Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. After a very mild August, we had some hot, summer weather this week. We don't have AC, so I made most of our meals in the crock pot. I finally tried the slow cooker breakfast casserole I pinned forever ago. It was muy delicioso! (That's "very delicious" for all you non-Spanish speakers. ;-) )
Photo Credit
2. Of course it was unbearably hot and humid this week, because we had scheduled our garage sale for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. My sister does a sale every summer. We're really poor so we don't buy stuff, which means we don't accumulate stuff, which means we don't have much to sell. But we managed to find a few things this year. My goal was $10. Haha. I made $25! So I sat out in the 90 degree heat for 3 days to make $25. Ha! It was worth it to spend time with my sister. And Lucy loved playing with the day care kids every day.

3. Look what I made this week:

Look how I made it:

Hahaha. I get free baby food from WIC, so it's not worth it to me to make it all myself. But Lena does so much better feeding herself that being spoon fed, so I froze a bunch of Gerber purees in cubes to stick in her mesh feeder. She loves it!

4. I got Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders from the garage sale this week. (One of Niki's friends was selling them.) Lucy loves playing games with me, but she doesn't have the patience to finish the game. And she does not like following the rules in Chutes and Ladders. She just likes hopping her people up and down the slides and ladders. Haha.

5. I read a short synopsis of Susanna Wesley's life this week. How can I possibly complain about feeling overwhelmed with my 2 kids when she raised 10, essentially on her own. (And suffered the loss of 9!! Unthinkable!) And how can I say I don't have time to spend in God's word/praying when she carved out 2 hours a day, and had many more responsibilities and much fewer modern conveniences than I do! It was a perspective check for sure.

6. So here's a confession: I have no idea what's going on in Syria. The only reason I know anything is happening over there is because of facebook. I purposely keep myself ignorant because the details will scare me. I've always struggled with fear, and most people say that fear is a sin. So I've learned to safeguard myself from giving into fear by taking the "ignorance is bliss" approach. Do you think that's wrong?

7. I wrote an article for my [tiny] high school's [tiny] newsletter today. It ignited the writing bug inside of me. I miss writing about something other than the mundane details of my ordinary life. I really need to think of something to write a novel about. And then I need to publish it and get rich. ;-)

Friday, August 30, 2013

V is for Vegetables

We only did one craft for the letter V.

I pulled the ads out of Sunday's paper and told Lucy to circle all the vegetables. Then we cut them out and pasted them on the V. Pretty exciting, eh? ;-)

She also tried her hand and writing a few v's. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lena: 7 Months

The 23rd snuck up on me this month! How is my baby 7 months old already?? Here's what she's been up to lately.

She wakes up every morning between 6:45 and 7:00 like clockwork. She's still eating every 3 hours, and takes 3 naps a day - morning, afternoon, and evening. Then she's back to bed around 8.

I have been so lackadaisical about giving her solids. She definitely prefers feeding herself to being spoon fed, but I'm nervous about giving her chunks of food. I give her something in the mesh feeder when I think about it, but I think we're just going to take it slow.

Oh sleep. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't have babies who sleep through the night at 6 weeks like all the rest of my friends and facebook acquaintances. Lucy didn't sleep through the night 'til 8 months - after 2 grueling weeks of CIO. Lena seems to be following suit. I tried CIO last weekend. She screamed for two hours and was hoarse for the next two days! I stuck with it for 3 days, then gave up. It's too torturous for all of us. So she's back to eating every 3 hours around the clock. I've decided just to embrace it for the weight loss benefits. :-)

She's also suddenly become quite attached to her bed - meaning she won't sleep anywhere else. I babysat at Niki's a couple days this week, and it was so difficult to get Lena to sleep. Then she took short little catnaps that were not nearly sufficient. Oy.

Milestones and Personality
She's become an expert sitter in the past couple of weeks. She loves sitting up like a big girl and playing with her toys. She's still working on getting onto her belly from a sitting position - she just kind of tips herself over, and usually isn't too happy with the subsequent head smack.

She pivots like a pro and rolls to get where she wants to go, but she still hasn't figured out crawling. I'm starting to wonder if she'll just go straight to walking, because she loves standing up and she loves walking.

She was fussing in that video because she wanted to get to me so badly. She's still a major mama's girl. Basically, if she can hear or see me, she expects me to be holding her. Haha. So I can't ever hand her to Justin and stay in the same room. But she does okay in nursery at church because I'm out of sight, out of mind.

