Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Saturday 7

1. Good news, guys. We finally transitioned Levi out of the pack n' play in our room to his crib upstairs. We tried for the first time last Saturday, and it was an epic fail. He screamed forever and we finally caved and brought him back downstairs. Sunday night we went to a "concert" at church and kept him up way past his bedtime, so he fell right to sleep when I laid him in the crib that night. But after going up the stairs 3 times between 11:40 and midnight to replace his binky, I finally brought him back downstairs. Monday night he slept all night in his crib for the first time! And he's continued to do well since then. I usually have to go up once or twice to help him find his Binky (I need a bumper for the crib so he can't push them out onto the floor!), and I think I'm going to need to get some blackout curtains, because he's been waking up ridiculously early, but for the most part, he's doing great!

2. He's also making progress with his gross motor skills. He pulled up onto the toybox for the first time this week, and has started to reach down and grab things from a standing position. He's also trying to figure out how to go from standing to sitting. But he still gets around by scooting. Everywhere we go, people tell me stories about their kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews who did the same thing. He's definitely a conversation starter. Haha.
He's been doing great with this walker, too! 
3. I actually read a book this week! After all my binge reading a few months ago, I took a long break to watch Hawaii Five-O on Netflix. I'm still not done with H5-0, but I got the reading bug and picked up one I started a long time ago. It took me a while to get into it, but once I started, I got hooked. It's a fictional account of the Exodus from an Egyptian slave's perspective. It was really interesting. And of course, it had some good romance, too. ;-)
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4. Lena's issues have continued to intensify. She's back to wearing a pull-up full time, now. The rule is that if she pees in the pull-up she has to wear undies the rest of the day. So she's been doing pretty well with using the bathroom still. But she continues to be afraid to go anywhere without me (like her class at church) because she's afraid she's going to poop and someone else will have to change her. She continues to throw epic fits at bath time because she doesn't want to take her pull-up off long enough to bathe. And when she has to pee, she screams in terror because she's so afraid she might accidentally poop on the toilet while she's peeing. It is so out of control and I am so discouraged. I feel like she has a legitimate phobia, and I, of all people, should understand that. But she can't be crippled by it for the rest of her life. She can't just avoid using the bathroom, like I can avoid camping. We have to get past this.

5. She also seems to have added a new phobia to her repertoire. Ever since we all had the flu a couple months ago, she's been nervous about puking in public (which she has never done). But it's gotten way worse in the past week or two. Now, everywhere she goes, she has to have a plastic bag with her in case she needs to puke.
At the library
On Wednesday, there was an awards ceremony for the end of Awana. Lena absolutely refused to go up on stage with her class because she was afraid she would puke on stage. I don't even understand where the phobia came from. She doesn't puke. She's been carrying this bag around for weeks, but has yet to actually use it! She hasn't puked since the flu months ago. I even found her like this one night this week:
Sound asleep with the puke bucket wedged under chin.
6. This one is lame, but I'm out of ideas: Levi has figured out the drive-thru. Even though he's rear-facing in the car, he can tell when we're going through a drive-thru because he immediately starts shouting, "Eh! Eh!" and his little hand starts reaching out for fries. Haha. #momoftheyear

7. And now, for your weekly pictures:
The mullet is going strong

We went to a new park this week and Levi was in love with this car.

Bright sun

Sweet girl picking flowers in the field.

Having an outdoor lunch at Checkers, combining two of Levi's favorite things: being outside and eating

Endless waiting at Discount Tire. At least it was nice outside!
This picture is to illustrate the importance of eyebrow waxing. Lol. Before on left, after on right (in case it's not obvious!). Thanks, Julie!! :-D 

And one cute video of Levi at the park:

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Saturday 7

1. We had a nice Easter with our families. I tried to do too much with the girls in the morning before church and ended up a little frazzled. Haha. They opened their Easter baskets first. They each got a mermaid tale blanket and bluetooth headphones. Of course, the bluetooth headphones aren't compatible with their tablets, so that was a bust! (It's a good thing they were just $5 from 5 Below!) Levi got animal crackers, yogurt melts, and Hot Wheels cars. Then we did an Easter egg hunt with our Resurrection Eggs. I've wanted them for a while, but couldn't rationalize the price. So I was excited to find a set for $1.90 when I was out thrift shopping a couple weeks ago!! After discussing the real meaning of Easter, we made resurrection rolls and cinnamon rolls. Then I got the kids all dressed up in their pretty outfits . . . and forgot to take a picture! I told you I was frazzled. We spent the afternoon with the VanderKoddes and the evening with my sisters and parents. It was a great day!

