Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Sunday 7

To borrow a line from Annie, "Yesterday was plain awful!" And the fact that it was Saturday never crossed my mind.  So here you have the Sunday 7. Enjoy.

1. The day after I wrote that Lucy update about how she doesn't make animal noises she started "Moo-ing" when I ask her what the cow says. Go Lucy!

2. We have a ridiculous ant infestation.  They're coming in the window in the living room.  I've put ant traps in the window, around the window, and in all the corners of the living room - as well as the corner under Lucy's high chair.  They're not helping.  I have the vacuum sitting next to the window, and every few hours I vacuum up all the visible ants.  That doesn't help either.  This morning I found 10 or so ants crawling in Lucy's high chair.  Grrrrrrrrrr. I got a bunch of ideas from my facebook friends on how to get rid of them, but haven't been able to drive to the store.  Maybe today I'll make Justin take me.

3. Justin went on a bike trip with his friends this weekend.  They rode 90 miles in 2 days. Insane. I don't know what part of that would be considered fun! He was gone for one night - the first night I've stayed alone in this house.  I was in too much pain to be nervous about staying home alone.

4. If my mouth ever heals I'm going to go crazy eating.  I'm going to go out to eat for every meal. Chinese - hunan chicken and crab cheese, Qdoba - queso burrito, Logans - steak, rolls, potatoes, Olive Garden - chicken alfredo, Arby's curly fries, McDonald's Dr. Pepper with a straw!!! Yesterday I managed to eat ramen noodles and mashed potatoes.  That so doesn't cut it.  I never realized how much I enjoy eating until the option is taken away from me.

5. I wrote this on facebook, but that's not permanent. I want it here, too, to look back on.  Justin left Friday night for the bike trip.  Saturday at about 3 a.m. I woke up thinking there was an earthquake.  There wasn't.  It was me quaking the bed - I was trembling from head to toe.  I tried to get up and just fell back in my bed.  Obviously having some kind of reaction to the Vicodin.  After a couple hours I managed to drag myself to the kitchen and take some more medicine.  I sat on the floor eating pudding thinking maybe I just needed some food in my stomach.  I managed to sleep for a couple hours.  Lucy woke up at 7:30.  I gingerly stepped out of bed and immediately started puking my guts out.  I puked until my stomach was empty, then dry heaved for a while.  I felt a little better after that, so managed to make it to Lucy's room, but could hardly lift her out of her crib because I was so weak.  It was horrible.  The thought actually crossed my mind, How long will it take for someone to come find Lucy if I die here?  I ended up calling my mom and having her come pick us up.  I felt much better after the Vicodin was gone from my system and haven't taken any more since.

6.Ok, well I can't make it to 7 this week.  I'm in a bad mood.  Absorbed in my little self-pitying world.  Maybe I'll be more upbeat next week. ;-)

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little Less Wisdom

That's right - I had the wisdom removed right out of my head.  My wisdom teeth, that is.  All 4 of them.  And while I'm sure very few of you actually care to read about my surgery, I like to write.  I like to document things.  And I'm trying to stay up one more hour before taking my next dose of Vicodin.

Every time I go to the dentist, they harass me about the intense need for my wisdom teeth to be removed.  You'd think I was growing a third arm in my mouth the way they emphasize how badly they need to be taken out.  Seriously. Do they get a cut of the fee I paid the oral surgeon?  Anyway, we finally have dental insurance, and thanks to the escrow check, we had a little bit of cash in hand.  So off to the surgeon I went.

Justin couldn't get off work, so my lucky mom got to take me.  She just took my little sister a couple weeks ago, and my dad last week.  Apparently tooth issues run in the family.

Surprisingly, I wasn't that nervous.  I figured I'd do fine with the anesthesia since I just went under the knife a few months ago with the kidney stone saga.  And I've never heard of anyone dying of wisdom tooth extraction, so I was just excited to have a nice deep sleep.

I went to the offices of Palm, Panek, and Billups.  Yes, Panek.  What a name for a doctor! I had Dr. Palm, though, who was quite gruff and not the least bit pleasant.  Right before I fell asleep I remember him saying, "This is the stuff that will make you forget.  So you won't know if I'm mean to you or not."  Lol - what??

Anyway, I was surprised that they just brought me back to a room with a little dentist chair like the one I sit in when I get my teeth cleaned.  They leaned me back, sprayed some numbing stuff in my arm and slapped an IV in it.  The nurse told me the medicine would make me relax.  I remember giggling about something and thinking, "Wow. I'm acting weird already."  Then I remember thinking, "Ohhhh, this is what people are talking about when they say the ceiling is spinning."  It was literally spinning!!

