Sunday, February 28, 2016

38 Weeks

Baby is the size of a pumpkin! 

How Far Along? 38 weeks
Total Weight Gain: +1 this week. +28 total - whew, that's more like it! So excited I'm still under 30!
Maternity Clothes? Obv. 
Sleep: I really do sleep amazingly well. I'm going to miss that when I have a newborn . . . 
Best Moment This Week: Lucy is so lovey-dovey with my belly. One night this week, she insisted that the baby needed to listen to some music. She plugged headphones into her tablet then put the headphones over my belly and played "He's Got the Whole in His Hands" over and over. She also gave me a belly massage this week and stopped periodically to put her lips right against my stomach and say, "I love you so much! You're so cute!" It's adorable. 
Movement: Yes. Please see the facebook video.
Food Cravings: Pop, chips, chocolate, cereal
Food Aversions: Nothing. 
GenderIt's a boy!!!!  
Labor Signs: I actually had semi-painful time-able contractions for about 4 hours last night. Then they completely stopped. Grr.
What I Miss: Not being in pain
What I'm Looking Forward To: Revealing his name. I seriously haven't told anyone this time! I'm so proud of myself!
Milestones: I packed my hospital bag. I also got my belly bandit to wear after delivery, put the cover on the carseat, and printed off everything anyone needs to know about Lucy's school - when it starts/ends, what to pack in her lunch, which days she needs to bring gym shoes, show n' tell, etc. We still need to buy a car and install the carseat in it, but I wouldn't complain if he comes early and has to ride home in our old car. :-)

I've started experiencing a couple fun new symptoms this week - namely, heartburn. I had one random episode of heartburn months ago, but nothing since then. I never had any with the girls and they were both hairy monkeys. If the old wives' tale about heartburn=hair is true what does that mean for this baby?!

I've also noticed a few new aches and pains. My upper thighs have really started to hurt. My ribs feel like they're spreading - which makes no sense since he's getting lower and farther away from them. Even my shins hurt lately - probably from carrying around all this extra weight.

And I think my hormones are going a little crazy. I hope that's a sign of labor, but it's probably just a sign of being 38 weeks pregnant. I had some bad depression earlier this week. I've also noticed that my skin is breaking out. One of the perks of pregnancy, for me, is beautifully clear skin. This week, that has disappeared. And my night sweats have all but stopped. (They've been replaced by leaking breast milk/colostrum. Don't remember that with the girls. Gross.)

At my 37 week appointment on Monday, I was only "fingertip" dilated (another disgusting term), and not effaced at all. At my 37 week appointment with Lena, I was 3 cm and 75% effaced. And it still took me 3 more weeks to go into labor. I'm despairing of ever getting this child out of me. Although everyone and their mother has assured me that dilation/effacement means nothing and can change in an instant. I sure hope they're right.

I tried to bounce the baby out using Missy's yoga ball on Wednesday.

It didn't work, and just made my pelvic girdle hurt. It's actually a good thing it didn't work, though, in light of the flu debacle this week. Now that the girls are on the mend, though, there's no reason for him not to come. Well, that's not totally true . . .

Justin has to work in Alpena (4 hours away) tomorrow. And we're allegedly getting a snowstorm on Wednesday:
If you don't know where we live on this map, you don't need to know. ;-)
We live 30 minutes from the hospital in good weather, our road never gets plowed, and we don't drive very snow-worthy vehicles. I'm slightly freaking out, but mostly telling myself not to borrow trouble. I still have no reason to think I'll go early, and the meteorologists could be completely wrong this far in advance. The forecast will probably totally change in the next few days.

But I'd really like to have this baby in the hospital . . . with an epidural . . .

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. Still pregnant. I've adopted a hashtag mantra: #toopregnanttocare. I feel like I need to wear a sign emblazoned with that phrase. I wear my hair in a messy bun every day. I eat whatever I want (which is usually donuts and Dr Pepper). I spend hours scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest. And I've given up trying to walk normally and embraced waddling like an obese penguin.

My kids each need a sign that says, "My mom is too pregnant to care." They refuse to let me do their hair:

Lena insists on dressing herself:

They spend pretty much all day doing "screen time."

I'm going to have a lot of bad habits to break once this baby is finally here, but right now, I'm just too tired to deal with it.

