Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. This week, Lucy and I worked on letter E. We made an envelope E and an eyeball e:
 Lucy did not want her picture taken while she was making it:

2. Lena woke up with a nasty cold on Wednesday. Throughout the night on Tuesday I noticed her snorting and choking a lot, and when I got her out of bed Wednesday morning I realized why. She was so stuffed up and gagging on her snot. Plus her eyes were a watery mess. Poor baby. I became pretty adept with the nasal aspirator this week! Fortunately, she reacted to her sickness by sleeping a ton, and got over it very quickly. She's still a little snotty, but for the most part, she's healthy again.

3. I think I got a form of her cold in my eye on Thursday. It was totally bloodshot and hurt like the dickens. I told Justin I felt like there was a piece of glass lodged under my eyelid scratching my eyeball! Fortunately, I saved the eye drops the doctor gave me last time I got pink eye, used those for a couple days, and it seems to be on the mend. Whew! I also finished off the antibiotic for my mastitis this week only to wake up this morning with another killer clog. Grrr. Going to do my best to stay on top of it, so I don't end up with mastitis again!

4. I wrote in Lena's 3 month update that I'm going to get serious about losing some of this baby weight. I'm going to start my diet on Monday, so I've been binge-eating in preparation. Haha. We went to the donut shop one last time this morning. I got a donut so huge and sugary it must've been 1,000 calories. And I've been drinking my weight in Dr Pepper in anticipation of cutting back to one glass a day. I'm going to miss it so much. :-( But when Justin and I went on our date on Thursday, I tried to buy myself a pair of jeans. I was astounded by what size I wear. It was a good wake-up call. Oh! And Justin enters a daily contest on every day. He's been doing it for like a year and finally won! The prize? Women's running shoes. Hahaha. So I'm getting some free Asics! No excuses now!

5. In another effort to work on my appearance, I tried a hair-curling technique I found on pinterest this week: curling with a straightener.
Picture from
I've never owned a straightener, because I can blow-dry my hair pin straight, but my mom has one, so I borrowed it to try it out. My curls did not look like the girl's in the picture, but they were pretty cute! And it was a quick, easy technique. Maybe I'll get better with practice.

6. I put this on facebook, but I want to document it here as well. The power company cut down 5 trees from my parents' front yard this week. Some of them were 75 years old! My dad tried to stop them, but they have easement, so there's nothing he can do. :-(

Sorry about the different angles. My dad took the first picture and I took the second.
Five trees gone!

7. After Lena's doctor appointment where I was essentially told my milk isn't enough for her, I came across this article through my friend Emily's blog. It talks about the benefits of coconut oil to milk production and fat stores. Hmmm! I've heard so much about coconut oil lately that I decided to do some further research. I was amazed by the cult-following this stuff seems to have! There are articles and blogs all over the internet about coconut oil and its miraculous properties.

Don't get me wrong, I have no qualms about the chemicals in my deodorant and toothpaste, and have no desire to make my own. But I might try coconut oil in baking or as a moisturizer for my horrendously dry skin. I'm intrigued, and willing to try something so allegedly wonderful if it will increase my milk fat. (Haha. I feel like a cow after writing that sentence.) What about you? Do you know of any clever uses for coconut oil?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lena's Weight Check: Failure to Thrive Part 2

We drove down to Rockford today for Lena's scheduled weight check. It has been exactly a month since we were there last. The nurse took us back to the room, told me to strip Lena down and asked, "Now why are you here?" I told her the PA was concerned that Lena didn't gain enough weight between her 1 and 2 month appointments. The nurse responded, "She sure doesn't look underweight to me!"

Lena weighed in at 11 lbs, 2 oz. today - up 17 ounces from last time. Over a pound. I did a little happy dance and we went on our merry way. (We weren't even scheduled to see the doctor - it was strictly a weight check.)

I just got a call from a different nurse saying the PA went over Lena's stats and wants me to start her on formula because she's not gaining sufficiently. Are you kidding me?!?! I'm really not liking this PA and wish our own stinkin' doctor would come back from maternity leave! I asked what percentile Lena's at and the nurse said she's just under 15%. She's on the chart! That's more than I could ever say for myself. She's staying at the same percentile and gaining weight. I'm not concerned. And I'm not giving her formula. Haha. I didn't tell the nurse that.

We're scheduled for Lena's 4 month well-child on May 28 - with the stupid PA again. Let's hope Lena gains 5 pounds by then so I don't get chastised for not giving her formula!