2. On Tuesday, I did my 5th annual "Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom." I love seeing how different and similar each year is. It's so interesting to see how my kids have changed in just a year. But some things never change - I still watch too much TV and spend too much time on facebook. I do a lot of making food for people and cleaning up. So much cleaning up. Seeing it all written out is quite validating. Haha.

3. I think that Levi might be dropping down to one nap. I usually don't transition my kids til closer to 18 months, but Levi seems to be doing it on his own. A few days this week, I've put him down for his morning nap around 9:30 and he's slept 'til 12 or 12:30! So he obviously doesn't go down for his afternoon nap after that and just stays awake until bedtime between 7 and 8.

4. One day this week, on the way home from school, Lucy randomly announced, "I'm so glad I live in this day and age instead of a long time ago." When I asked why, she said, "Well, first of all, because we have the Internet." Lol. Priorities. She added, "But also, because a long time ago, they used to kill the firstborn a lot, and I'm the firstborn!!" She also went on to say, "And they had to live in tents in the desert." Can you tell they've been studying Exodus at school? Lol.

5. I bought a jogging stroller last week. I'm so sick of my flabby post-baby belly, but dieting is not my forte. Lol. So I figured I'd try exercise. I really want to be a runner. I just lack the discipline to actually do it. I'm excellent at coming up with excuses . . . like, what am I supposed to do with my kids while I run? Hopefully the jogging stroller will help with that. Levi adores being outside and is happy as a clam if I strap him into the stroller and run with him. This week, I ran laps around our U-shaped driveway while Lena alternately ran with me and played in the yard. I have big hopes of taking the kids to the school track this summer and letting them go wild while I attempt to run with Levi. Someone hold me to that . . .

6. We've had a really frustrating week with potty training. It was going so well. I don't know what happened!! For a couple weeks, Lena happily wore underwear all day, and even started going to the bathroom by herself without my assistance! We even made a couple trips out of the house in undies with no problems. We were making such progress! But in the past week, she has suddenly regressed into wanting to wear a diaper all the time again. I have no idea what went wrong! I can't think of anything that would have triggered it. She's terrified that she's going to poop in her undies. She even went back to refusing to take a bath earlier this week because she didn't want to take her diaper off and accidentally poop in the tub. If I put a diaper on her, though, she pees in it. So I've been forcing her to wear undies and it is extremely traumatic. She wails most of the day, rolls on the floor screaming and crying. Today she was exclaiming, "I will die to death if I can't wear a diaper!!" She even refuses to eat while wearing undies because she knows that food will turn into poop. (And apparently she thinks that happens immediately, despite my assurances that it does not.) The girl has some serious issues. Again, I ask, is there such a thing as potty training counseling? She needs it!

7. Pictures:
Making Easter cookies

Waiting at school for Lucy

Do you think he's too big for the infant seat if his feet hang over the edge??

Hurry up, Dad! Make my food faster!!
The one picture I have of Lena in her Easter dress (and looking about 8 years old!!)

A Dr Pepper filter on Snapchat!

Horribly creepy snapchat of Lena. Lol.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5th Annual Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

Every year, I debate about whether or not to share this. It seems kind of self-indulgent. But I do think it's interesting to see it all written out. I try to be as honest as possible about our screen time, facebook obsession, and horrendous eating habits. I made the spontaneous decision to bring a friend a meal today. I do that about once a year, so don't think too highly of me. Lol. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

6:45 Alarm goes off, get up and get dressed in the dark so I don't wake up Levi
6:50 Brush my teeth
6:52 Wake up Lucy
6:54 Make Lucy some waffles and pour her a glass of milk while she turns on Netflix on her tablet
6:56 Make Lucy's lunch (pizza lunchable and frozen go-gurt)
6:58 Pack Lucy's snack (Club crackers and granola bar)
6:59 Make coffee
7:00 Put my bagel in the toaster, search for Lucy's library book
7:03 Butter my bagel, put creamer in my coffee
7:05 Sit down with my breakfast and phone – check facebook, instagram, email
7:20 Wake up Lena, get clothes for the girls
7:24 Tell Lucy to get dressed
7:25 Answer a text
7:26 Put my contacts in
7:27 Tell Lucy again to get dressed, throw my hair into a ponytail
7:31 Wake up Levi, snuggle for a few minutes

