Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Saturday 7

This is going to have to be a quick one. I'm rushing off to a day of craziness. Which is a perfect cap to my week of craziness!

1. I worked my usual 2 days this week, but had to stay late on Monday. By the time I got out of work, went grocery shopping so we'd have something to eat for dinner, and got home it was 7:00! Working late is for the birds.

2. Wednesday was my only day off this week, so I spent it cleaning my house. Woot. It never ceases to amaze me how cluttered and dirty this house can get if I don't pick it up every night. Lately, I've been spending most evenings on the couch severely neglecting my house.

3. I get asked a lot how I'm feeling this pregnancy. I always say I feel good and don't really have many complaints. But that's because my biggest complaint is constipation, and I feel weird telling people that. Haha. I remember saying this with Lucy too - everything I eat turns to rocks in my stomach. And it has nowhere to go, so it just sits in my stomach and makes me so miserable and uncomfortable. Blech. I was feeling better by this time in my pregnancy with Lucy.

4. On Thursday I filled in for the secretary at church. I love it! I made a few additions/changes to the bulletin, then printed it. I even changed the toner waste thing in the printer all by myself! They got a new phone system since the last time I was there, but I think I only lost a couple callers! Haha.

5. Thursday night was Libby's first wedding shower - and the official start of wedding season. We are going to be busy busy with wedding related events for the next 3 weeks. So exciting! I picked up my dress last night - so thankful it came in remarkably fast! Now I just have to wait another week or so to make sure I don't grow too much before getting it altered.

6 and 7. Since this weekend is so busy, Justin and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last night. We didn't have a lot of money to spend, so we kept it pretty low key. We dropped Lucy off at my parents' around 1, then went to Qdoba with a coupon for lunch. I purposely didn't eat as much as I could have because I've learned overeating makes me miserable.

Then we headed to the mall. I was blessed with a husband who loves to shop, and we had so much fun taking our time shopping without Lucy! Haha. Justin actually out-shopped me. My sciatic started to hurt after walking so much, so I sat in a nice little waiting area in JCPenny watching HGTV while he finished shopping. :-) I did buy a super cute dress to wear to Libby's shower today, but not much else.

After the mall, we went to the Red [Ball] Jet Cafe. We saved a gift card Justin got last fall for coaching specifically for our anniversary. Unfortunately, I was a little bit disappointed by the restaurant. The setting was really cool and Justin's food was delicious, but they messed up both of our orders, and my chicken alfredo just wasn't that good. I hate to say it, but Olive Garden's is better! Chain restaurants for the win! ;-)

We were going to go to the beach to watch the sunset after eating, but my food was turning to rocks by then and I was feeling pretty miserable. We stopped to get Coldstone, then went home to watch Chuck. :-) The perfect night.

Thanks, Justin, for 7 years of wedded bliss! Here's to 70 more! ;-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

14 Weeks

Baby is the size of a lemon this week!

How far along? 14 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: I didn't weigh myself this week. 
Maternity clothes? I've noticed in the past week or so that my jeans are getting uncomfortably tight - even with the rubber band trick. Actually put on maternity jeans today, but I don't think I'm quite big enough for them yet. Stuck in this strange in between land.
Sleep: Same as always.
Best moment this week: Nothing too exciting this week.
Movement: Still nothing definite.
Food cravings: Soup, restaurant food 
Food aversions: Nothing really. I love food.
Gender: Unknown. I had a dream last night that it was a boy. Getting anxious to find out!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Out - in fact, I noticed it's visible through my shirt now. Lovely!
What I miss: Drinking as much Dr Pepper as I want without feeling guilty about it. My normal digestion. 
What I am looking forward to: Feeling movement. As much as I feel pregnant and have this big ole belly, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that there's a baby in there. I can't wait to start feeling it!

Milestones: I don't think there were any major milestones this week. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. Justin went to see the new Batman movie today, so Lucy and I hit the town and did a bunch of shopping. First we hit the farmer's market for peaches. My dad had a peach tree in our backyard when I was growing up, so I'm kind of a peach snob. Grocery store peaches just aren't the same. So I was thrilled to find some at the farmer's market. Can't wait to eat them! Then we went to the Thrifty Outlet to find a birthday gift for Lyla. I didn't find anything for her, but I did find a toy for Lucy that was so cheap I couldn't pass it up. I'll save it for Christmas. :-) We finished our shopping at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy an anniversary gift for Justin and a couple bridal shower gifts for Libby.