Exhibit A:
Fat rolls on her arms.
Exhibit B:
Fat rolls on her legs.
Exhibit C:
Chubby belly. 
Exhibit D:
Double chin. (Lol - not her best angle.)
Exhibit E:
Chubby cheeks.
I rest my case. ;-)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lena: 3 Months

I took these pictures in a hurry, couldn't figure out the lighting, and intended to re-do them today, but Lena woke up with a cold and is too miserable for a photo shoot. Point being: I didn't get any smiling pics this month. Sad.

Anyway, aside from the recent cold, Miss Lena is doing well. I will regret writing this, but she seems to be outgrowing the colic. She's been much better the past couple of weeks. She still has her moments of screaming, but they're few and far between. Whew!

Her routine is pretty much the same as last month:

She usually wakes up between 7 and 7:30, is still nursing every 2 hours (if she's awake - I don't wake her up!), is awake for about an hour at a time before she's ready for another nap, and naps anywhere from 1-4 hours. (In the swing) She's still doing one long stretch at night - usually around 6 hours - and then is up every 2-3 hours after that. She nurses quickly and goes back to sleep. (Still sleeping in the Rock N' Play at night.)

I still feel like she's not eating enough. She seriously nurses so quickly - just a few minutes on one side. Although the past few days I've been getting her to eat on both sides. I know Lucy was going longer between feedings at this age, but I'm not too worried about it. Lena needs it more than porky Lucy did, and I'm all for feeding her more often if it will help me lose this awful pregnancy weight. Although it's not working very well so far. (More on that later.) Lena has a weight check on Friday, so we'll see how it's working for her!

She's just finally starting to outgrow her newborn clothes. Although a lot of her 3 month stuff is still too big. She's kind of in that awkward "in-between" stage. I'm actually having some "clothing anxiety" because she has soooo much cute 3 month winter stuff that she's not going to fit into before the weather changes! I guess I'll just have to time my next baby to fit into it . . . and make sure it's a girl. Haha.

Lena's starting to show some personality. She's super smiley - especially right after nursing. And she loves to talk. Many mornings when she wakes up, she just talks to herself for a good 15 minutes before she starts to fuss. It's adorable. We have many meaningful conversations. :-) She loves her playmat - especially her friend Red Bird (creative, eh?), and she loves looking at herself in the mirror.

I'm terrible about doing tummy time with her, but she does great in the Bumbo - she's getting much less bobbly. And she has very strong legs. She loves to stand up.

She's starting to show a little bit of interest in her toys. She especially loves her little plush baby doll from my friend Emily. It almost always elicits a smile! And I've noticed her batting at the toys on her playmat a little bit, or grabbing the toys on her bouncer. She also loves this elephant from Aunt Niki:

She has a strange quirk of always having her hands up by her ears.

I wrote before that I actually took her to the doctor when she first started doing it because I thought she might have an ear infection. But now I realize it's just her. She does it especially when she's sleepy/sleeping. Or sometimes she just puts one hand up on her head like she has a headache or something. Haha. Strange child.

Her hair is absolutely ridiculous. She has a ginormous cowlick on the back of her head that sticks up no matter how I brush it. And she has a ring of baldness from ear to ear behind her head. Haha.

I don't know what to do with her bangs - if I brush them straight down she looks like a boy. If I sweep them to the side, she looks like a boy with a combover. See what I mean? Haha.

I'm confident that her eyes are going to stay blue, now. I absolutely love them. So happy I got my brown eyed girl and my blue eyed girl!

One quick word about me: I am not losing the weight like I did with Lucy. I weighed myself today and I've actually gained 5 pounds!! It's time to get serious about dieting. No more pizza, donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, or Reese's Peanut Butter cups! And I'm going to seriously cut back on the pop. Ugh. Not fun. I've also decided to just buy a pair of jeans that fit my current weight because it's ridiculous to still be wearing maternity jeans 3 months postpartum!

I could keep writing and posting pictures forever, but I'll wrap it up now.  We love our Lena Beana to pieces and are so glad God entrusted her to us!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

E is for Envelope

I take zero credit for this idea. It is purely inspired by (specifically this post). But here is our interpretation of it:

We started by taping 2 pieces of construction paper together. Lucy loves to tape. Then I drew a big "E" outline so she knew where to put the glue. Finally, we glued the envelopes in place. I wrote an uppercase E on the top and bottom envelopes and a lowercase e in the middle.

I found some pre-cut construction paper squares from a project we had done a long time ago and wrote E's on them. 

Then Lucy put the big E's in the uppercase E envelopes and the little e's in the lowercase e envelope. (Whew! Follow that?)
Please excuse the Elmo pajamas that are 2 sizes too small.
Finally, we broke out the paints. The original project on said to decorate the envelopes with markers, but Lucy would have none of that. She doesn't think a project is complete unless it is painted. Haha.

