Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Saturday 7

1. I won a contest this week! I follow a couple of Christian authors on facebook and one of them posted a giveaway of a book collection. I entered on a whim (I don't even remember what books they are - haha), and I won! A couple of them are new releases, so I won't get them until they're out, but a couple others should be coming in the mail soon! Yes!

2. We got word from the mechanic this week that the repairs for Justin's car were literally going to cost as much as we spent to buy the thing 5 years ago. So we begrudgingly decided to buy a newish one. After tons of online research, we drove all the way to Lansing to look at the best option. I am a terrible traveler and I hate being in the car longer than like 15 minutes. Haha. But it was worth it for the price we got. We ended up with a 2008 Ford Escape in nice condition with (relatively) low miles. The biggest test was to see if we could cram 3 carseats in the backseat. It's going to be tight, but it's possible!

3. I finally finished re-organizing the bedrooms upstairs, but I still haven't moved Levi up there. Haha. I am such a wuss. I don't want him to be scared in an unfamiliar location. I don't want the girls to wake him up. I don't want him so far away from me. But mostly, he doesn't always truly sleep through the night. One night this week I got up 4 times to put the Binky back in his mouth. He always goes right back to sleep, but I do not want to climb the stairs 4 times a night if I could just walk three steps instead . . . #lazy

4. We had our consultation with Early On this week. Levi's doctor recommended some intervention because at 12 months he still didn't pull up, cruise around furniture, roll over, or move from laying to sitting. He does have the cruising down now, but the rest is still a no-go. On Thursday the occupational therapist came to our house. She had Levi play with balls and cars, try to problem solve, try to color with a crayon, lay on his belly, etc. They also tested his social and verbal skills, fine motor skills, and reflexes. On Friday, the physical therapist came and watched him scoot, cruise, and refuse to crawl or pull up on anything. Haha. They all agreed that his gross motor skills are delayed. Much of it has to do with his laid back personality, much of it has to do with his lack of tummy time as an infant due to GERD, and much of it has to do with the fact that he's a thirdborn living with two very helpful older sisters, two parents, and two grandparents. If he doesn't want to work for something, he cries or sticks out that pouty lip and someone inevitably swoops in to help him. Lol. We don't really have an action plan yet. This week's appointments were just assessments. We'll have a follow up appointment next week to discuss changes we can implement to help him.

5. On Tuesday, we went to see the butterflies at Frederick Meijer Gardens. Justin's grandparents have a membership so they get us in for free every year. The girls always look forward to it, and even Levi enjoyed it this year.
He loved pointing at all the butterflies.

Lena actually touched one!

We always have to get a picture with the Lena sign!

I love this picture. 
After the gardens, we went back to Justin's grandparents' house. We love spending time with them and wish we lived a little closer so we could do it more often!

6. Today we did a few fun Easter activities.
Dyeing eggs

Sweet face

Crazy face
Easter egg hunting:

Aunt Libby came to help. It was SO WINDY.

7. A few more pictures:
It was finally nice this week, so we spent some time outside/at the park. Levi is strangely scared of the swing. The girls loved the swing! Levi is not so sure . . .

He did finally warm up.

Soccer with Daddy (and some epic fashion choices).

Walking at the gardens.

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