She's finally started laughing a little bit more. Justin and I each had her giggling at different times one day recently. And I've discovered her ticklish spot (her neck). But she still doesn't belly laugh by any means. Mostly she just squawks and shrieks and makes goofy noises with her mouth.

Her legs are almost always moving. When she's mad, she kicks them like crazy. If I'm ignoring her while she's crying in bed, I'll start to hear her feet pounding the mattress. When she's in the bath, she kicks so hard that she tips herself over. If I ever lift her up in the air, she starts kicking - almost like she's swimming. Haha.

She is a sweet snuggler. Her favorite position in all the world is cuddled up on my chest. And she frequently lays her head down on my shoulder. She does it when she's tired or being shy or just relieved to finally be handed back to me from whomever was holding her. Haha.

She is a happy, silly girl and we love her so much!!

The Saturday 7

1. We crossed another item off our summer bucket list this week: Go to the Beach. I've been waiting for a good hot day, but we've had such a mild summer, that we haven't had many options! We finally just decided to go yesterday. Our friends Paul, Missy, Bob, Kris and their kids were "camping" at the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds near Grand Haven, so we called them up and asked if they wanted to go with us. The Conference Grounds has its own beach access, so we ended up heading there. It was so nice. I totally want to "camp" there someday. (Camp is in quotation marks because they stay in a super nice "cabin" - that is actually a nice, clean, modern house. My kind of camping. Haha.)

We didn't actually stay at the beach that long because Lucy had to go potty, but we had a good time while we were there!

2. I made a new recipe this week: Tortellini Salad. I thought it was delicious, but I don't think Justin was a big fan. Haha.
Photo Credit
3. Justin's car has been doing this weird jerking/hesitating thing. I can't really explain it, but it's gotten really bad in the past couple weeks, so we took it into the shop. We have $400 in our emergency fund, so I was praying that it would cost less than that. They called us back the day after we dropped it off and said they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, so didn't charge us a thing. Haha. Not quite sure that's what I had in mind, but at least nothing is glaringly wrong!

4. I've been feeling really bad about my weight again lately. I decided I really need to start cutting back on Dr Pepper. So I told myself I could have one glass with lunch and one glass with dinner. That's it. I did great at the beginning of the week, but on Wednesday I had to babysit at Niki's for 11 hours and I was really tired and it was really hot and we were so close to McDonald's that I got a 32 oz for lunch. And then we got pizza for dinner, and everyone knows you have to have pop with pizza, so . . . I got another 32 oz for dinner. Haha. It's a good thing I don't like alcohol as much as Dr Pepper or I'd totally be an alcoholic. :-/

5. My little sister got married almost exactly a year ago. About a month later, her husband got the news that he was going to be deployed to Kuwait. (He's in the Navy Reserves.) He deployed in February, 6 months after they got married. And he came home on Thursday! He was originally supposed to fly in at 4:30 in the afternoon, so I got the girls all dressed up in their patriotic dresses and made a big deal to Lucy about how we were going to the airport to welcome him home.

His flight ended up changing to 10:45 pm. But we all still wanted to go, and Lucy's a night owl so I knew she wouldn't be too bad. The girls actually did really well. And it was so cool to be there to welcome Braden home - and to see my sister so happy after 6 months of missing her husband!

6. I came up with some pretty fantastic "independent play" activities for Lucy this week. On Monday, I got out a box of band-aids, Lucy's doctor kit, and all her stuffed animals/babies and told her to play animal doctor. She was in her glories.
$1.50 well spent! 
She played by herself while I cleaned the kitchen, got dinner in the crockpot, and started a load of laundry. Success! And then I played with her for many days following this (until we ran out of band-aids).

On Tuesday, I decided to use the idea Cara gave me when I asked for suggestions last week. I gave Lucy play dough, spaghetti noodles, a bowl full of dry cheerios, and cut up straws to thread on the spaghetti. I went in the other room to make some calls and came back to this:
"Look, Mommy! I made soup!"
Thinking outside the box. Haha. I don't know why it bothers me so much that she combines the play dough colors. It's her play dough. She doesn't care if the colors are mixed. Mostly, it just stresses me out because when it's time to clean up, I can't put each color back in its predetermined cup!