2. The wedding is only 4 weeks away now! My mom, Niki, and I went to David's Bridal on Wednesday to see Libby try on her dress for her final fitting. I am usually not an overly emotional/expressive person. I didn't cry when I tried my own wedding dress on and didn't feel a twinge when Libby was originally trying dresses on, but when she came out in that dress fitted especially for her on Wednesday, I pretty much lost it. Haha. I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones, but tears immediately sprang to my eyes and started streaming down my face! I was actually controlling myself from sobbing! Lol. Of course seeing me cry made Niki cry. My mom and Libby just laughed at us saying, "What is wrong with you saps?" I can't imagine what I'll be like on the wedding day!!

3. The good news about our David's Bridal trip is that I got a new bridesmaid dress! I should've called them right away. They were so nice and accommodating. I brought in my old dress and told them it didn't fit over my big ole belly. They took it back and ordered one a couple sizes bigger for free! The lady promised me that it will be here by August 7 at the latest. The wedding is August 17, so I hope she's right! I tried on the size I ordered while I was there. It was still a little big on my belly, but I'll probably fill that out in the next 4 weeks. I have less hope that I'll fill out the chest, though, so I'll need to get that altered. Praise the Lord I don't have to squeeze into the old one!!

4. I forgot to mention in my last pregnancy post that my sciatic nerve hasn't been bothering me at all anymore. So random how it was killing me a couple weeks ago and now the pain is totally gone. I'm not complaining, though!

5. Who's excited for the Bachelorette finale tomorrow night??!! I just have to say that I have watched this show religiously for like 10 years and Emily is definitely my favorite bachelorette. She actually has some personality, and I respect her so much for not doing the overnight dates. Although I'm pretty mad at her for getting rid of Sean (here's hoping he'll be the next Bachelor!), I do like Jef. All I can say, though, is she better pick someone. And they better still be together! Haha.

6. I stubbed my toe severely hard one day this week and was hopping around the house screaming. Lucy came running over to me yelling "Kiss!" She hugged my knees and said "all better, mommy?" Love that girl.:-)

7. Speaking of people I love . . . we had to say goodbye to our good friends Brian and Becky last night. Brian is in the army and was just relocated to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We're going to miss them so much! And I'm so sad Lucy won't have their kids around to play with anymore. They have 2 girls close to Lucy's age and Lucy absolutely adores them. As you saw in my last entry, Lucy doesn't make friends easily. Haha. We're wishing them the best, though. And we will definitely be making a religious pilgrimage to Bethlehem in the near future. :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lucy Update

I haven't done a Lucy update in ages, and I have a few things I want to record. She is 26 months now and I'm constantly amazed by how smart she is and the things she's learning every day. *Warning: this is going to be incredibly long!*

One thing I definitely want to record is her amazing memory. I did great in school because I have a mind like a steel trap. It's starting to look like she might have inherited that from me. Woohoo! She remembers everything. One day last week when it was 100* Justin put on the sleeveless shirt he usually wears to mow the lawn. Lucy immediately said, "mow lawn, Daddy?" Every night when I put her to bed, we talk about what we're going to do the next day. Like, "Tomorrow when you wake up we're going to Lyla's house or Grandma's house or the beach." Without fail, when she wakes up she says "Lyla's house? Grandma's house?" There are so many more examples. Those are just a couple off the top of my head.

I am not great about teaching her things, but that hasn't stopped her too much. :-) She knows all the basic colors, and she's getting the hang of letters. One thing she doesn't do that most kids her age do is sing the alphabet. She sings her own version of it, but not the classic version. :-) She kind of counts. Again, she knows her numbers 1-10, she just says them in her own order. She's clueless about most shapes. We've been working on that. She knows heart, star, and moon, but not circle, square, triangle, etc.

A few months ago, when I was worried about her not talking, everyone assured me "She will talk in her own time, and once she starts she won't stop!" You all were right. :-) She talks like crazy. We carry on conversations all day. She definitely has her own language, and I still do a fair amount of interpreting for other people, but I understand almost everything she says. I am continually amazed by the words and phrases she comes up with that I have no recollection of teaching her. (Yesterday she was mad at me and was shouting, "Don't touch me, Mommy!" More on her attitude to come . . .) That said, I love to hear her repeat things I know I say. When Lola is in her way, she says "Me-me [excuse me] Lola . . . me-me Lola . . . MOVE Lola!" Lol.