7:34 Change Levi's diaper
7:36 Chug coffee and answer another text
7:38 Jot down a to do list and a grocery list
7:40 Buckle Levi into his carseat
7:42 Tell Lucy to turn off her show and brush her hair
7:43 Ask Lucy if she wants to wear flip-flops, have a discussion about respect when she scowls at me in response
7:45 Out the door, buckle kids into carseats
7:51 Pull out of the driveway, girls fight about whether or not zero is a number
7:57 Get to school, walk Lucy into her classroom
8:01 Leave school
8:06 Home
8:08 Set Levi on the floor with some toys, help Lena find her Leappad
8:10 Pull a dust bunny out of Levi's hand and give him a squeezy
8:11 Put some frozen pancakes in the microwave
8:13 Help Levi with his squeezy, give him his pancakes on a plate on the floor
8:14 Turn the heat up (it's only 64* in here)
8:15 Get drinks for the kids
8:16 Fish some kind of cap out of Levi's mouth
8:17 Bring Levi and his pancakes to the living room
8:18 Sit down to do my devotions
8:26 Help Levi wind up a musical toy, back to devotions
8:30 Sit down at computer to type this up
8:37 Help Lena get her undies on
8:39 Put a slice of bread in the toaster
8:40 Scoop some cinnamon apple slices into a bowl
8:41 Get the bread out of the toaster as my phone starts to ring in the other room
8:41 Answer phone and notice Lena shoveling Easter candy in her mouth. Tell her to put it away.
8:42 Spread peanut butter on toast while talking on the phone
8:43 Hand Lena her plate with toast and apples. Fork falls off the plate onto Levi who's sitting at my feet.
8:44 Hang up phone and pick up crying Levi.
8:45 Read books to Levi while he tries to close the book every 4 seconds
8:48 Set Levi down to cruise around the toybox, pick up computer to check email
8:49 Confiscate a pen out of Levi's mouth
8:50 Facebook, blog reader
8:58 Help Levi walk over to Lena to mooch her breakfast
8:59 Words with Friends
9:06 Levi rips Lena's toast out of her hand and shoves it in his mouth
9:09 Clean Levi's face
9:10 Help Lena put bread in the toaster for a new piece of toast
9:11 Spread some peanut butter on a piece of bread for Levi
9:12 Put Levi in his high chair with peanut buttered bread
9:14 Words with Friends while Lena spreads peanut butter on her toast
9:22 Clean up Levi
9:23 Go outside with Lena and Levi to pick up a package that was dropped off
9:24 Open the package while Levi screams because he wants to go back outside
9:26 Put Levi down for a nap
9:27 Clean up Lena, pick up the toast pieces Levi threw on the floor
9:29 Look up recipes
9:32 Search freezer for ingredients
9:35 Clean off kitchen counter, plug in Lena's tablet to charge
9:37 Turn on my “cooking music”
9:38 Go get Lena's cup out of the living room
9:40 Lena helps me put dinner in the crockpot
9:48 Split massive pork loin into separate freezer bags
9:52 Levi is crying. Check to make sure the Binky is in his mouth. Leave him screaming.
9:53 Clean up kitchen
9:56 Help Lena put on a pull-up so she can poop
9:57 Finish cleaning, check on Levi: he's sleeping
10:08 Hide empty Easter eggs around the house
10:10 Make Lena put her undies back on (it was a false alarm – no poop)
10:11 Start picking up the disastrous house while Lena searches for eggs
10:20 Lena found all the eggs. I'm still cleaning
10:27 Get out craft supplies for Lena to play with at the table, continue cleaning
10:41 Sweep dining room floor
10:44 Help Lena glue something
10:46 Sit down with computer – facebook, go down a rabbit trail looking at old pictures
