelize, pray, and a big storyline is abstinence before marriage. And yet, there was more swearing than any Christian book I've read - including taking God's name in vain, which seems really unnecessary.

6. I haven't actually finished the second book yet: A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. I've been working my way through it for a couple weeks. The first few chapters were about having a relationship with God. They were really good and really helpful. But then came the chapters on marriage. Oh boy. This book was written in 1997 and reads much older than that. It has been tormenting me. Haha. I shared a little blip on facebook with the caption that I don't usually consider myself a feminist, but the more of this book I read, the more I'm starting to think maybe I am a feminist. I don't want to write it off because it makes me uncomfortable. I want to really study it and see if her reasoning is Biblical. But it's been difficult. I'm going to write a whole entry on it if I ever actually finish it. Stay tuned.

7. Justin and I went on our June date today: fishing! It's free fishing weekend, so I didn't have to buy a license. We went to this little private lake that friends of Justin's family have a cottage on. I was worried it was going to be rainy and cold, but the weather was actually perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Didn't rain at all. We fished for about 3 hours and I lost count of how many fish we caught. I got pretty good at casting, but Justin did all the putting on of worms and taking off of fish. Blech. We had a great time, and capped off our date with dinner at Trini's. Glorious.

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