Finished product:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. This week we worked on the letter "D." I didn't really like the lesson in the curriculum I usually follow, so we just did our own thing. On Monday, we made paper donuts, decorated them, and turned them into lowercase "d's."

Later on in the week we talked about David and Goliath and did a coloring page. And of course we had to get some actual donuts to snack on, too!

2. I woke up Monday feeling kind of nauseous and weird. I'd had a clogged milk duct for a few days, so when I spiked a fever and started getting the chills and body aches, I looked up the symptoms of mastitis online. From

Typical mastitis symptoms include a fever of 101.3°F (38.5°C) or greater, chills, flu-like aching, malaise and systemic illness.

I have heard such horror stories of mastitis, that even though I wasn't in agonizing pain yet, I decided to call the doctor and see what he thought. Of course, it was after hours, and I got the mean doctor. He said over and over, "It's not really our policy to call in antibiotics, and I'm not convinced based on your description that you really have mastitis, but I guess this one time I can call something in for you." Justin went to Meijer that night to pick it up and I took my first dose around 9. By Tuesday morning my fever was gone and I was feeling much better. (Except for some wicked hot flashes - not sure if that was my body fighting the infection or reacting to the antibiotic.)

3. I've been taking all those vitamins for over a week now, but I'm not really noticing much of a difference in my depression. I know it can take a while, so I'm not giving up yet. Part of my depression is that I just feel like a worthless mom, wife, housekeeper, Christian. Justin gets home from work and says, "What'd you do today?" and I can't think of anything. I feel like I do nothing all day, and yet I'm too busy to really do anything. How does that work? So I decided to document every minute of my day and see where all my time is going. It ended up being 5 pages in Word, so I'm not going to put it all here, but I made a "page" if anyone is interested. It's mostly for my own records. I won't be offended if no one reads it. :-) It will be fun to look back on in a few years. Maybe I'll start doing this once a year or something.

4. In the same vein, I've been really focusing on "living in the moment." I know it's a cliche but things are cliche for a reason. I've written before about how much I love the baby phase. Even despite my uncomfortable exhausting pregnancies, I can't imagine ever saying I'm done having babies. (Although I will admit that I like to space my kids out a few years - something I've been so vocal about recently I'm afraid Murphy's Law is going to take effect. Haha.) Anyway, sometimes I find myself getting frustrated with rocking and walking Lena all the time. There are a lot of times that I'm rocking her thinking, "Hurry up and fall asleep so I can get back to . . . doing whatever I was doing." So I've been conscious of that, and have been telling myself to enjoy this moment right now and not worry about what's next. I've been spending lots of time snuggling with her, smelling her sweet head, enjoying her little sighs and the way her hands open and close on my chest, reveling in her soft skin and chubby cheeks, and loving how she feels so relaxed when she falls asleep on me.

The same goes for Lucy. The day will come when she's an ornery teenager who wants nothing to do with me. I'm telling myself to enjoy every minute of driving in her pretend car with her, going on pretend shopping trips with her, laying in bed with her every morning giggling. This stay-at-home-mom thing is what I've wanted all my life. Sometimes I seriously can't believe I'm really these girls' mom and not just their babysitter.

5. It's a good thing I've come to terms with "living in the moment," because Lena has definitely started to have a preference for me. She can be screaming in someone else's arms, but 8 times out of 10 if I take her, she snuggles into me and calms right down. Part of me loves it and part of me feels a little trapped. Haha.

6. Ok, this is a really parenting-centric update, but I've been thinking a lot lately about parenting styles. I have friends on both ends of the spectrum. One friend is very schedule-oriented with her kids. She wakes her baby up in the morning so she has her first feeding of the day at the same time every day. I also have a friend who doesn't believe in a schedule at all, holds her baby all day, and nurses on demand - even if that means it's every hour. Sometimes I feel bad that I don't have a strong parenting method like that. I'm much more of a "happy-medium" type. Another friend shared this article this week and I really resonated with it. (Thanks, Sara!) I'm glad my "opposite ends of the spectrum" friends have found something that works for them, but that doesn't mean it works for me (and neither of them would ever try to push that on me). We're just going to stick with "happy medium" for now and adjust as necessary along the way. :-)

7. Ok well this is long and for all my talk of parenting, Lucy keeps begging me to play with her and I keep saying "Not right now, honey." So here's a short anecdote to end with: I put a pair of new Converse shoes on Lucy for the first time this week. She was all excited and took off running through the house shouting, "These are running shoes!" 30 seconds later, she wiped out and smacked her head on a chair. She came running to me crying, "Maybe these not running shoes!" Haha. Poor uncoordinated child.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