2. Our library has these things called "playaway" books that Lucy loves:
It's like a little MP-3 player pre-loaded with one audio book. You put in your own battery and use your own headphones, and she adores carrying it around the house listening to books. Unfortunately, our tiny little library only has about 4 children's books that are appropriate for her age level. This week, I got the bright idea to search for audio books on the library's website that she can listen to on her tablet. I put a whole bunch of pre-approved-by-mom books on a"wish list" in my account that she can access and download herself. It has been the greatest thing ever!
Listening to her audio book in her fort.
Although she's already gone through all the Judy Moody and Allie Finkle books on the website. She's starting on Rainbow Fairies next.

3. The beginning of this week was hard on me depression-wise. I think my hormones are surging a little bit (more on that tomorrow) and everything is annoying me. But mostly I'm so sick of the pain. I've been extremely bored and restless, but anytime I decide to get up off my butt and do something, I immediately regret it. Even if it's just re-organizing Lena's closet or picking up the toys or going grocery shopping. I inevitably end up back in my chair in agonizing pain, staring at the computer screen again. And it's turning me into a crazy person!!!!
Sorry if that picture is disturbing . . .
4. And the second half of the week hasn't been much better. On Monday, Lucy told me four kids were absent from her class. I didn't think much of it. On Wednesday, she went to school and Lena and I went on a playdate. My friend Kelly said, "Lucy's stayed really healthy this year, hasn't she?" And I remarked, "Yes. I'm amazed that she hasn't caught anything at school yet!" Enter Murphy's Law.

Lena actually got it first. By Wednesday night she was whiny and clingy and crying that her teeth hurt. I thought maybe she was getting her 2-year molars finally, but she kept saying it was her front teeth. I noticed she had a fever of about 100*, but wasn't too worried.

Thursday morning, she woke up miserable and feverish, still complaining about her teeth, but also saying her eyes and belly hurt, and I started to think "body aches." It was a looong, miserable day of watching Curious George.

By that evening, Lucy was starting to complain that she was cold and didn't feel good and I noticed she was feverish too. I doped them up with ibuprofen and sent them to bed. Lena puked her guts out an hour later. Lucy slept through everything.

Friday morning, they were both in bed with me by 7, burning up and moaning incoherently. Lena's temp was down to 101, but Lucy's was 103 before meds. It was a very strange day of both girls being lethargic and falling asleep in random places.
My bed
The bathroom floor
The couch
Lucy didn't eat anything all day, puked up bile around 11, then fell asleep on the couch for four hours.  Lena actually started to come around by 11, ate some lunch, and started to act like her normal self.

Today, they both still have low-grade fevers, but are acting much more themselves. Lucy stops playing to lay on the couch every once in a while and Lena is still clingy and whiny, but they've both eaten, and have actually spent some time playing instead of just watching TV with glassed-over eyes. Here's hoping we're on the upswing!! And here's really hoping I don't get it and then go into labor. For once, I actually want this baby to stay put for a few more days. I do not want to be sick while giving birth, and I want the girls to be able to come to the hospital and see him as soon as he's born - which won't be allowed if they still have fevers.

5. Unfortunately, that pretty much sums up our week. I've been a scripture-pinning-fiend lately just to get me through these awful weeks of winter, painful pregnancy, and sick children. Here are a few of my faves in case you don't follow me on Pinterest:
From the book of Daniel (the story of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego)
I love this one.
This is becoming my favorite verse. I can't get over it.
Clinging to this.
Part of Isaiah 46:4 - the verse that has carried me through this pregnancy.

6. That's all I've got this week. Please enjoy one more picture from Pinterest that cracks me up way more than it should:

Sunday, February 21, 2016

37 Weeks!

Excuse the ragamuffins. They refuse to let me do their hair. :-(

Baby is the size of a winter melon! (Again, with the random fruits.)