The next thing I knew, the nurse was walking me back to recovery.  It's funny how spotty my memory is from that moment until I got home last night.  Little blips keep coming back to me.  I remember being astounded at how large my lips felt.  Haha.  But when Libby got her teeth pulled a couple weeks ago, she acted all goofy about her lips feeling so big, so I played it cool.  And I remember trying to find my tongue.  That numbness was a weird feeling!  I vaguely remember my mom telling me a story about a teenage boy in the waiting room who was scared to death.  And I remember someone making me stand up and asking me what day it was.  Some lady came in and wanted me to write a check.  My mom wrote it for me and apparently I signed it, though I don't remember that. Haha.  On the way home, my mom was on her cell phone with someone.  They must have asked if I was acting funny because Mom said, "No, not really.  She's just forgetful."  I must have been asking her the same questions over and over. Haha.

When we got home, I stumbled into the house and stood in the bathroom trying to replace my disgusting bloody gauze.  I knew I was about to pass out, but I really wanted to take my contacts out first. Haha.  I managed to pop them out and fall into bed without incident.  Mom came in with Vicodin and amoxicillin and the trash can in case I needed to puke.  She asked if I had an ice pack and I tried to tell her it was in the door of the freezer, but it was really hard to talk around the fuzz in my mouth . . . and my head.  I don't know if I actually did say that out loud or if she just figured it out.  Haha.

Since then, I've just been in a daze of oozing blood, a nasty taste in my mouth and an aching head and jaw.  I honestly think my head hurts more because of caffeine withdrawals than anything. I managed to down some Dr. Pepper today.  That helps.  One of my tooth holes still hurts really bad.  The other three are pretty much fine.  I'm on a steady diet of pudding, Jell-o, slimfast, and vicodin.  But I haven't lost any weight! How disappointing.  I almost passed out again when I was brushing my teeth this morning, but I managed to catch myself and just laid on the bathroom floor for a while.

I'm hoping by tomorrow I'll at least be able to drink some lukewarm coffee and maybe eat some ramen noodles?

This recovery stuff is for the birds.  I can't imagine my mouth ever being back to normal again.  Will I ever be able to eat chips or popcorn again?  Even the thought makes me shudder!

Well 100 useless bonus points if you made it to the end of this entry!! It took up some time for me and was fun to write.  I'll probably re-read it later and think it sounds ridiculous, but hey - I'm on drugs! Give me a break. :-)

Thanks to my mom for taking me, helping me out, and sitting in my living room reading magazines until Justin got home.  Thanks to Justin for catering to my every need and taking over the majority of the Lucy care.  Thanks to Niki for watching Lucy for a few hours tonight while I was dancing with the leprechauns in my head (aka - hopped up on more Vicodin than I was prescribed) and for the slushie that temporarily restored my mouth to its gloriously numbed state. And thanks to all my facebook friends for putting up with my whining and giving me some helpful hints!

Love to the masses!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lucy Update

I'm feeling the need for a Lulu update.  She's just getting so big.  Chase told me yesterday "She's not a baby anymore!" And I wanted to weep in agreement! That said, I love this age.  She's so happy and smiley and starting to get a sense of humor.  She has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth (although a third is working its way through), so her smile is soooooo cute.  She's such a ham and is always making funny faces.  We laugh so much together.

The biggest news is that she's pretty much a full time walker now.  I still can't get over it.  My favorite thing is when she walks around carrying her purse.  Such a little lady.  She was toddling all over at the library today and somebody said, "She looks too little to be walking so well!"  That's how I feel too! Haha.

She babbles allllllll the time, but still doesn't have many intelligible words.  She says hi, bye, mama, and dada - sometimes. Still not totally sure she knows what "mama" and "dada" mean.  The word she knows best is bye. She says it all the time.  I think she's working on "kitty."  She definitely says something high-pitched and squealy when she sees Lola.

She knows one body part: her belly.  It is the cutest thing ever when I ask her where her belly is.  She hikes up her shirt and grabs a handful of that big ole baby belly.  Adorable.

I've been working like crazy on animal sounds.  She usually just intently studies my mouth while I'm making the sounds.  She's definitely trying to absorb them.  She parrots "mooooo," but doesn't do it on her own when I ask what the cow says.