Thursday, April 18, 2013

7:30 Lena wakes up. I turn on the TV in anticipation of Lucy waking up and start nursing Lena.
7:43 Lucy climbs into my bed.
7:58 Change Lena’s diaper and notice she soaked through her clothes.
8:00 Pick out some clean clothes for Lena.
8:01 Lucy throws a fit that she wanted to pick Lena’s outfit.
8:03 Help Lucy pick a new outfit for Lena. Get Lena dressed.
8:05 Snuggle with Lena.
8:08 Put on bra, grab some clean undies for Lucy.
8:09 Lucy cries that she wanted to pick out her own undies. Let her pick her own undies.
8:10 Start down the stairs. Lucy cries that she wants me to hold her hand down the stairs.
8:11 Put Lucy’s undies on. Put Lena in bouncer.
8:12 Help Lucy make a waffle.
8:17 Lucy cries that I got the waffle out of the toaster when she wanted to do it.
8:18 Lucy spills her gummy vitamins all over the floor. I pick them up.
8:20 I start to peel a banana for Lucy. She cries that she doesn't want a banana. Convince her to have some strawberries. Tell her she can’t have sugar with them.
8:21 Cut up strawberries while Lucy cries for me to go upstairs to get her water bottle with her.
8:22 Find a vitamin on the floor. Eat it.
8:23 Distract Lucy from the water bottle by offering to turn on the TV. Find Caillou on Netflix.
8:25 Brush my teeth and put my contacts in. Lena starts to fuss in the bouncer.
8:27 Lucy shouts from the living room that she needs a drink.
8:28 Move Lena to the swing. Get Lucy a cup of milk.
8:31 Make coffee.
8:33 Feed Lola.
8:35 Make toast – see a 2 liter of Dr Pepper and talk myself out of having a glass with breakfast.
8:37 Fast forward through a part of Caillou Lucy doesn't like.
8:39 Notice my antibiotic on the counter. Try to remember if I’ve taken it this morning. Decide I haven’t. Take it.
8:40 Pour coffee.
8:41 Find another vitamin on the floor. Put it back in the bottle.
8:42 Try to remember which glass is mine. Pour some milk. Notice we’re almost out. Note to self: buy milk.
8:44 Sit down on the couch with my toast, the banana I had started peeling for Lucy, and milk. Lucy asks for a bite of my banana. Hand it to her and she says, “I just want the whole thing.” (Strawberries still untouched.)
8:45 Get on the computer
8:46 Get on facebook – realize it’s Tayton’s birthday. Note to self: buy a card.
8:55 See a reference to Earth Day and the date April 22. Realize that’s Kristy’s birthday. Note to self: buy a card.
8:57 See something Mark Driscoll said on Twitter. Feel guilty for not doing my devotions in a long time. Note to self: make time to read Bible today.
8:58 Find Blue’s Clues on Netflix
8:59 Find Caillou again when Lucy decides she doesn’t want to watch Blue’s Clues
9:00 Find Arthur on Netflix. Girl can’t make up her mind.
9:04 Remember I left my coffee on the kitchen counter. Go get it. Refill Lucy’s cup while I’m up.
9:11 Read an article about how to get your baby to sleep through the night by 8 weeks. Feel guilty that I’m still nursing Lena every 2 hours and she’s by no means sleeping through the night.
9:14 Talk to Niki on the phone while searching Pinterest for a David and Goliath craft.
9:29 Lena wakes up, Get her out of the swing,
9:33 Lena starts to scream. I try to nurse her while balancing the phone on my shoulder.
9:35 Lucy finds Luke’s Bible Study notes on the couch, rips them in half. I yell at her.
9:39 Lena pulls off screaming. I hang up with Niki, switch Lena to other side.
9:40 Lucy asks to watch Caillou. I find it on Netflix and tell her she can watch one more episode.
9:43 Lena is screaming her pained scream. I give up on nursing her. She pukes all over herself and me.
9:45 Change Lena’s diaper, notice she stinks, remember I haven’t given her a bath in a while.
9:47 Throw away the remnants of Lucy’s breakfast. Eat her untouched strawberries.
9:50  Finish cold coffee.
9:52 Check facebook again.
9:55 Turn off the TV finally.