How Far Along? 37 weeks
Total Weight Gain: +3 this week. +27 total 
Maternity Clothes? I'm starting to grow out of my maternity coat. Who does that?!
Sleep: So much sweat. We're going to have to buy a new mattress by the time this is over.
Best Moment This Week: Lena has suddenly been much more interested in feeling the baby move. Every time she sits on my lap, he kicks at her and she says, "I feel him!"
Movement: Oh yes. He's all over the place and I'm constantly worried that he's not head down anymore.
Food Cravings: The sweets are hitting me hard this week. Cinnamon rolls, donuts, cookies. I want all the sugar. (Hence the 3 pound weight gain in one week! Haha.)
Food Aversions: Nothing. 
Gender: It's a boy!!!!  
Labor Signs: Actually think I lost a little bit of my MP last Monday. Tons of BH.
What I Miss: I know I've said this over and over, but I seriously miss sleeping on my stomach. Also really starting to miss my old body.
What I'm Looking Forward To: The girls meeting their brother!
Milestones: "Full" term! They've actually changed the terminology since I was pregnant with Lena. You're not considered truly full term til 39 weeks. 37 is now "early" term. Blech. I'm still calling it full term and declaring myself ready to go any time now!

Lena left. Baby 3 right. Same shirt. Different lighting. I think I'm just as big.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. When I was pregnant with Lucy and we found out she was a girl, we went to Build a Bear and made a bear in a pink frilly outfit as our "gender reveal" (before people had parties for that kind of thing). When I was pregnant with Lena, we had Lucy build her a bear. It only seemed right to continue the tradition with this baby as well. I told Justin on the way there that I had visions of the girls sweetly choosing a bear for their baby brother, but knew they'd fight the whole time about which one to pick and how to dress it. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. They both immediately agreed on the same puppy (which happened to be the cheapest option! score!). Lena loved all the little things they have you do - pick a heart, give it a kiss, rub it on your head, etc.

Lucy was playing the shy card and refusing to talk to the lady who helped us. But they both helped fill the puppy with fluff and give it a bath.

I was disappointed by the options for boyish clothing (I know. Better get used to it.), but we finally found a sports section. I suggested the soccer outfit and they were both happy with that. We even splurged for the cute little cleats.
So proud of their finished product.
2. For Valentine's Day this year, I bought this book for Justin:
Affiliate Link
It's basically a book of prompts to fill in regarding what you love about your significant other. Some of them were easy: Where we met, where we went on our first date, etc. Some were harder: If your spouse was a vegetable, what would he be? (Pepper. Sweet and hot. ;-) ) It was actually way more involved than I expected and it took me days to fill out all the prompts (and I skipped some of the extremely cheesy ones, like "Draw a picture of what your spouse's heart and soul look like"). But it was actually really fun to go back and reflect on the past 13 years of our relationship, how we've grown and changed, the things we've been through together, the fun we've had. I think Justin appreciated it.

And he bought me lotion that smells like clean laundry, because I have a strange new obsession with laundry detergent. I'm actually slightly concerned about PICA (a pregnancy thing where you crave non-food items), but I'm exercising restraint and not letting myself suck the fabric softener out of my clean clothes so I think I'll be ok. The lotion helps. I just slather that on and smell myself instead. :-)

3. Big news: Lucy got her first loose tooth this week! We were at B.C. Pizza, shoveling pizza in our mouths when she leaned over and said, "I have to tell you a secret. I just got a loose tooth." She showed me one of her front bottom teeth wiggling like crazy. It was even bleeding! (Although I didn't tell her that.) I couldn't believe how loose it was from the get-go. But it's still in there. She plays with it all the time, but won't let anyone touch it. I told her she should pull it out so the tooth fairy will come and she said, "Mommy. Fairies aren't real." I didn't dispute that. I just told her that maybe the Mommy Fairy will leave her something special in place of her tooth. That hasn't been quite enough incentive to pull it yet. Haha.

4. I was telling some of my mom-friends recently that I've been feeling guilty about how little quality time I spend with Lucy. She's becoming so self-sufficient and good at entertaining herself that I just let her - especially when I'm in pain and Lena is still so needy. One evening this week, I was in a lot of pain so I sent Justin to Meijer for groceries. Lena wanted to go with him, but Lucy wanted to stay home with me. She got this idea in her head that we were going to make milkshakes. Well, that's right up my alley. So the two of us got out the ice cream, blender, and M&Ms and went to town making milkshakes. She thought it was the greatest thing ever. I even let her eat it in my bed with me. It was a sweet (pun - ha ha) moment for both of us. I'm glad the little things still mean so much to her.