11:05 Send silly snapchats with Lena
11:16 Put some chicken on to boil
11:21 Wander the kitchen looking for a snack
11:22 Settle on a leftover cinnamon roll from Easter
11:23 Lena comes in the kitchen and wants to see the boiling chicken (?), lift her up to see it, share some of my cinnamon roll with her
11:25 Get some yogurt and grapes out of the fridge for Lena
11:27 The chicken is boiling over. Tend to it.
11:28 Cut up some grapes
11:30 Open the yogurt so Lena can put some in a bowl with her grapes
11:31 Put the yogurt away, pour myself a glass of Dr Pepper
11:33 Look at some snapchats, send one to Tater
11:35 Text Niki to buy me some Doritos next time she goes to Sam's Club (she's my personal shopper)
11:35 Put my Lean Cuisine in the microwave
11:37 Get Lena a lunchable and set her up at the table with her tablet (when she sees how clean the table is, she exclaims, "Good cleaning, Mommy!)
11:38 Clean yogurt off of Lena's tablet
11:39 Levi starts crying, put some leftover sloppy joe meat in the microwave for him
11:41 Go to get Levi but he stopped crying
11:42 Check on the chicken, turn heat down to low
11:44 Go get Levi, change his diaper
11:46 Put Levi in the high chair with his sloppy joe
11:48 Sit down with my computer and lunch
11:56 Put more meat on Levi's tray
11:57 Read the first “Day in a Life” blog entry I did exactly 4 years ago
12:00 Help Lena with tablet
12:01 Put more meat on Levi's tray, open the candy bar that came with Lena's lunchable
12:03 Back to reading
12:05 Clean off Lena's hands, back to reading while Lena climbs on my legs
12:14 Forgot about the chicken. Turn off heat.
12:15 Read my second “Day in a Life” blog entry from 3 years ago
12:18 Levi's throwing his food on the floor. Clean him, his high chair, and the floor.
12:23 Change Levi's dirty diaper, get him dressed, tell Lena to get dressed
12:27 Take care of the lunch dishes
12:30 Find Levi's cup
12:31 Change into a short sleeved shirt
12:33 Lena falls and hurts her hand. Console her for a while.
12:34 Shred chicken in mixer as my phone starts ringing in the other room
12:35 Look something up on my mom's computer for her
12:41 Add more ingredients to the chicken
12:46 Put chicken mixture in fridge, Levi in carseat
12:47 Out the door to Family Dollar – get a tin pan, rice, and baby wipes
1:07 Home
1:08 Give Levi some pea crisps
1:09 Make rice (90 seconds in the microwave – I'm a pretty gourmet cook)
1:14 Finish assembling meal, pour into tin pan
1:15 Fill mixing bowl with water to soak, write baking directions on tin pan
1:17 Fix Lena's hair
1:19 Take ibuprofen for the headache I feel coming on
1:20 Get Levi a squeezy and put him in his carseat
1:23 Get the kids in the car
1:24 Go back inside to get the casserole
1:25 Help Lena with her buckle
1:26 Go back inside to get Lena some fruit snacks
1:28 Hit the road
1:43 Stop at Meijer to grab some crescent rolls
1:50 Go to the bakery section to get the kids their free cookie. Get stuck behind a lady ordering a cake
2:00 Leave Meijer
2:15 Arrive at friends' house to drop off casserole, chat for a couple minutes
2:23 Leave
2:43 Arrive at Lucy's school, get in pick-up lane, facebook on phone
2:52 Climb in the backseat to feed Levi snacks
3:00 Lucy comes out
3:03 Leave school
3:08 Home, change Levi's diaper and jeans
3:12 Lucy starts watching Netflix on her tablet. Lena, Levi and I go outside
3:13 Levi sees a tractor in the field and starts scooting across the grass to get to it
3:14 I take pictures