9:56 Take Lucy to the bathroom.
10:00 Give Lena a bath (with Lucy’s help.)
10:10 Lucy sings to Lena while I get her dressed.
10:15 Attempt to hold a fussing Lena while browsing David and Goliath crafts online with Lucy.
10:17 Lena starts screaming. Pace with her while repeatedly telling Lucy not to touch the computer.
10:19 Pop some bubble wrap with Lucy.
10:22 Put Lena in the swing and look at David and Goliath crafts again.
10:26 Read the story of David and Goliath to Lucy. Explain that God can help little people do big things. Emphasize that David starts with D.
10:29 Print David and Goliath coloring page.
10:30 Set Lucy up with her paints, take care of Lena’s bath tub.
10:34 Paint with Lucy. Sing “Only a Boy Named David.”
10:43 Lucy helps me start a load of laundry.
10:49 Back to painting.
10:54 Go upstairs to “have a sleepover” with Lucy. Pretend to be scared every time it thunders so Lucy can console me.
11:10 Niki calls for help with a survey she's filling out about the theology and life of our church.
11:14 Lucy goes downstairs to find Grandpa.
11:23 Lena wakes up.
11:28 Lucy says she’s hungry.
11:29 Put Lena in bouncer.
11:30 Help Lucy make a cheese roll-up. Lena fussing in bouncer.
11:36 Hang up with Niki. Take Lucy potty. Lena fussing louder.
11:40 Start nursing Lena. Find Martha Speaks on Netflix for Lucy.
11:41 Lena pulls of screaming.
11:42 Get Lena calmed down and latched back on.
11:43 Lena pulls off screaming.
11:44 Switch sides.
11:47 Lena pulls off happy. We talk. I smell her sweet head.
11:57 Lucy wants another roll-up. I put Lena on the playmat.
11:58 Lucy makes a roll-up (with some supervision).
11:59 I clean up Lucy’s mess.
12:02 I notice my antibiotics on the counter. Take another one. (Supposed to take 4 a day.) Lena starts screaming on the playmat.
12:04 Talk and sing with Lena. Lucy helps.
12:12 Switch TV to news
12:14 Change Lena’s diaper
12:15 Dad comes inside and says it stopped raining so Lucy can go out.
12:16 Put rainboots and coat over Lucy’s pajamas. Send her out with Dad. Lena is screaming.
12:18 Console Lena. Cuddle with her on couch.
12:22 Get on facebook
12:27 Lena starts to squirm. Put her in swing.
12:28 Warm up some leftover lasagna and pour an ice cold glass of Dr Pepper.
12:32 Sit down to eat. Play a fun game and pat myself on the back for my Biblical knowledge. More facebook.
12:56 Niki calls again.
12:58 Lucy and Dad come inside. I ask Dad some questions for Niki.
1:00 Take pictures of Lucy’s curly hair. Get her to finish her cheese roll up.
1:08 Put pictures on facebook.
1:15 Take Lucy upstairs for bed.
1:16 Throw her wet clothes in the laundry basket and realize I forgot about the laundry I started hours ago.
1:17 Grab myself some clothes to wear. (Yes, I’m still wearing my pajamas.)
1:18 Lucy insists on wearing footie pajamas to bed.
1:19 Realize we left her binkies downstairs. Go down to get them.
1:20 Begin the “tucking-in” process.
1:26 Come back downstairs with the girls’ laundry basket.
1:27 Check facebook again.
1:29 Text Niki about Ty’s graduation open house invitations.
1:35 Switch laundry over, start a new load.
1:37 Check on Lena to make sure she’s still sleeping.
1:38 Take a short shower because the washer is stealing all the hot water.
1:51 Clean up all the messes we made this morning.
2:01 Pour another glass of Dr Pepper, fill a plastic cup with puppy chow, and sit down on the couch.
2:03 Turn on Parenthood on Netflix. Facebook.
2:20 Clean the puppy chow off my fingers, my clothes, the computer, and the couch. Note to self: no more puppy chow on the couch.
2:28 Start sweepstakes
3:13 Lena wakes up.
3:17 Turn off computer, change Lena’s diaper.
3:23 Nurse Lena.
3:26 She’s done nursing. Turn off TV. Sing to her for a while.
3:37 Lena starts screaming. Pace with her.
3:39 She pukes all over herself and me. It’s chunky.
3:41 Go out on the deck to marvel at the warm air and flooded fields. It’s too windy for Lena.
