Tuesday, April 23, 2013

E is for Envelope

I take zero credit for this idea. It is purely inspired by notimeforflashcards.com (specifically this post). But here is our interpretation of it:

We started by taping 2 pieces of construction paper together. Lucy loves to tape. Then I drew a big "E" outline so she knew where to put the glue. Finally, we glued the envelopes in place. I wrote an uppercase E on the top and bottom envelopes and a lowercase e in the middle.

I found some pre-cut construction paper squares from a project we had done a long time ago and wrote E's on them. 

Then Lucy put the big E's in the uppercase E envelopes and the little e's in the lowercase e envelope. (Whew! Follow that?)
Please excuse the Elmo pajamas that are 2 sizes too small.
Finally, we broke out the paints. The original project on notimeforflashcards.com said to decorate the envelopes with markers, but Lucy would have none of that. She doesn't think a project is complete unless it is painted. Haha.

Finished product:

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