She is still an extremely picky eater. I feel like an utter failure as a mother most days when it comes to eating. She eats either 2 plain multi-grain waffles or 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter every morning. I give her fruit but she rarely eats it. And then her other meals consist of pizza, mac n' cheese, beef-a-roni, hot dogs (her absolute favorite - I told you: motherhood fail), peanut butter and jelly, or grilled cheese. She doesn't eat veggies unless I sneak them into stuff. And she's suddenly given up on fruit, too! She used to chow down almost any fruit I gave her, but now it is so hit or miss. Sometimes she'll eat raspberries, pears, peaches, or grapes. But sometimes she refuses them. One minor victory: she's been eating baby carrots dipped in ranch! For a while, she just nibbled the carrot like a rabbit, sucked off the ranch, then spit out the chewed pieces of carrot. But the past couple of nights, she actually swallowed them an everything! I've kind of given up hope and just let her eat crap food all the time. What's motherhood without a little guilt?

Speaking of food . . . she is still a major puker. I've finally come to the conclusion that she just has a super sensitive gag reflex. I've noticed that she pukes most often after eating pizza. But not every time, so I don't think she's allergic to it. I just think she loves pizza so much and eats it with such gusto that it ends up coming back up. It's really just if she eats too much or too fast. And if she starts coughing at all, she usually ends up puking. She just pukes once, then is fine. Gross and weird, but we're starting to catch onto her signs. The other day, she stopped what she was doing, grabbed and her belly and started to whine. Justin had a plate in his hands, so he immediately stuck it under her chin, and I grabbed a nearby receiving blanket. Between the two of us, we managed to catch it all! Haha.

And now for the attitude. She is not always the most pleasant child. Haha. She has this face we affectionately call the "Lucy scowl" and she uses it often.
I don't have a scowling pic, but here's a good example of her attitude! Lol
The weirdest thing is that she doesn't like people - even people she knows and loves from afar. For instance - my family. She has grown up with them, talks about them all the time when we're away from them, and they all spoil her like crazy. But anytime we see them, she hides behind me and refuses to smile or look at them or let anyone touch her. So ridiculous. Usually after about half an hour, she'll warm up and start to interact with them, but it's a long process. She's also exerting her "terrible twos" lately. She just cries all.the.time about the stupidest stuff. And once she starts, she doesn't stop. The other day she cried for a solid half an hour because she didn't want to wear the outfit I brought to work for her. I've started to put her in her bedroom when she acts like that. She'll make herself stop crying so I'll come get her, but then bursts into tears again as soon as she sees me. Sigh. Discipline is a learning process for both of us.

She is still scared of everything. We went to the parade in Sparta last Saturday, and she spent most of the time on my lap with her hands clapped over her ears visibly shaking because she was so terrified of the sirens and the trucks and the loud noises. She's terrified of dogs, she will run to me screaming if we're outside and a loud vehicle goes by, and her new fear is bugs. We had a fly infestation a couple weeks ago, and she acted like she was being eaten alive if one touched her, screaming "Bug get me! Bug get me!!" My poor, poor girl. I'm so sorry I passed on that gene.

One final thing: potty training. We've slowly been getting back on the potty training wagon. I've already noticed since the last time we tried that she doesn't have accidents as often. Apparently she can hold her pee longer. But she's also less willing to sit on the toilet. It must have lost some of its appeal. We're working on it. I am NOT having 2 kids in diapers!

Whew! That's about it. She is so amazing. Justin and I say all the time, "She is just the coolest kid ever." I can't imagine loving another baby as much as I love her. (I know, I know - love multiplies, not divides.) She is beautiful and hilarious and sweet and wonderful.

10,000 useless bonus points for anyone who read this whole thing!! :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

13 Weeks

Baby is the size of a peach this week!