7. Like I've said before, I do these activities with Lucy because otherwise she drives me crazy begging me to play with her every single minute of the day. Sometimes I feel a little guilty for not wanting to play with her every second of every day, but a friend of mine posted this article on facebook yesterday, and made me feel much better. Haha. This is my favorite part:
When I was a kid, I remember spending my days eating Spaghetti-Os, watching marathons of Muppet Babies, and playing outside for hours and hours with no adult in sight. You know what that's considered now? Neglect.
Seriously. I don't ever remember my mom doing a craft with us, she certainly didn't throw us elaborate themed birthday parties (although she did do fun stuff like treasure hunts and fun games!), and I don't think anything organic ever crossed our lips. I know my siblings and I watched a ton of TV. And we didn't have cable, so it was the stupid PBS shows all day - The Big Comfy Couch anyone? Haha. But I had an awesome childhood. And I dare say I turned out to be a pretty normal, well-functioning adult. And my siblings turned out even better than I did, so apparently my parents did something right! Even without Pinterest to guide and direct them. ;-)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

U is for Undies

Lucy has a strange obsession with potty training. Her favorite episode of Daniel Tiger is "The Potty One!" She loves her Elmo Potty movie and potty books and all things potty related. So I knew she'd love doing an underwear craft for the letter "u." Word to the wise: make sure your "safe search" is on when you look for images of underwear on google. Lol. I couldn't find anything, so ended up drawing my own:

I did the red one. :-) And I realize some of my u's look like v's. It's hard to paint curved lines! Haha.

We painted them, and decorated them with Dora stickers and letter "u" stickers. So much fun! :-)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. Lena had her 6 month check-up on Monday. She weighed 14 lbs, 8 oz. and measured 26". That puts her in the 14th percentile for weight and the 39th for height. Still a little shrimp! She got 4 shots, screamed when they poked her, but stopped crying as soon as I picked her up. She was feverish and cranky for the next couple of days, but nothing terrible.

2. She has been getting up so much at night. It is ridiculous. We've been doing some cry it out, but it's not going very well. Especially because she's still sleeping in our room. And Lucy's room is right next to ours. She woke up one night this week saying, "Mommy! Lena is being too loud!" We all agree, Lucy.

3. I got pink eye again this week. I really need to do some research on recurring conjunctivitis or something. Fortunately, I still have some of the antibiotic eye drops from last time. And I came across this little gem online. That seemed to help too!

4. In this week's edition of "Food Lucy Won't Eat" we have . . . homemade pizza! On Thursday night, I pureed a bunch of spinach and a jar of baby food squash into a can of store-bought pizza sauce. I smeared it on the crust and Lucy helped me put cheese and toppings on it. She thought it was so fun arranging everything on the crust and happily declared, "We're making pizza!" when my mom got home. But she took one bite before saying, "I don't like the stuff under the cheese." She proceeded to pick all the cheese off and refuse to eat any more. For the first time, she really begged all night for something to eat. It was very hard for me, but I kept telling her, "Your pizza is on the table. You have to eat that." She went to bed hungry. Sigh.

5. Maybe she doesn't eat because everything just makes her puke! We went to Red Robin last Saturday. She ate fries, ranch, and macaroni. Partway through the macaroni she started to cry that she was going to puke. She made it to the bathroom, puked her guts out, then wanted to eat more! I think she has puked almost every time we've gone to Red Robin. On Thursday, we spent the day at Niki's house. Lucy ate leftover Little Caesar's pizza and puked in the car on the way home. I finally started a log on my computer of all her puking incidents. I need to look up the nutrition info on these restaurants' websites. She's got to be allergic to a certain kind of frying oil or something. So crazy.

6. In case you missed it, we had a tea party to celebrate the letter "T" this week. I appreciate all the sweet comments, but I want to make something clear right now. I do all these fun crafts/activities with Lucy as much (maybe more) for myself as for her. I go so crazy playing her made up games all day or watching episode upon episode of Caillou. I really have to have some structure in our day. And if you ever start to feel bad about the fun stuff we do, remember this: For every 15 minutes we spend doing a craft, I spend an hour on facebook. For every fun field trip we go on, Lucy spends 3 hours watching Netflix. Haha. Let's be real. Which leads me to my next point . . .

7. I need help finding independent play activities for Lucy. She is to that age where she feels the need to be constantly entertained. If the TV isn't on, she's begging me to plaaaaaay with her. I'm happy to play with her for a good portion of the day, but I also have stuff I need to get done. Especially on the days she refuses to nap, I need some activities I can set up for her. One day this week, I randomly came up with this:
A tray. Some beads. Some bowls and spoons.
It was actually very effective. She played with it for a long time. I've searched Pinterest for "busy bag" ideas. It's beyond overwhelming. And a lot of the ideas require sewing or craft supplies I don't have on hand. I'm looking for tried and true ideas from other moms. What do you do with your kids when you need a moment alone?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

T is for Tea Party

Lucy is the quintessential girly-girl, so when we got to the letter T in our quest through the alphabet, I knew we'd have to have a good old fashioned Tea Party!