She does know what a car says.  She says "vrmmmmm" when she plays with cars.  And if ever I'm laying on my back on the floor, she climbs on my belly, says "vrmmmmm" and starts bouncing so I'll play the car game with her. :-)

She loves her baby dolls.  Plural.  She has 2, and she has to play with them both at the same time.  I've been telling people I hope that's not an indication that we're having twins next . . . Like I mentioned before, she's really into her purse.  She loves to find little pieces of paper or small toys and take them in and out of her purse.  She still loves anything she can open and close.  She has the Fisher Price coin counting pig, the cookie jar, and a Very Hungry Caterpillar apple container that all have little pieces to take in and out.  And she has finally mastered the stacking rings!

But of course her favorite toys aren't toys at all.  She spends hours playing with her cups and spoons and bowls.  In and out of the drawer.  She loves trying to match the tupperware with their tops.  And she still enjoys sorting washcloths and bibs.  Haha.

In the past week or so she discovered there is one cabinet in the kitchen that is unlocked.  She looooooves to open it and put stuff inside.  I've found binkies, toys, books, and my cell phone in there.  Haha.  She usually remembers, though.  If I ask her where my phone is, she gets a big smile on her face and toddles over to the cupboard to pull it out.  So cute!

She also really likes music. She loves to shake her booty.  Haha.  Her favorite song is "If You're Happy and You Know It" because she loves to clap her hands.  And she has started to open and close her hands when I sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" because that's what we do at storytime at the library. Precious. :-)

I've been slacking on veggie pushing lately.  I do still sneak purees into a lot of stuff, but I've stopped offering her actual veggies.  It's so frustrating to me that she squishes them or throws them on the floor.  It just seems wasteful . . . and messy.

So her diet pretty much consists of waffles, toast, bananas, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, peaches, pears, grilled cheese, mac n' cheese, bean burritos, lunch meat, cheese, spaghettios, beans, and lots and lots of goldfish and yogurt melts. :-)

This week I decided to crack down on her juice consumption.  She loves it so much that I give it to her all the time.  So the new rule is one cup of juice a day and as much milk and water as she wants.

Right around her birthday, Lucy was really fighting her naps, but we pressed on and she is back to normal now.  Morning nap - usually about 2 hours and afternoon nap - about an hour and a half.  She usually sleeps from about 8pm-7am at night.  She won't let me read to her or rock or sing or anything anymore.  She just wants her binkies and she wants to get in her bed!

Wrap Up
This is so lame, but I was thinking the other day that Lucy is really one of my best friends! Haha.  We are together almost 24/7.  I love having someone to talk to when I'm wandering the aisles at the grocery store, and someone to giggle with when we're home alone.  I miss her when we're apart and everything makes me think of her.  I just love her so much! :-)

Since I'm sure only my die-hard readers have made it to the end, I'll throw in this fun fact: I realized the other day that I'm still producing milk . . . over a month after nursing Lucy for the last time! So crazy! Haha.

Well I should get to bed.  Getting my teeth ripped out tomorrow! Wish me luck! :-)


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Summer Is . . .

Flip flops and fireflies.
Days at the pool, nights around the bonfire.
Towels hanging on the deck railing.
Hamburgers and hot dogs.
Gooey marshmallows.
Scads of Dr. Pepper.
Hot. Humid. Legs sticking to the leather seats.
Tank tops and tan lines.
Bare feet and hot pink toenail polish.
Sunscreen and sunburn. Aloe.
Polka dot bikinis and baby Buddha bellies.
Windows down. Country music up.
Sandy beaches. Wave jumping. That feeling all night in bed of riding on the waves.
Finding sand in your ears. For days.
Walking to the ice cream shop. Double fudge caramel walnut in a waffle bowl, please.
Strawberry juice dripping down my chin. Fresh picked peaches. Watermelon.
Seed spitting contests. Rind throwing contests.
Bocce in the backyard.
Scrabble and card games and driveway basketball.
Laughter. Stories. Shouting over each other to be heard.
Pictures taken. Memories made.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. Look at the what I put together in Lucy's room this week:
I found that Scrabble picture at the Thrifty Outlet for $6!! I already had the other 2 pieces, but didn't really know what to do with them.  I think they came together pretty well if I do say so myself!