3:43 Come inside and commence pacing and singing.
3:49 Put her on the playmat so I can go to the bathroom.
3:50 Go to the bathroom and realize I forgot about my laundry again. Switch it over and start another load.
3:54 Come back out to the living room to Lena playing happily on the playmat. Realize Word autocorrects playmat to playmate so every time I write “Put Lena on her playmat,” it looks like I wrote “Put Lena on her playmate.” Lol. Sit here giggling for a minute.
3:58 Email Justin a KFC coupon and tell him to bring home dinner.
4:00 Text Niki about Sparta flooding
4:04 Fold and put away some towels that were on the rack.
4:16 Check facebook
4:17 Lucy scares the daylights out of me when she appears next to the couch saying, “Hi, Mommy.”
4:19 Take the girls upstairs and get Lucy dressed.
4:23 Clean all the clothes off my bedroom floor. Play upstairs with Lucy for a while. Chat about how she wants to be a mommy when she grows up.
4:40 Come downstairs, put Lena in the swing.
4:41 Look at the flooding pictures online while Lucy begs me to clean the bathroom with her.
4:47 Go out on the deck with Lucy and take a few pictures of the flooded field.
4:53 Give Lucy water in a spray bottle and some paper towel. Let her go wild on the bathroom floor while I clean the toilet, sink, and mirror. The dryer finishes while we’re in there, so I switch over the last load of laundry.
5:03 Turn on the news and read some books to Lucy.
5:43 Lena wakes up
5:45 Change Lena’s diaper.
5:46 Justin gets home with KFC.
5:47 Put Lena in the Bumbo on the table so we can eat.
6:01 Argue with Justin about all the fishing accessories he’s buying for himself.
6:13 Nurse Lena in bed.
6:15 Lucy starts climbing all over me.
6:23 Lucy spills a water bottle all over the bed.
6:29 Come back downstairs.
6:30 Pace the floor with a fussy Lena. Talk to my parents.
6:31 Take another antibiotic.
6:44 Fold 2 loads of laundry while Justin entertains Lucy upstairs and Lena plays on the playmat. She actually holds onto a rattle for a while.
6:57 Pace with Lena a little bit more.
7:00 Put Lena in the swing. Turn on Wheel of Fortune.
7:29 Justin gets the Little People dollhouse out for Lucy. She plays with it by herself quietly (!) while I check email, facebook, google reader, Pinterest, and my blog stats (end up reading Lena’s birth story).  Watch Jeopardy.
7:47 Play with the house with Lucy.
8:07 Move my van to make room for all the cars in our driveway. (Lucy helps.)
8:14 Get a snack for Lucy. (Hulless popcorn)
8:25 Head upstairs to put Lucy to bed. Put her jammies on, pray for Aunt Kaley, tuck her in, turn on her tape, turn on her Dreamlite kiss her sweet head, go back downstairs.
8:45 Get some more popcorn and another glass of Dr Pepper. Watch the last half of an Office re-run.
9:00 Watch 2 episodes of Parks and Rec.
10:00 Hear Lucy calling for me. Go upstairs. She says she’s cold. Put her blankets back on. Kiss her sweet head. Go back downstairs.
10:05 Talk with Mom and Dad for a while.
10:15 Hear Lucy calling for me. Go upstairs. She says her bottom hurts. Smooth her hair, rub her back, turn on another tape for her, tell her to try to sleep. Turn on her Dreamlite. Go back downstairs.
10:28 Talk with Justin for a few minutes. Get on the computer.
10:40 Find a rerun of Jeopardy on TV. Watch it while I check facebook, email, twitter, pinterest.
11:10 Browse real estate listings.
11:27 Realize how late it is. Bemoan the fact that Lena is doing her long stretch of sleep right now and I’m going to be up with her every 2 hours until morning.
11:28 Take 8 pills: 2 fish oil, magnesium, vitamin B, prenatal, birth control, paxil, and antibiotic. Take contacts out.
11:35 Scoop Lena out of her swing, change her diaper.
11:37 Nurse Lena
11:40 Realize I never made time to read the Bible today. Feel guilty.
11:50 Head upstairs to bed!