3:17 Run inside to get sweatshirts – it's colder than I thought out here
3:25 My dad gets home and walks Levi closer to the field as the tractor drives right next to our yard
3:33 I put Levi in his car and we walk around, get the mail, search for flowers

3:45 We play in the playhouse

3:50 Back in the car for more walking

3:52 Justin gets home, we chat for a while
3:57 Sit on the deck with the kids to watch the tractor
4:03 Justin comes out and sits with the kids while I go inside
4:04 Pour myself a glass of diet cranberry pop and search for snacks
4:06 Settle for Cheese Nips and sit on the couch
4:10 Justin and the kids come inside.
4:13 Levi notices I'm eating crackers. I throw some to him on the floor while checking facebook
4:15 Crackers are gone so Levi's crying at my feet while Lena begs for candy
4:18 Look up my dinner recipe
4:19 Add cornstarch to crockpot
4:23 Take Levi's shoes and sweatshirt off, tell Lucy to turn off Netflix
4:24 Pick mushy cracker pieces out of the carpet
4:25 Turn on my cooking music
4:28 Peel potatoes while Levi scoots around the house playing with a Barbie and the girls color coordinate their Easter candy
4:34 Chop potatoes
4:35 Notice Levi found one of the girls' candy Whoppers, bite it down to a more manageable size for him
4:36 Don't think I have enough potatoes, peel a couple more, get in water to boil
4:39 Cut up grapes while Levi cries at my feet
4:42 Haul Levi's high chair into the kitchen, strap him in and give him grapes
4:43 Do dishes from making the casserole earlier today
4:51 Levi's done with his grapes, give him spoonfuls of yogurt with strawberries in between dish washing
4:55 Use the last piece of paper towel to clean up a mess I made with the cornstarch
4:55 Go out on porch to get more paper towel. There is no more. Add it to the grocery list on the chalkboard.
4:57 Wash another dish
5:00 The girls come downstairs. Lucy asks if she has to eat what I'm making for dinner and cries when I say yes.
5:01 Lucy storms off with her Boxcar Children book and Lena makes a tower out of mini Reese's peanut butter cups and Rolos
5:01 Look through Lucy's papers from school
5:03 Levi finishes his yogurt and strawberries. Wash him up and get him down while he frantically motions for more food.
5:04 Finish organizing Lucy's papers
5:08 Drain and mash potatoes, add milk, butter, and cream cheese
5:10 Open drawer of measuring cups for Levi to play with
5:13 Clear the table of Lena's craft supplies, Levi starts screaming from the kitchen. He's trapped between the drawer and the cupboard. Rescue him and try to clear the table one handed while holding him.
5:14 My mom walks in. Let Levi scoot over to her, finish clearing table.
5:15 Justin pours the girls' drinks as I scoop food onto their plates and get them to the table.
5:20 Get myself some food, sit down at the table to pray. Rip up pieces of pork for Levi.
5:22 Go back to the kitchen to pour myself another glass of diet cranberry pop
5:23 Sit down to eat. Pour ranch on the girls' plates and give them each 3 baby carrots.
5:25 Levi is throwing all his food on the floor. Lucy is sucking the ranch off a carrot. Neither of the girls is eating a bite of the pork or potatoes. Lena is eating her carrots!
5:36 Get up for seconds.
5:43 Read from our children's devotional.
5:47 Clean Levi and get him down. Change his diaper. Lay him on his belly to encourage crawling/upper body strength.
5:52 Clean the floor around Levi's high chair.
5:55 Take care of my plate, wash a few dishes in the sink, take care of Lena's Leappad that was in my purse.
6:03 Watch Levi play with his cars on the floor, tell Lucy she has 27 minutes to eat 5 bites of her food or 3 carrots before it gets thrown away and she goes hungry the rest of the night.
6:06 Change Levi's dirty diaper while making animal noises to distract him from rolling away
6:09 Cram the Easter baskets and eggs into my closet
6:11 Lie on the floor with Levi while he plays with cars

6:19 Snapchat with sisters
6:21 Clean Lena's chocolate-y hands (she ate 6 carrots so she got to have a piece of candy)
6:27 Facebook on the floor while Levi makes car noises and Lucy tries to choke down half a piece of a baby carrot
6:31 Lucy gives up on the carrots and chooses to go hungry. I clean up hers and Lena's plates.
6:35 Take all three kids upstairs to work on Awana verses. Write them on the white board and erase one word at a time until they have them memorized. (Levi plays with toys and scooches around gleefully.)
7:07 Get Lena a towel to clean up some water she spilled
7:09 Sit down on the couch to watch Wheel of Fortune
7:10 Lucy spills milk all over the table, chair, and carpet. I help her clean it up.
7:14 Throw the milk-soaked towels in the laundry, gather up a few more towels in the bathroom to make a whole load. Start washer.
7:16 Back to Wheel of Fortune while Levi cruises between my mom and me on the couch and around the toybox.
7:34 Help Lena find her tablet
7:36 Get Lena a bowl full of apple slices
7:44 Levi falls and hits his head on the couch. Console him for a while then set him back down.
7:58 Let Levi watch videos of himself on my phone. He cracks himself up.
8:06 Get pajamas for Levi. Help Lena put a pull up on while Justin changes Levi
8:09 Get Lucy a glass of water as Justin puts Levi to bed and the girls head upstairs.
8:11 Upstairs. Read one page of “Hello Kitty's Search and Find” with Lena. Pray for all the girls' grandpas. Snuggle with Lena and talk about what we're going to do tomorrow. Snuggle with Lucy and talk about our highlights of the day. Throw their dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Give kisses and lectures about staying in their beds.
8:29 Downstairs. Type a bunch of this up.
8:34 Check email
8:36 Google “brownie in a mug,” take a picture of the recipe so I don't have to Google it every time.
8:38 Pick up toys on my way to the kitchen.
8:39 Put some dishes in the dishwasher and start it.
8:41 Make my brownie in a mug. Poor a big glass of milk.
8:48 Clean living room while brownie cools.
8:53 Eat brownie while reading the last two years of my “Day in a Life.”
9:12 Facebook
9:20 Turn on Hawaii 5-0. Watch a couple episodes while editing this entry and adding pictures.
11:01 Turn off TV
11:08 Fill my brownie mug with water to soak in the sink.
11:09 Remember about the towels in the washer. Switch them to the dryer.
11:10 Take my contacts out
11:12 Check tomorrow's weather on my phone
11:13 Turn off all the lights, turn the heat down to 60*.
11:14 Go upstairs and turn off the girls' audiobooks. Take pictures of them looking so sweet and peaceful in their sleep.
Mermaid blanket!