2. I read an entire book yesterday.  I realized a few days ago that I need to get cracking if I'm actually going to reach my "10-books-this-summer" goal.  Lucky for me, I came across 2 new books by my favorite authors at the library.  The one I read yesterday is called Indelible by Kristen Heitzmann.  I love all of her stuff and was surprised to see a new book from her.  In fact, on the cover it says "by the author of Indivisible."  I haven't read that one either! I went to the reference desk and asked if the one in my hand was a sequel to the one I just mentioned. He assured me it wasn't, but as I was reading, I knew I was missing something.  It's definitely a sequel.  Grr.  Anyway, it was a great book.  I read most of it from 10pm-1:30am.  And of course Lucy was up at 7 this morning.  *Yawn*

3. Lucy's 5th tooth peeked through this week.  I feel like she gets a new tooth every week!!

4. We bought Justin's father's day present last night: a basketball hoop.  He realllly wanted one, so I've been saving since January.  I'm picturing many "Father of the Bride" moments of Justin and Lucy shooting hoops in the future. :-)

5. Lucy really got the hang of walking this week.  I'd say she does it more often than crawling now.  Her only problem is that she can't stand up without pulling herself up on something.  So if she falls in the middle of the room, she can't get back on her feet, and just resorts to crawling again.  She looks so cute toddling all over the place.  She walks kind of like a cowboy - a little bowlegged.  Haha.

6. We had a great time hosting small group last Saturday.  We hung out at the bonfire most of the night, talking, laughing, and stuffing our faces.  Plus I made up a version of "The Newlywed Game" for us to play.  Justin and I were doing well at the beginning, but quickly went downhill.  Paul and Missy took home the trophy for "Best Marriage."  Literally.  I made a trophy out of one of Justin's old soccer trophies and a little polly pocket type doll that I taped next to the soccer player.  Haha.  

7. Ok, it's time for a mom confessional.  Moms - tell me if I'm alone in this.  Every night before I go to bed, I creep into Lucy's room with my cell phone for a light and watch her sleeping.  And every night, I lay my hand on her little chest and wait for it to rise and fall before I can go to bed.  I started this silly routine when she was a little baby and I was worried about SIDS.  Now I have very little reason to fear SIDS.  I just like to know she's breathing. :-)  Am I the only one?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. My brother, Luke, is home for the weekend! He moved to Florida in February and we've missed him so much.  We have big plans to spend all weekend with him and the rest of my family.  Yesterday we did siblings lunch at Panera and hung out at my parents' house.  All kinds of more fun planned for the weekend!

2. We had such weird weather this week.  90s on Tuesday and Wednesday and 60s yesterday!  We pulled out the kiddie pool at work again on Tuesday.  It was so hot, I climbed right into it with the kids.  Haha. (I brought my swimsuit.)  Of course the meter reader decided to stop by that day as I'm sitting in this tiny pool with 3 kids.  I bet he got a good chuckle out of that.

3. Lucy and I had our yearly WIC apptointment on Monday.  They weighed/measured her: 19 lbs, 8 oz., 30 inches tall!! That's a lot of growth since her 1 year doctor's apptointment less than a month ago, so I'm not totally sure how much I believe.  But still - she's ginormous!! I've read babies are supposed to triple their birthweight by their first birthday.  According to that, Lucy should weigh 24 lbs!! I wonder if that rule only applies to babies who weighed less than 7 pounds at birth.  Haha.

4. Speaking of babies . . . my friend, Kris, had her baby on Sunday.  We went to see him at the hospital and I left with some major baby fever! (Not to be confused with Beiber fever.)  I loved my delivery experience.  Being back in the hospital snuggling that sweet little bundle just reeeeeeally made me want to do it again.  Don't get too excited, though.  We're still going to wait a while.  I am not bringing 2 kids with me to my nanny job every day.  And honestly they won't need me much longer as their kids get older and start going to school.  So we're going to have to figure something out with the income situation before we can have another one.

5.Yesterday was Chase's 5th birthday.  I had the day off, so we celebrated on Thursday.  He's an easy kid to buy presents for because he has so many obsessions.  I got him one gift for each passion: a shark water gun (he loves sharks), a Thomas the Train book, a Hot Wheels police cruiser (he's obsessed with Hot Wheels and police cars), a toy fire extinguisher (he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up), and a box of gold coins (because he looooves money).  It's so crazy to me that he's 5 now.  I've been watching him since we was 12 weeks old!

6. If you're friends with me on facebook, you probably noticed that I had some car trouble this week. My whole family got together on Thursday night to hang out with Luke.  Justin and I drove separately and took different routes on the way home.  I was going 60 mph down a busy road when I heard a "pop."  My van makes weird noises all the time, so I ignored it. Lol.  As I slowed down to turn left, though, I could not turn my steering wheel.  I managed to turn right and pull off to the side of the road.  I called Justin in a panic and made him come get me.  He got it home, but not without trouble.  By the time we got home, it was totally overheating, all the warning lights were on, the heat was blowing cold, etc. We were both furious.  The overheating problem is what cost us so much money last January.  We were outraged that it was happening again.  Buuut, then he popped the hood and noticed a belt had fallen off and was totally shredded.  A belt is such an easy/cheap fix! Woohoo!!