How far along? 13 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: +1 lb. this week, +2 overall
Maternity clothes? Some shirts. I just bought some regular shorts a couple sizes bigger than I normally wear to get me through the summer. Maternity shorts are so ugly.
Sleep: Fine, except for the night sweats. So gross. 
Best moment this week: Nothing too exciting this week.
Movement: Still nothing definite.
Food cravings: Burger King fries with ranch, chips, fruity/fizzy drinks. 
Food aversions: Nothing really. I love food.
Gender: Unknown. I think it's a girl, but everyone else thinks it's a boy. 
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Out 
What I miss: Drinking as much Dr Pepper as I want without feeling guilty about it. My normal digestion. 
What I am looking forward to: Feeling movement. 
Milestones: I don't think there were any major milestones this week. 

I'll be honest, that I haven't really let myself get too attached to this baby. I go into every doctor's appointment steeling myself for disappointment, and find myself saying "If everything works out, the baby will be here in January" and stuff like that. 

Plus, I've been really nervous about having 2 kids. I know it's so ridiculous. People have been doing it since the beginning of time, I have lots of experience with multiple kids, etc. But I am somewhat terrified of figuring out all the logistics. How are Lucy and the baby going to share a room without waking each other up? How am I going to take 2 kids grocery shopping? Will Lucy feel replaced? Will the new baby get even half the attention Lucy did as a newborn? How am I going to breastfeed all the time with a 2 year old? Is she going to get stuck watching TV 24/7? Am I ever going to sleep?? 

I'm also surprisingly nervous about surviving this pregnancy. I loved being pregnant with Lucy and have been looking forward to being pregnant again for a long time. But now that I'm getting so big so fast, I'm really starting to wonder if I'm going to be a miserable wreck. I slept a ton during my pregnancy with Lucy. I'm not really going to have as many options for that this time. How am I going to lug Lucy around with a ginormous belly? How am I going to get her in the carseat or the cart at Meijer or give her a bath? 

All that is to say . . . I'm finally starting to get really excited for this baby. I signed up for the babycenter weekly email updates last night. And I was looking at pictures of Lucy as a newborn remembering all the snuggling and sweet little yawns and stretches. I'm looking forward to nursing again, too. I'm still semi-terrified about figuring everything out, but now more than ever I'm really excited. :-)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. I know I say this every year, but I love July. :-) This weekend is Sparta's Town and Country Days. I'm pretty sure I've gone every year since I was a little kid, even though I only actually lived in Sparta for 2 of those years. I'm pretty sure the town I live in now has it's own big festival, but I didn't grow up with it, so it's not as cool. :-) Today is the parade. We are going to go sit in the baking sun in hopes of catching some candy . . . and some rays. Haha - clever, eh?

2. Last Saturday was girls' night. I went to Kobe Steakhouse (I don't know why it's called that - it's not really a steakhouse) with a bunch of the ladies from my Bible Study. I'd never been there before. Holy moly. I'm glad I'm pregnant and have an excuse to unbutton my pants. Haha. Delicious! Afterward, Jill made us all play some frisbee golf. Surprisingly, I wasn't the worst. Niki snatched that title by throwing her disc in a river and a pond. (She fished it out of the river, but it was long gone in the pond.) Good times. We've been having these little get togethers all summer in preparation for Becky leaving. She's moving to Pennsylvania in a couple weeks and I don't know what we're going to do without her!! *sniff sniff*

3. Justin and I just started Chuck season 5 via netflix this week. Love that show. So sad it's the last season! And the new season of White Collar started on Tuesday. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm DVR-ing it at work so I can watch it during naptime. Haha. So glad my employers have cable!

4. Speaking of my employers, I'm not sure I've written about how my job is coming to an end. The kids will be in school this fall, so they won't need me anymore. It's going to be so strange. I've been with those kids since Chase was 12 weeks old. It'll be 6 years this September!

5. Libby's wedding is just over a month away and I'm starting to get so excited! I called around for places to get our hair/make-up done this week and have been searching for a piece to Lucy's flower girl costume. Now I just have to figure out a solution to my own dress dilemma! Haha.

6. Since seeing the baby on an ultrasound this week, I've really been thinking about whether it's a girl or a boy. A huge part of me wants a girl because I'd love Lucy to have a sister close in age. I adore my sisters, but we're all far apart. We never shared clothes as teenagers and as adults we're all in different stages of life. Niki's kids are in junior high and high school, I'm just starting with kids, and Libby's just getting married. That said, I also kind of want a boy next. If I have my girl and boy, I can be surprised about the sex for the 3rd baby. I'd love to have that delivery room surprise, but I'm too paranoid about being prepared. So I guess I'll be happy either way! Although having a girl will be way cheaper thanks to the bins and bins and bins of girl clothes in my basement! Haha.