I found the perfect craft on Pinterest, and kind of made it my own.

We used styrofoam bowls because they're easier to puncture than paper. I thought it was so brilliant to thread a headband through pipe cleaners so the kids didn't have to try to balance a bowl on their heads.

I bought a couple flower vines at the dollar store and snipped off the buds (leaving an inch or so of stem to push through the bowl). Then I made a bunch of little tissue paper roses by twisting a square of tissue paper around my finger and tying it off with a pipe cleaner.

I bought 5 teacups/saucers for 50 cents a pair from a thrift store, grabbed some stickers and a tablecloth from the dollar store, and found this awesome tea canister on a shelf in my parents' kitchen to complete the tablescape.

I decided to set out some of Lucy's dress-up stuff for the girls to choose from, and realized how appropriate Tutus were for our "T" day.

And then of course, I had to make a "T" sign:

Finally, our friends came over! Niki brought all the girls from her daycare.
Making hats

Time for the photo shoot! (Lucy did NOT want to be in the picture. *sigh*)

Finally, it was time for lunch and tea!

The "tea" was actually warm apple juice. And I let the girls squirt a little honey in their cups. :-)
And then it was time for dessert!

Despite the previous crying pictures, Lucy had a total blast:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. When google reader went offline last month, I switched to feedly. But I didn't transfer my blogs correctly, so I had to add them from memory. This week, I came across one that I'd missed: Making Home.  I caught up on a whole bunch of articles that are so fitting for the things I've been struggling with lately.

Me Time: "In the last decade, there's been a clamoring for women to embrace and seek out "me time". Especially moms." 

This was such a great article. I loved how she pointed out that Jesus sought out solitude, getting away from the crowds to pray. But she also calls moms to examine their hearts and motives when seeking out "me time."

Multi-Tasking: "Sometimes there's a tendency to think that we have to have silence and solitude in order to meditate or enter into spiritual truth in a deep way.  That the schedule has to be cleared in order to intake spiritual "food".  That if we could just get away from daily demands, THEN we'd have time to retreat and find rest for the soul."
   - How to Get More Scripture

Words: I just listened to a sermon this week about the power of the tongue, then I came across this article about how we talk down to our kids, and the power our words have to hurt them. Good reminder.

2. Lucy and I made some pretty cute "S" crafts this week. We're getting close to the end of the alphabet! I've been thinking about what we're going to do once the alphabet is done. I think I might do a little bit more structured "preschool" for her. But I'm probably going to base it on Bible stories.  I was reading about spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians this week, and feeling discouraged that I don't really know what mine is. I've taken the spiritual gifts test before and came up with teaching and administration. I was feeling that at this stage of my life, though, I don't really have the time or opportunity to use those. And then I realized that my children are my biggest mission field, and I should be using my gifts on them. So I'm excited to make my own little curriculum for Lucy this year. Don't worry. I'll keep you updated. :-)

3. We crossed a couple things off our summer bucket list this week. On Wednesday, we handed in our completed summer reading program form at the library. Lucy got to pick out a free book, and I got a bunch of coupons. :-)

That night we went out for ice cream.
I think Justin and I enjoyed it more than Lucy did. Apparently she isn't a big fan of ice cream. Crazy kid. She ate the whipped cream and gummy worms off her ice cream. Haha.

4. Speaking of Lucy's strange eating habits . . . I did a good job of making her eat what we're having for dinner this week. On Monday, she licked the butter off her corn on the cob and the ketchup off her meatloaf. Then she picked the green stuff out of the zucchini bread. Honestly, she didn't eat dinner most nights this week. She eats the fruit I give her, and takes one bite of the main dish, spits it out, and declares herself done. Most nights I was a stickler and didn't let her have snacks or anything the rest of the night. It doesn't bother her. She just goes hungry.

5. Justin and I decided it's time to get serious about budgeting our money. We're supposed to be paying down our debt while living with my parents, but we can still barely pay our bills because we spend too recklessly. Justin does a great job of taking a sandwich for lunch every day, but he's on the road all day so it's too easy for him to stop and buy pop and snacks at the gas station. We decided on a small amount of spending money that we each get for the week, and then I made an effort to have prepared snacks for him to grab and throw in his lunch. I cut up some cheese, pre-packed carrots and grapes, etc. Then I got the bright idea to make my own granola bars. There were a plethora of choices on pinterest, but I chose this one, because it didn't require baking, and it didn't have weird ingredients in it. The directions warn that you have to press the mixture firmly into the pan or they'll be too crumbly. I really did my best to press firmly, I promise! But they were a crumbly mess. I tried to wrap them individually, but it ended up looking more like cereal than a granola bar. Not the easiest thing to eat while driving.

