Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. Still pregnant. I've adopted a hashtag mantra: #toopregnanttocare. I feel like I need to wear a sign emblazoned with that phrase. I wear my hair in a messy bun every day. I eat whatever I want (which is usually donuts and Dr Pepper). I spend hours scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest. And I've given up trying to walk normally and embraced waddling like an obese penguin.

My kids each need a sign that says, "My mom is too pregnant to care." They refuse to let me do their hair:

Lena insists on dressing herself:

They spend pretty much all day doing "screen time."

I'm going to have a lot of bad habits to break once this baby is finally here, but right now, I'm just too tired to deal with it.

2. Our library has these things called "playaway" books that Lucy loves:
It's like a little MP-3 player pre-loaded with one audio book. You put in your own battery and use your own headphones, and she adores carrying it around the house listening to books. Unfortunately, our tiny little library only has about 4 children's books that are appropriate for her age level. This week, I got the bright idea to search for audio books on the library's website that she can listen to on her tablet. I put a whole bunch of pre-approved-by-mom books on a"wish list" in my account that she can access and download herself. It has been the greatest thing ever!
Listening to her audio book in her fort.
Although she's already gone through all the Judy Moody and Allie Finkle books on the website. She's starting on Rainbow Fairies next.

3. The beginning of this week was hard on me depression-wise. I think my hormones are surging a little bit (more on that tomorrow) and everything is annoying me. But mostly I'm so sick of the pain. I've been extremely bored and restless, but anytime I decide to get up off my butt and do something, I immediately regret it. Even if it's just re-organizing Lena's closet or picking up the toys or going grocery shopping. I inevitably end up back in my chair in agonizing pain, staring at the computer screen again. And it's turning me into a crazy person!!!!
Sorry if that picture is disturbing . . .
4. And the second half of the week hasn't been much better. On Monday, Lucy told me four kids were absent from her class. I didn't think much of it. On Wednesday, she went to school and Lena and I went on a playdate. My friend Kelly said, "Lucy's stayed really healthy this year, hasn't she?" And I remarked, "Yes. I'm amazed that she hasn't caught anything at school yet!" Enter Murphy's Law.

Lena actually got it first. By Wednesday night she was whiny and clingy and crying that her teeth hurt. I thought maybe she was getting her 2-year molars finally, but she kept saying it was her front teeth. I noticed she had a fever of about 100*, but wasn't too worried.

Thursday morning, she woke up miserable and feverish, still complaining about her teeth, but also saying her eyes and belly hurt, and I started to think "body aches." It was a looong, miserable day of watching Curious George.

By that evening, Lucy was starting to complain that she was cold and didn't feel good and I noticed she was feverish too. I doped them up with ibuprofen and sent them to bed. Lena puked her guts out an hour later. Lucy slept through everything.

Friday morning, they were both in bed with me by 7, burning up and moaning incoherently. Lena's temp was down to 101, but Lucy's was 103 before meds. It was a very strange day of both girls being lethargic and falling asleep in random places.
My bed
The bathroom floor
The couch
Lucy didn't eat anything all day, puked up bile around 11, then fell asleep on the couch for four hours.  Lena actually started to come around by 11, ate some lunch, and started to act like her normal self.

Today, they both still have low-grade fevers, but are acting much more themselves. Lucy stops playing to lay on the couch every once in a while and Lena is still clingy and whiny, but they've both eaten, and have actually spent some time playing instead of just watching TV with glassed-over eyes. Here's hoping we're on the upswing!! And here's really hoping I don't get it and then go into labor. For once, I actually want this baby to stay put for a few more days. I do not want to be sick while giving birth, and I want the girls to be able to come to the hospital and see him as soon as he's born - which won't be allowed if they still have fevers.

5. Unfortunately, that pretty much sums up our week. I've been a scripture-pinning-fiend lately just to get me through these awful weeks of winter, painful pregnancy, and sick children. Here are a few of my faves in case you don't follow me on Pinterest:
From the book of Daniel (the story of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego)
I love this one.
This is becoming my favorite verse. I can't get over it.
Clinging to this.
Part of Isaiah 46:4 - the verse that has carried me through this pregnancy.

6. That's all I've got this week. Please enjoy one more picture from Pinterest that cracks me up way more than it should:

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