7. I'm having a really hard time coming up with these this week, so I'm going to let number 7 be something that's already been on facebook. This week, Lyla said to me, "Your belly is getting bigger!" I said "Yeah, my baby is growing." Then I turned around and she exclaimed, "Your hiney is getting bigger too!" Lol. That's not the baby. That's Dr Pepper and elephant ears. :-) Last time I gained 42 pounds. Maybe I'll go for 50 this time. ;-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

12 Weeks

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight loss/gain: +1 lb. - not too shabby!
Maternity clothes? I've been wearing maternity shirts because they make me look more obviously pregnant (instead of just fat). Still doing the rubber band trick on my jeans.
Sleep: Fine, except for the night sweats. So gross. 
Best moment this week: Seeing the baby on an ultrasound today!
Movement: Still nothing definite.
Food cravings: This is kind of gross, but I have been majorly craving Dinty Moore canned beef stew. Lol. I'm seriously thinking of going to Meijer tomorrow to buy some!
Food aversions: Nothing really. I love food.
Gender: Unknown. I think it's a girl, but everyone else thinks it's a boy. 
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Out 
What I miss: I've also kind of been craving wine. I'm usually not a big wine drinker, but I miss the freedom to drink it when the mood strikes!
What I am looking forward to: Seeing the baby on an ultrasound again today made me really start looking forward to finding out the sex! Probably just about 8 more weeks!
Milestones: Making it to the 2nd trimester? I'm never sure when 2nd tri starts.

I had my 12 week appointment today. The doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler which caused some temporary heart failure. She sent me down the hall for an ultrasound. The tech put the wand on my belly and I immediately saw a fully formed baby. I was trying to see movement when the tech pointed out the heartbeat. Nice and strong at 154 bpm. [Side note: Lucy's heartbeat was 153 bpm at 11 weeks. Hmmmm.]

As nerve wracking as the whole situation was, I loved the chance to have another ultrasound. It is so amazing to see that little baby moving all around. It kept rubbing its face so adorably. 

In other news, I've definitely noticed that any physical exertion causes my sciatic pain to flare up. Walking the mall, playing frisbee golf, even grocery shopping. I've been trying to sit on an ice pack, but I'm kind of a wimp and I hate how cold it is. Haha.

Also, my digestion issues are back in full force. Yuck. I wrote in my last entry that I must have lost 10 lbs. That is reflected in my picture above, isn't it? I totally look smaller! Haha. Isn't 2nd trimester when I'm supposed to start feeling better? Here's hoping! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Post of Facebook Statuses

Sometimes I feel like updating my facebook every 30 seconds. Today was one of those days. But no one likes that, so I'm going to put it here instead:

- Pretty sure I just lost 10 lbs. You don't want to know how. Just suffice it to say I'm sitting on the couch eating saltines now.

- Every time we go through the McDonald's drive-through, Lucy yells "Move, cars!" at the cars in line ahead of us. Haha. Impatient, much?

- I'm gleaning baby name inspiration from the MLB All-Star game tonight. So far I've got Melky, Chipper, Prince, and Rafael. (Although my favorite baseball name ever is Magglio!)

- Came home to a bird feather in my living room. Haven't seen anything flying around, but I'm still paranoid of finding a dead bird hidden somewhere in this house!

- I totally jinxed Sean on the Bachelorette last night by subscribing to his sister's blog. Sorry, dude. Here's hoping you get to be the next Bachelor!

Guess that's it. Gotta go to bed. Working 3 days this week! Unthinkable!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. Amazing news everyone. I got a free vehicle this week. My parents bought a "new" car and gave me their van free of charge. They hardly paid anything for it when they bought it a couple years ago, so out of the generosity of their hearts, just let me have it. Part of me hates accepting charity and feeling like I have to depend on my parents to bail me out, but the bigger part of me is just overwhelmed with relief that we don't have to figure out a way to buy a car!

2. 4th of July is my second favorite holiday. We had a blast this year, as usual, chilling at my parents' pool with a bunch of friends, eating way too much yummy food, and laughing and talking for hours. We had our usual fireworks show in the driveway. I really need to start taking a xanax before those shows. We ended up leaving early because Lucy and I were scared. Haha.