Monday, April 15, 2013

D is for Donut

Lucy and I made donut d's today.

First, we cut out the circle shapes. I have a circle cutter in my scrapbooking supplies, but you could just trace around a cup or something.

Then we cut "sprinkles" out of construction paper, and glued them on our donuts.
Finished donuts:
She found my scrapbooking stickers and wanted to put those on too.
Finally, I cut out some straight lines and showed her how to assemble the donuts into d's!

I think tomorrow we might take a field trip . . . to the donut shop. ;-)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. I forgot to mention one of the new recipes I tried last week. It was so amazing, I'd be doing you all a serious disservice by not sharing it: Reese's Peanut Butter Pie.
Picture from
I have been seriously obsessed with Reese's peanut butter cups lately. I actually bought 2 bags of pb cups when I went shopping for ingredients - one for the pie, and one to eat while I made the pie. Hahaha.

2. We were really busy this week, so we didn't do much for the letter C - only what I've already written on facebook. On Monday, we read the story of Joseph, then made a Joseph puppet out of a lunch sack wearing a coat of many colors. Lucy loves any excuse to paint and play with googly eyes. :-) Then we made cookies and listened to the Cookie Monster song "C is for cookie." Lucy was afraid of Cookie Monster's gravelly voice. Haha.
During her ER debacle yesterday, I wondered for a minute if we'd be learning "C is for cast." Haha. Thank goodness we didn't have to do that!

3. We spent Wednesday with our friends Carrie, Abby, Ellie, Kelly, Presley, and Harper. This is my new favorite picture:
The girls played so well together. Sometimes Lucy isn't the most pleasant (ha!), but she did really well. Whew! And I had a blast catching up with Carrie and Kelly.

4. Lena discovered her hands this week. She is constantly trying to get them in her mouth. She also discovered her voice. (The video is kind of long. You'll get the idea after the first few seconds. Haha.)

5. I've been frustrated that my weight loss has stalled since having Lena. I still have 10 pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, and another 10 pounds to get where I should be. But after yesterday, I have a sneaking suspicion of why that weight just isn't falling off. Yesterday I had a donut for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch, Red Robin for dinner, and Coldstone for dessert. Lol! That's obviously not how I always eat - it was a stressful day. But I eat like that wayyyy more often than I should!

6. So after last week's point on depression, I decided I need to do something about it. My friend Karen has been touting the benefits of supplements for a while, and I finally bit the bullet, spent the money, and bought some. Here's my new daily regimen:
That's 2 fish oil, magnesium, Vitamin B complex, a prenatal, and then my regular anxiety medicine, and my birth control. Karen insists it will make all the difference with my anxiety, depression, and exhaustion. I've only been taking them for a few days, so I'll keep you posted! (Let me know if you're interested in the exact doses.)

7. I forgot to mention last week that when I took Lena to the doctor for her ears, they weighed her. Just over a week after her appointment where they labeled her "borderline failure to thrive" at 10 lbs, 1 oz, she weighed in at 10 lbs, 14 oz. Granted, she was wearing her clothes the second time, but she's definitely gaining weight. Which is reassuring, since she has not been nursing very well. I still think she just gets full fast, but she has such short feedings that I know she's not getting the fatty hindmilk. I've tried and tried to get her to nurse longer, but she absolutely won't do it. Either she pulls away screaming, or she just smiles up at me with milk pouring down her face. Who knows?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Lucy's 2nd Trip to the ER!

Last night, Lucy was sitting on the floor after her bath and Justin pulled her up by her hands into a standing position. She immediately started screaming bloody murder. At first, we thought she was just being a whiner, but as the night went on and the crying didn't let up, we realized there was probably really something wrong. She kept saying her elbow hurt, and refused to bend or move it.

We put her to bed with an ice pack and a dose of Tylenol, hoping she'd feel better in the morning. No such luck. She cried all night. I ended up laying on the floor of her room in the middle of the night for a while. At one point, she wanted me to read to her, but it was 2:00 am and I didn't want to turn the lights on and wake her up more than necessary. So I quoted "Goodnight Moon" from memory. Haha. It seemed to satisfy her!

This morning, I carefully slid her into her carseat, dropped Lena off at Niki's, and took Lucy down to the children's ER.

When I described her injury to the lady at the front desk, she immediately smiled and said, "Nursemaid. She'll be out of here in 2 minutes." Haha. Apparently this is a common injury. After seeing the doctor, she was indeed diagnosed with "nursemaid's elbow." It took one quick twist from the doctor, minimal crying from Lucy, and we were out of there within an hour! The bad news is once a kid gets this kind of injury, they're prone to get them again. The good news is the Doctor showed me how to pop it back into joint should it happen again. *Shudder* Hoping that won't be necessary!

Once again, I'm thankful for our great children's hospital. We got right in, Lucy got to watch Dora while we waited, and left with a slushy! She's totally back to normal, now - using her arm like nothing ever happened. Thank you, Lord!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. This week, we worked on letter B.

The butterfly craft is something I made up with Chase and Lyla years ago. The bee craft came from

I came across this free preschool curriculum online this week. I totally love it! It's based on the letter of the week theme I've already been doing, but includes a Bible story, and activities for every day.  The lesson that goes with B is Jesus in the boat. I told Lucy the story of Jesus and his disciples caught in a storm. I explained that Jesus made the storm stop by shouting "Storm, stop!" (Complete with sticking our hand out like the "Swiper, no swiping" motion on Dora. Haha.) I told Lucy that Jesus had the power to stop the storm because he is the boss of the weather. Haha. Hence the little catch phrase below. Lucy decorated the plate (I drew the windows), taped on the popsicle stick, cut out the triangle flag, and glued it on. 