5. I posted this video on facebook the other day.

It's a spoof on how ridiculous it would be if we were to apply every stupid parenting article we see on facebook to our real parenting. And it reminded me of my disdain for parenting magazines. I got a free subscription to Parents Magazine a couple years ago, and it just keeps showing up in my mailbox. I've written before about how stupid some of their articles are. This month's was no exception. One of the articles on the front page is "Fear and Parenting in America - a look at how we became so afraid, and how it could affect our children." Let me tell you how we became so afraid . . . from reading your stupid magazine! Here are some tidbits from the same issue (March 2016):

9,340: "The number of tricycle accidents that sent U.S. kids to the E.R. between 2012 and 2013. Make sure your child is sporting a helmet every time he gets on any kind of bike." (pg 22)

Easier Sun Protection at School "Most states won't let kids bring sunscreen to school without permission, and many schools don't have enough shade to shield kids . . . "[their helpful suggestions as follows] "1. Have her wear a UV-detecting, color-changing bracelet, which will warn her to seek shade . . . 2. Print and sign a permission slip from so that your child will be allowed to apply his own sunscreen at school. 3. If possible, dress her in pants and lightweight long sleeves." (pg. 30)

Checkup Changes - a sidebar about updated recommendations such as newborns being screened for congenital heart defects before leaving the hospital, toddlers being assessed for anemia, and tweens being screened for high cholesterol and depression (pg. 30)

42%: "The percentage of times car seats don't fit into vehicles properly, putting the child in danger." (pg. 30)

Let's Talk About Chubby Children - "Roughly 1 in 3 kids in America is overweight or obese, but millions more 'borderline' kids are on the cusp of a weight problem." (pg. 32)

So from this issue alone, I'm now worried about my kid getting a head injury on his tricycle, getting skin cancer on the playground, having undiagnosed heart defects, anemia, high cholesterol, or depression, being in danger in his car seat, and being on the cusp of obesity. I can't imagine why this generation of parents is more paranoid than ever before!

6. We got our tax refund money yesterday. I immediately paid off our two small student loans, leaving us with only one! We started out with about $60,000 in student loan debt. I didn't even finish my degree and Justin doesn't use his, so it's the most infuriating debt in the world. The fact that we're down to a fraction of that is insanely exciting. We didn't use up all the refund on that, though. Our next step is buying me a new vehicle. I'm ready to go back to a minivan, so if anyone has any leads on something under $5,000 that is in good shape and won't cost me an arm and a leg to maintain, let me know! And if anyone wants to buy my Freestyle, it's going to be for sale soon! I want the new van before the baby's born, so we need to get crack-a-lackin' . . .

7. Speaking of the baby, I'm getting to the point where this pregnancy is consuming my life. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and the anticipation is killing me. Actually, part of me loves this stage. It's so exciting waiting and wondering. But part of me is going crazy. Haha. I feel like I'm at the point now where he could come anytime. And I'm constantly waiting for the signs of contractions or my water breaking. I find myself wondering, "Are these Braxton Hicks getting stronger? I feel like I'm having them a lot more often. Maybe I should time them . . . ooh, that one felt a little crampy. Was it a real contraction? Am I going to remember what real contractions feel like?" It's so exciting to think that what we've been waiting for forever is really on the horizon. But part of me is already sick of the waiting and ready to get this show on the road! The control freak part of me is annoyed that I have no say in anything and just have to keep plugging along until he decides to pop out. Haha. I'm surprisingly not nervous, though. I just want to do it! Let's go!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

36 Weeks

See why I usually wear my glasses for these pics? They hide those bags under my eyes! At least I was having a good hair moment. Haha.
And front view - just for fun. See my belly button? Haha.

Baby is the size of a honeydew melon!

How Far Along? 36 weeks
Total Weight Gain: +2 this week. +24 total. 
Maternity Clothes? Getting very sick of them. And a lot of them are getting too small. I only have a few shirts that truly cover my belly and one pair of jeans that isn't uncomfortably tight.
Sleep: Love it. Can't get enough. Still sweating and in pain, though.  
Best Moment This Week: Having less pain! Getting my free breast pump (more on that below . . .)
Movement: Yep. They say babies tend to slow down toward the end, but he's just as turbo as ever. There are always body parts sticking up out of my belly - elbows, knees, feet? Fascinating and disgusting.
Food Cravings: Cinnamon Life cereal, Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, cheese, pop, milk, ice cream, donuts:
The remnants of the donut I had yesterday. Lol. #crumbcatcher #pumpkinbelly #bellybuttonpop
Food Aversions: Nothing. 
Gender: It's a boy!!!!  
Labor Signs: Ever increasing BH. That's it. No real contractions, no mucous plug (such a disgusting term).
What I Miss: Jumping right out of bed or standing up from a seated position without excruciating pain.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Two days of vacation in the hospital. I get to stay in bed, watch TV, have my meals delivered to my bedside, and snuggle my baby! 
Milestones: One month to go!!

