Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. When I was pregnant with Lucy and we found out she was a girl, we went to Build a Bear and made a bear in a pink frilly outfit as our "gender reveal" (before people had parties for that kind of thing). When I was pregnant with Lena, we had Lucy build her a bear. It only seemed right to continue the tradition with this baby as well. I told Justin on the way there that I had visions of the girls sweetly choosing a bear for their baby brother, but knew they'd fight the whole time about which one to pick and how to dress it. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. They both immediately agreed on the same puppy (which happened to be the cheapest option! score!). Lena loved all the little things they have you do - pick a heart, give it a kiss, rub it on your head, etc.

Lucy was playing the shy card and refusing to talk to the lady who helped us. But they both helped fill the puppy with fluff and give it a bath.

I was disappointed by the options for boyish clothing (I know. Better get used to it.), but we finally found a sports section. I suggested the soccer outfit and they were both happy with that. We even splurged for the cute little cleats.
So proud of their finished product.
2. For Valentine's Day this year, I bought this book for Justin:
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It's basically a book of prompts to fill in regarding what you love about your significant other. Some of them were easy: Where we met, where we went on our first date, etc. Some were harder: If your spouse was a vegetable, what would he be? (Pepper. Sweet and hot. ;-) ) It was actually way more involved than I expected and it took me days to fill out all the prompts (and I skipped some of the extremely cheesy ones, like "Draw a picture of what your spouse's heart and soul look like"). But it was actually really fun to go back and reflect on the past 13 years of our relationship, how we've grown and changed, the things we've been through together, the fun we've had. I think Justin appreciated it.

And he bought me lotion that smells like clean laundry, because I have a strange new obsession with laundry detergent. I'm actually slightly concerned about PICA (a pregnancy thing where you crave non-food items), but I'm exercising restraint and not letting myself suck the fabric softener out of my clean clothes so I think I'll be ok. The lotion helps. I just slather that on and smell myself instead. :-)

3. Big news: Lucy got her first loose tooth this week! We were at B.C. Pizza, shoveling pizza in our mouths when she leaned over and said, "I have to tell you a secret. I just got a loose tooth." She showed me one of her front bottom teeth wiggling like crazy. It was even bleeding! (Although I didn't tell her that.) I couldn't believe how loose it was from the get-go. But it's still in there. She plays with it all the time, but won't let anyone touch it. I told her she should pull it out so the tooth fairy will come and she said, "Mommy. Fairies aren't real." I didn't dispute that. I just told her that maybe the Mommy Fairy will leave her something special in place of her tooth. That hasn't been quite enough incentive to pull it yet. Haha.

4. I was telling some of my mom-friends recently that I've been feeling guilty about how little quality time I spend with Lucy. She's becoming so self-sufficient and good at entertaining herself that I just let her - especially when I'm in pain and Lena is still so needy. One evening this week, I was in a lot of pain so I sent Justin to Meijer for groceries. Lena wanted to go with him, but Lucy wanted to stay home with me. She got this idea in her head that we were going to make milkshakes. Well, that's right up my alley. So the two of us got out the ice cream, blender, and M&Ms and went to town making milkshakes. She thought it was the greatest thing ever. I even let her eat it in my bed with me. It was a sweet (pun - ha ha) moment for both of us. I'm glad the little things still mean so much to her.

5. I posted this video on facebook the other day.

It's a spoof on how ridiculous it would be if we were to apply every stupid parenting article we see on facebook to our real parenting. And it reminded me of my disdain for parenting magazines. I got a free subscription to Parents Magazine a couple years ago, and it just keeps showing up in my mailbox. I've written before about how stupid some of their articles are. This month's was no exception. One of the articles on the front page is "Fear and Parenting in America - a look at how we became so afraid, and how it could affect our children." Let me tell you how we became so afraid . . . from reading your stupid magazine! Here are some tidbits from the same issue (March 2016):

9,340: "The number of tricycle accidents that sent U.S. kids to the E.R. between 2012 and 2013. Make sure your child is sporting a helmet every time he gets on any kind of bike." (pg 22)

Easier Sun Protection at School "Most states won't let kids bring sunscreen to school without permission, and many schools don't have enough shade to shield kids . . . "[their helpful suggestions as follows] "1. Have her wear a UV-detecting, color-changing bracelet, which will warn her to seek shade . . . 2. Print and sign a permission slip from so that your child will be allowed to apply his own sunscreen at school. 3. If possible, dress her in pants and lightweight long sleeves." (pg. 30)

Checkup Changes - a sidebar about updated recommendations such as newborns being screened for congenital heart defects before leaving the hospital, toddlers being assessed for anemia, and tweens being screened for high cholesterol and depression (pg. 30)

42%: "The percentage of times car seats don't fit into vehicles properly, putting the child in danger." (pg. 30)

Let's Talk About Chubby Children - "Roughly 1 in 3 kids in America is overweight or obese, but millions more 'borderline' kids are on the cusp of a weight problem." (pg. 32)

So from this issue alone, I'm now worried about my kid getting a head injury on his tricycle, getting skin cancer on the playground, having undiagnosed heart defects, anemia, high cholesterol, or depression, being in danger in his car seat, and being on the cusp of obesity. I can't imagine why this generation of parents is more paranoid than ever before!

6. We got our tax refund money yesterday. I immediately paid off our two small student loans, leaving us with only one! We started out with about $60,000 in student loan debt. I didn't even finish my degree and Justin doesn't use his, so it's the most infuriating debt in the world. The fact that we're down to a fraction of that is insanely exciting. We didn't use up all the refund on that, though. Our next step is buying me a new vehicle. I'm ready to go back to a minivan, so if anyone has any leads on something under $5,000 that is in good shape and won't cost me an arm and a leg to maintain, let me know! And if anyone wants to buy my Freestyle, it's going to be for sale soon! I want the new van before the baby's born, so we need to get crack-a-lackin' . . .

7. Speaking of the baby, I'm getting to the point where this pregnancy is consuming my life. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and the anticipation is killing me. Actually, part of me loves this stage. It's so exciting waiting and wondering. But part of me is going crazy. Haha. I feel like I'm at the point now where he could come anytime. And I'm constantly waiting for the signs of contractions or my water breaking. I find myself wondering, "Are these Braxton Hicks getting stronger? I feel like I'm having them a lot more often. Maybe I should time them . . . ooh, that one felt a little crampy. Was it a real contraction? Am I going to remember what real contractions feel like?" It's so exciting to think that what we've been waiting for forever is really on the horizon. But part of me is already sick of the waiting and ready to get this show on the road! The control freak part of me is annoyed that I have no say in anything and just have to keep plugging along until he decides to pop out. Haha. I'm surprisingly not nervous, though. I just want to do it! Let's go!

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