2. I tried out a few new recipes this week. This one has been floating around pinterest for a while and looked so good.
Picture from
It was an utter fail. My version looked nothing like the picture. Maybe because I did it in a skillet instead of the crockpot? It was just watery and bland and gross. Blech.

On Wednesday, I wanted to make French toast, but Justin was going running before dinner, and I didn't want to wait for him to get home before I started flipping each piece individually. So I looked up an oven-baked version that I could just stick in the oven and have ready when he got home.  I chose this recipe because it was the most basic.  
Picture from
I didn't have French bread, so just used regular sandwich bread. It was delicious, but practically dessert for dinner thanks the the stick of butter and 2/3 cup of brown sugar! Haha.

3. Yesterday, I had a hankering for cookies. I decided to try a recipe  I had found for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that were supposed to be semi-healthy because they don't have flour or white sugar. When my dad saw me making them, I warned him not to get too excited. The batter looked really weird, so I didn't have much hope for them. The recipe said the batter should chill for 2 hours. When I went back to get it, I was totally grossed out by how oily it was. The only ingredients are peanut butter, vanilla, 1 egg, brown sugar, baking soda, and chocolate chips. I decided the oil must be from the peanut butter, and was just really visible because there wasn't any flour to soak it up. Either way, I put the cookies in the oven still feeling pretty pessimistic about them. I had nothing to fear. They are so delicious. I highly recommend them.
Picture from
4. Lucy had another one of her puking/fever episodes this week. She woke up from her nap on Wednesday with a 101* fever. She was absolutely miserable all evening, but never puked. Thursday morning she woke up fever free and acting totally normal. But after dinner, we were all standing in the kitchen talking when all of a sudden Lucy started crying that she was going to throw up. Justin rushed her to the bathroom, she puked in the toilet, then was back to her normal self again. So weird.

5. And of course I jinxed myself after last week's entry about Lena doing so much better lately. All weekend, she did this weird grabbing at her head thing - usually accompanied by a lot of screaming.

After a few days of screaming, I decided to take her to the doctor to check her ears. We saw a new doctor (L's is still on maternity leave). He told me that babies don't pull on their ears when they have an ear infection - that's just an old wives' tale. Not sure I believe that. But in Lena's case, it was true. No ear infection. He said she probably just has gas. I also asked him if she could be constipated. She's been going days without pooping, which is very unusual for her. He said breastfed babies don't get constipated, they're just erratic. Not the most helpful trip to the doctor. Haha.

6. Just for my records: Lena went in the Bumbo for the first time this week. She did really well and seems to like it! I know I put Lucy in it at this age, and she hated it and could not hold her head up. Haha.
Lucy in the Bumbo. Haha.
Lena in the Bumbo.

7. So I've been feeling a little depressed lately. I'm hoping it's just a hormonal surge or something because it's really annoying. Every day around 4:30 it hits me. I start to panic a little bit about the sameness of my life, about how I have no alone time (which isn't true), about how overwhelmed I am (which is ridiculous). I feel like I get about 2 hours to myself during the day while both girls are sleeping. And it frustrates me that I have to choose every day whether to spend that 2 hours cleaning or doing my sweepstakes online or sleeping or reading or studying the Bible. I want to do all of those things every day. I don't want to choose just one. It's such a stupid thing to get depressed about, but I can't help it. I've tried to do some of that stuff while Lucy is awake, but she is so needy. I think that's contributing to my depression too. She watches waaaaay too much TV because it's the only way I can do anything without her climbing all over me, begging to be held, begging me to play with her, or bothering my Dad. So I feel guilty about her watching so much TV, I feel guilty about not playing with her every waking second, I feel guilty that my Dad entertains her so much. 

And then there's the self-esteem issues. Usually around 5:00 every day, I finally get around to doing my hair and putting some make-up on before Justin gets home. I usually end up practically in tears in front of the bathroom mirror, frustrated beyond belief that I'm so incapable of making myself look cute. I almost always end up just giving up and putting my hair in a ponytail. I've become one of those girls that I hate who shies away from the camera. I realized the other day that I probably have less than 10 pictures of me with Lena. And only 1 or 2 have made it on facebook because I'm so insecure. Blech. I'm really not fishing for compliments by writing this. Just being real. 

Well, this has gotten ridiculously long, and Lucy has been watching Caillou the entire time I've been working on it, so I better wrap it up! Have a great week, everyone!

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