So I heard that since I was last pregnant, something has changed that allows you to get a free breast pump through your insurance. I'm a baby about making phone calls, so when I found a website that allows you to just enter your information to see if you're eligible, I jumped aboard. It took me five minutes to enter my insurance information and choose a pump should I qualify. I never got a confirmation email, so I wasn't sure if I did it right, but then one day last week I got a random phone call telling me my order had shipped! It came a few days later - totally free! And it's a major upgrade from my old pump. I just had a $60 Evenflo double electric from Target. But I lost the AC adapter and had to keep putting new batteries in it. This time, I read some reviews and chose the Hygeia Q. It looks kind of scary, but everyone said it's super quick and efficient. I don't need anything fancy, since I don't work outside the home, but I'm all about having a freezer stash and ability to be away from my baby for more than 2 hours at a time when necessary (assuming this baby is less picky than Lena and will actually take a bottle). I'm so excited!

I have my 36 week appointment tomorrow. I'm getting the GBS swab, so I wonder if he'll check me while he's down there.  I know dilation doesn't mean much, but I'm still curious. I told myself if I'm at least a 3 I'll pack my hospital bag, otherwise I'm going to wait til 37 weeks. I hate looking at that packed bag for weeks and not going into labor. Haha. At the same time, I'm nervous that this will be my early baby and I won't be prepared. I just keep telling myself not to get my hopes up about going early. I thought I would with both of the girls and didn't. There's no reason to think this time will be any different!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Saturday 7

Hey, check it out! I got a new background! I finally got sick of the yellow . . . and I'm dreaming of spring . . .

1. I had another good week, pain-wise, until yesterday. The sciatic pain came back with a vengeance and I briefly considered just chopping off my left leg. It's bearable until I lift my foot, when it becomes excruciating. Not great for normal activities - you know, like walking or putting on pants. Fortunately by about 7:00 last night, it was feeling a lot better. It drives me crazy that there's no rhyme or reason to it. I don't know if it really depends that much on the baby's position or if it has something to do with how I'm sitting/moving/walking/relaxing. I just get to live in constant suspense of "Will my sciatic hurt today?"

2. We had a play date on Tuesday. Not only did my marvelous friend drink coffee and chat with me for hours while our kids entertained each other, she also brought over a huge casserole. We've been eating that thing all week. I know this is a cliche, but we are truly so blessed by great friends. <3

Our girls are getting to the age where we don't feel the need to constantly supervise them anymore. Sometimes that comes back to bite us:

A little too much fun with the make-up. Lol. The picture doesn't effectively capture how Lucy's face was 100% pink - from her hairline to her chin. I went to town with the coconut oil, but she still had pink in her eyebrows the next day at school. Haha.

3. We got our taxes done on Wednesday and will be raking in the dough once again. I don't really understand why we make so much every year. I guess Justin gets a lot withheld from his paychecks (which we do on purpose - I like the lump sum at tax time every year. If it was in the paycheck every month, we'd just spend it.) And we keep popping out kids and making money off of them!

4. We had planned on using a good portion of our tax refund to pay Lucy's tuition for 1st grade. Until this week, I was gung-ho about re-enrolling her for another year, but we just got the official price list of tuition changes for next year and it is so ridiculous. One year, for one kid, for first grade is $5,000. Thanks to our tax return, we can technically afford that. But I can't help looking ahead. What are we going to do when Lena's ready for school? And, you realize, I have a third child in my belly that will eventually have to go to school. Are we really going to pay $15,000+ a year for Christian education? Should we keep sending Lucy to ACS as long as we can afford it and then pop her over to public school? Or is that just mean? Should we send her to public next year before she really starts making solid friendships at ACS? What about Lena? Should we send her to ACS for Kindergarten because that's what we did with Lucy? Or just put her in public from the get-go? Do we just need to trust God to provide the money? Do we need to live with my parents forever so our kids can go to Christian school? Are we just being chickens about public school because Christian school is all we know? Are we over-sheltering them?