3. I spoke too soon about my sciatic pain not being "that bad." Yesterday we decided to beat the heat at the mall (along with about a million other people). All that walking apparently aggravated my stupid nerve. By about 8:00 at night, I was in agony. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting, standing, walking, or laying down. It hurts. Stretching does feel good while I'm doing it, but doesn't have long term effects. And I tried to lay on ice, but it was too cold!!! That said, this morning, I woke up without any pain. So maybe the moral of the story is not to walk so much and just stay on my couch. ;-)

4. Everyone already knows this, but I want to record it so I can look back on it someday: we had record breaking temperatures this week. Yesterday's high was 102* with a heat index of 110*! It reminds me of the mission trip I went on in Vegas in 2002. And makes me very grateful for our central AC! Although I'm going to have to get a second job to pay the electric bill next month! Yikes.

5. I haven't shared a recipe in a while. Here's one of our favorites. It has absolutely zero nutritional value, but is so yummy!

Dorito Casserole
1 (11 oz.) pkg Nacho Cheese Doritos, crushed.
1 lb. ground beef, seasoned with taco seasoning
1 can refried beans

Put all but one cup of the crushed doritos on the bottom of a 9x13 pan.
Brown ground beef, add taco seasoning and refried beans. Heat through.
Cover chips with meat mixture.
Layer lettuce and cheese over meat.
I'm sure you could add onion, tomato, etc, but we like our food bland. ;-)
Top with one cup of Doritios.

Bake at 350* for 25 minutes.

6. Oh, I almost forgot to record the bird story! Again, most of you have seen this on facebook, but I need it here to look back and laugh about. Saturday night, we had small group so Lucy went to my parents' house overnight. Justin and I got home at 2:30 am and fell into bed, looking forward to sleeping in. At 6:00 am, Lola jumped into our bed and dropped a live bird on me. Seriously. I was hardly awake, but Justin bolted out of bed. As soon as Lola dropped it, the bird started flying around the room. I dove under the covers screaming until Justin caught the bird. Even then, I had the heebie jeebies all morning about a live animal being in our house (and in my bed!) I guess I should just be grateful it was a bird that flew away and not a rodent that would've crawled up into my hair.

And as an explanation, Lola has a doggy door in the basement so she can get outside. She's usually confined to a little pen, but that night I had left the pen door open. No more!

7. I picked up my bridesmaid dress last night for Libby's wedding. I ordered it 5 weeks ago, stood in the bridal shop sticking out my belly, and decided I only needed one size bigger. *sigh* I was wrong. It is already uncomfortably tight. I really don't think I can wear it all night. And I still have 6 weeks to go!! We're going to have to do some creative alterations!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

11 Weeks

How far along? 11 weeks, 1 day
Total weight loss/gain: 0 according to my scale, but it's not super accurate. I have a dr. appt. next Wednesday. The truth will come out then!
Maternity clothes? My wonderful friend, Missy, loaned me some of her maternity t-shirts. I've been wearing them mostly just because they're cute and new to me. Haha. I'm having a terrible time finding shorts that fit. Right now I have 2 dresses, 1 skirt, and 1 pair of shorts that fit. Get used to seeing me in them, because that's what I'm going to be wearing all summer!
Sleep: Not great this week, but it's been super hot. I think that's more to blame than the baby.
Best moment this week: Nothing's really standing out to me.
Movement: Part of me thinks I'm feeling little taps and flutters, but I don't even know if it's possible this early. Probably just gas. Haha.
Food cravings: Iced tea. Random.
Food aversions: Nothing really.
Gender: Unknown. I think it's a girl, but everyone else thinks it's a boy. 
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Out :-(
What I miss: I noticed for the first time last night that it's getting uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach. I'm definitely going to miss that!
What I am looking forward to: Feeling movement for sure.
Milestones: I lost my last babies at 9 and 10 weeks respectively, so making it to 11 is a milestone for me!

My sciatic pain started this week. I'm pretty sure it started this early with Lucy too, but didn't last, so hopefully history repeats itself! It's nothing terrible. Mostly just a dull ache. If I move wrong, I'll get a shooting pain, but nothing I can't live with. 
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