11:17 Go downstairs, change into my pajamas in the dark.
11:18 Plug in my phone and get in bed.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Saturday 7

1. I won a contest this week! I follow a couple of Christian authors on facebook and one of them posted a giveaway of a book collection. I entered on a whim (I don't even remember what books they are - haha), and I won! A couple of them are new releases, so I won't get them until they're out, but a couple others should be coming in the mail soon! Yes!

2. We got word from the mechanic this week that the repairs for Justin's car were literally going to cost as much as we spent to buy the thing 5 years ago. So we begrudgingly decided to buy a newish one. After tons of online research, we drove all the way to Lansing to look at the best option. I am a terrible traveler and I hate being in the car longer than like 15 minutes. Haha. But it was worth it for the price we got. We ended up with a 2008 Ford Escape in nice condition with (relatively) low miles. The biggest test was to see if we could cram 3 carseats in the backseat. It's going to be tight, but it's possible!

3. I finally finished re-organizing the bedrooms upstairs, but I still haven't moved Levi up there. Haha. I am such a wuss. I don't want him to be scared in an unfamiliar location. I don't want the girls to wake him up. I don't want him so far away from me. But mostly, he doesn't always truly sleep through the night. One night this week I got up 4 times to put the Binky back in his mouth. He always goes right back to sleep, but I do not want to climb the stairs 4 times a night if I could just walk three steps instead . . . #lazy

4. We had our consultation with Early On this week. Levi's doctor recommended some intervention because at 12 months he still didn't pull up, cruise around furniture, roll over, or move from laying to sitting. He does have the cruising down now, but the rest is still a no-go. On Thursday the occupational therapist came to our house. She had Levi play with balls and cars, try to problem solve, try to color with a crayon, lay on his belly, etc. They also tested his social and verbal skills, fine motor skills, and reflexes. On Friday, the physical therapist came and watched him scoot, cruise, and refuse to crawl or pull up on anything. Haha. They all agreed that his gross motor skills are delayed. Much of it has to do with his laid back personality, much of it has to do with his lack of tummy time as an infant due to GERD, and much of it has to do with the fact that he's a thirdborn living with two very helpful older sisters, two parents, and two grandparents. If he doesn't want to work for something, he cries or sticks out that pouty lip and someone inevitably swoops in to help him. Lol. We don't really have an action plan yet. This week's appointments were just assessments. We'll have a follow up appointment next week to discuss changes we can implement to help him.

5. On Tuesday, we went to see the butterflies at Frederick Meijer Gardens. Justin's grandparents have a membership so they get us in for free every year. The girls always look forward to it, and even Levi enjoyed it this year.
He loved pointing at all the butterflies.

Lena actually touched one!

We always have to get a picture with the Lena sign!

I love this picture. 
After the gardens, we went back to Justin's grandparents' house. We love spending time with them and wish we lived a little closer so we could do it more often!

6. Today we did a few fun Easter activities.
Dyeing eggs

Sweet face

Crazy face
Easter egg hunting:

Aunt Libby came to help. It was SO WINDY.

7. A few more pictures:
It was finally nice this week, so we spent some time outside/at the park. Levi is strangely scared of the swing. The girls loved the swing! Levi is not so sure . . .

He did finally warm up.

Soccer with Daddy (and some epic fashion choices).

Walking at the gardens.
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