This is too hard for me. Can someone just tell me what to do?

5. My mom finally came home yesterday after 2 weeks in sunny Florida, where she was visiting my brother and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law sent this picture home with her for the baby:
She painted it herself! How talented is she?
He doesn't really have a nursery, but I bought him nautical bedding for when he moves to the crib, so it'll fit right in with my "theme." Until then, the picture will hang over his dresser in our room because it's so adorable. I love it!

6. One day this week, I had a mini-meltdown. The girls wouldn't stop touching me, I was suffering from cabin fever, and I was so annoyed with their whining about the dinner I made. I ate dinner, threw on my shoes, told Justin to give the girls baths before bed, and left. Haha. I spent 3 hours looking at every item in Goodwill and Meijer. It was glorious. I can't really handle shopping that long, so I was bent over the cart like an 80 year old woman, but it was worth it.  At Goodwill, I bought a small Valentine's Day gift for the girls, a couple books for me, some jeans for Lucy (after she had an epic tantrum on Wednesday because her favorite jeans are now too small and half her butt hangs out of them), and a maternity shirt (which means Murphy's Law will kick in and I'll go into labor before I get a chance to wash/wear it, right??). I didn't buy anything fun at Meijer, but I did get a few things I've been putting off 'til the last minute for this baby: breastmilk storage bags, gas drops, and other lovely postpartum supplies. It's amazing how therapeutic shopping by myself is!

7. And to end with, a few pictures that didn't make it on facebook this week:
My little yogis. They love "Cosmic Kids Yoga" on YouTube.
One day this week, Justin was trying to take a picture of Lena, but every time she smiled wide, her eyes disappeared. He kept telling her to keep her eyes open while she smiled. The next day, she wanted me to take this picture of her next to her Valentine's Day craft. She said, "I keep my eyes open, Mommy" and did this:
Lucy wearing my mom's reading glasses. If she gets my bad vision, at least she'll look cute in glasses!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

35 Weeks

My helpers are back! But out of practice. Lol. Lena . . .

Baby is the size of a coconut!

How Far Along? 35 weeks
Total Weight Gain: +1 this week. +22 total. Despite my lack of weight gain, I still feel like this:
Maternity Clothes? Still stuffing myself in them. I'm starting to look like Winnie the Pooh . . . except I wear pants

Sleep: Having trouble with restless legs again. It takes me forever to fall asleep.  
Best Moment This Week: Seeing the baby on the ultrasound, finding out my hematoma is gone!
Movement: Like crazy. He was head down on the ultrasound on Monday, but the tech was just pushing on my lower stomach, so I know he wasn't engaged real low. Today, I'm feeling him on both of my sides at the same time again - and up in my ribs. So I'm not sure he's still head down. Time to start leaning off my couch . . .
I posted a video of his crazy movement on facebook this week and had a lot of people remind me to cherish these moments. I realize I complain a lot, but I really do love the movement (most of the time). It is reassuring and fascinating. Haha. I loved being pregnant with Lucy, and enjoyed it with Lena until the SPD started. This pregnancy has been harder on me the whole time, but there's still a tiny part of me that's sad about being done. 

Food Cravings: Cinnamon Life cereal, cheese, pop, Burger King fries and ranch
Food Aversions: Nothing. 
Gender: It's a boy!!!!  
Labor Signs: BH more often - even when I'm sitting around doing nothing. 
What I Miss: Bending over and breathing at the same time.

What I'm Looking Forward To: the newborn phase
Milestones: Today is 35/35 day. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days 'til my due date! Woot woot!

I wrote in my Saturday 7 that the pain hasn't been as bad this week. I think he got off my sciatic nerve, which makes a world of difference. Here comes some more TMI . . . I do think he found my cervix. I'm never totally sure what I'm feeling, but this is a new pain. I feel it most often when I stand up from a sitting position. It's not muscle pain or the usual pelvic/round ligament pain. It's some kind of intensely sharp internal pain that I attribute to his head butting against my cervix when I stand up. It's really quite lovely.

I grew a ton this week, just like I did with Lena at 35 weeks.

What do you think? Still smaller than I was last time? I'm thinking no.
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