7. I saved the best one for last. Justin had Thursday off this week. He called me in the afternoon and said, "So, I just got the mail.  We got a cashier's check from the mortgage company for the overage we paid into the escrow last year."  It was a big check!!!! Was it just last week that I was complaining about only working 2 day weeks this summer and wondering how we would survive?  God provided again!  This is the second big check we've gotten unexpectedly in the past 2 months.  Seriously! We don't deserve this! To say we were thrilled is a major understatement!!

Well we're hosting small group tonight, so I really need to get off the computer and get cleaning my house.  Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. Since I'm not going to be working much this summer, I've decided to set some goals for myself.  Otherwise I'll just spend all summer on facebook.  My first goal is to scrapbook Lucy's entire first year.  I have 4 pages done so far.  Haha.  I'm also challenging myself to read 10 books this summer (summer defined as the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day).  I'm still working on Spiritual Parenting.  I have a couple more non-fiction books in my reading list (<-- over there), but I'm really looking forward to reading some fun fiction too.  I've heard good things about The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I think I'll add that to the list.  Any other suggestions?

2. Lucy sprouted her third tooth this week.  Top left.

3. I came across this quote this week and loved it:

"The only advantage of not being too good a housekeeper is that your guests are so pleased to feel how very much better they are." - Eleanor Roosevelt :-)

I've also decided that cleaning my house less often is the environmentally responsible thing to do - less cleaning supplies, less paper towel, less water usage.  Win win! ;-)

4. Lucy loves playing with her baby dolls lately.  She especially likes to hand them to me and make me sing to them.  But more often than not she gets jealous when I'm holding them.  Haha.  She puts them in my arms, then crawls onto my lap with them and lays her head on my shoulder.  So sweet.

5. I have had a headache for almost 48 hours.  I've been popping ibuprofen like candy, but it's not touching it.  I'm starting to think it's allergies.  I just took 2 allergy pills and 3 ibuprofen.  We'll see what that does.

6. We tried asparagus for the first time this week.  It was ok.  Not anything I'd be excited to eat.  I actually kind of think it tastes like dirt.

7. I've been obsessed with playing hearts on the computer lately.  We have a super slow internet connection, so anytime I'm waiting for something to load, I play hearts to pass the time. I have a problem just sitting still waiting.

Sorry that one was kind of boring.  Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, June 3, 2011

5 Minute Friday

Today I'm going to try something new.  I got this from a blog I stalk.  I have no idea who this person is.  I found her through Carrie who I found through Kelly.  Whew! Follow all that? :-)  Anyway, I like to consider myself an amateur writer, so a writing exercise like this will be good for me.  I make no promises to do it every week.  I just liked this topic and have had it rolling around in my head all day, so here goes:

The Rules

  1. Indulge in five rich, delicious minutes of pure writing.
  2. Tell your readers you’re linking up here and invite them to dig in too.
  3. And most importantly, go visit, read, and compliment the five minute chef who served something up right before you.
This week's topic is: "Every Day."

7:00 Go

Every day I wake up worrying.  I worry that I'll get to work on time.  I worry that the coffeemaker started itself like its supposed to and that Lucy is warm enough in her thin pajamas.  I worry about the drivers on the opposite side of the road running into me.  I worry about the deer lurking in the forest.  And the bears lurking in the forest.  

I worry about feeding Lucy the same thing for breakfast every morning.  Is it bad for her to eat waffles and bananas every single day?  I worry about the amount of fruits and vegetables she eats, and what the heck lean protein and whole grains actually look like.  

I worry about the spots on her belly, the eczema on her back, that little bump on her eyelid.  I worry that I don't play with her enough, that I don't read to her enough, that I don't talk or sing or discipline her enough.  Then I worry that I discipline her too much.  She's only a year old for goodness sake. 

I worry that the milk I just gave her is curdled, that she doesn't talk enough for her age or walk well enough on her own, that other women must be better moms because their kids walked and talked at 9 months.  I worry that she's growing up too fast and that someday I'll have another baby and I won't love that baby as much as I love Lucy.  How could I possibly love anything as much as I love her? 

I worry that we won't be able to pay our bills, that my car will break down, that we'll never start a retirement fund or a college fund or a vacation fund.  

Before I go to bed at night, I take a tiny yellow pill that promises to help me not worry so much.  It's working, wouldn't you say?

7:05 Stop. 
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