6. Lena had some adventures with food this week, too. I tried giving her store bought pureed squash, but she absolutely refused to open her mouth. She licked it off her lips, but wouldn't let me spoon it in. I think she much prefers to feed herself. So after getting some advice on facebook, I baked a sweet potato and put a chunk in the mesh feeder for her. She loved it and gobbled it right down. Woohoo! She also had a tiny bite of my ice cream on Wednesday. She enjoyed that as well.

7. This was on facebook, but I need to record it here too: Lucy wrote her name for the first time this week. We've never worked on it before, so I was shocked when I handed her a crayon, told her to write her name, and she did!
She wrote it again later that day with the C facing the correct way. I'm so proud!!

S is for Snake and Spider

I was surprised by how few "S" crafts I could come up with this week. The first was a combination of 2 pinterest finds. (Here and here.) I did the cutting and Lucy did the gluing and painting - her two favorite things. :-) 

I got the idea for the snake craft here. We stamped the stripes on with a sponge to add in that extra "s." Lucy loved it.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. We've all been fighting colds this week - but Lena got it the worst. On Tuesday night, she was an absolute wreck. She would not sleep in her bed and just cried and cried and cried. We ended up on the couch downstairs where she slept on my chest all night. The poor baby was burning up (she actually made me so hot, I didn't even use any blankets - unheard of for me!) and miserable. :-( She fought the fever all day on Wednesday, but woke up fever-free by Thursday, and has been on the upswing since then. Thank the Lord.

2. I tried 2 new recipes this week. The first one was baked penne from Pinterest. It definitely falls under the category "Delicious but Time Consuming."  And it could've benefited from some extra garlic . . . or bacon! 

The second was garlic parmesan crusted chicken from plainchicken. She gave it absolutely rave reviews on her blog, so I was excited to try it out. Again, it required more time/effort than I usually put into dinner, but it was pretty amazing. Two thumbs up from me! (Although next time I'll use a little less Worcestershire sauce.)

3. Speaking of eating, I worked harder this week on Lucy's eating habits. 

On Monday morning, I found some spinach in the fridge, and got the bright idea to make Lucy a smoothie with it. I blended a handful of frozen banana slices, a few canned pear slices (plus their juice), and a small handful of spinach. I took a sip to make sure it was sweet enough. It was absolutely delicious! Lucy begged to differ. She took one sip, pushed it away, and refused to try it again. Sigh.

We had baked penne on Monday night. She helped me make it, and saw the heaps of cheese we put in, so she knew it'd be good. Also, conveniently enough, Monday was Justin's and my wedding anniversary. He brought home a couple Reese's Peanut Butter cups for me, and Lucy desperately wanted one. I told her she could have one, if she took 3 bites of dinner. She's never been so willing to eat anything in her life! Haha. She took exactly 3 bites, gobbled down her Reese's PB cup, then asked for her kind of macaroni. It's a start.

But then later on in the week, I sliced up some cucumbers. Lucy's obsessed with ranch dressing, so I figured she'd be willing to try a cucumber slice if I let her dip it in ranch. I put a piece on her plate and she looked up at me in disgust and said, "Seriously! I am not eating that!" It took everything in me not to burst into laughter. Ugh. That kid.

4. We worked on the letter R this week and made a super cute Rainbow craft. I also tried to get Lucy to do a paint by number rainbow. She was not a fan of being told which color she had to put where. Oh so free-spirited. ;-)

5. Lena had carrots for the first time this week, and also started saying, "mama." She's just babbling - she doesn't really know what she's saying, but it's so adorable. She has such a soft, sweet voice. Well, at least when she's talking - she can also scream like a little banshee!

6. We've heard plenty of that screaming lately, thanks to my decision to start "Cry it Out" with her. The kid absolutely cannot self soothe. If she ever wakes up, I have to either nurse her or rock her back to sleep. And she's decided that she needs to eat every 3 hours - around the clock! So I decided that I'll feed her at midnight and 6 am, but I'm done with the 3 am feeding! Justin has Fridays off, so we started on Thursday night. She screamed absolutely psychotically for an hour and a half. I couldn't take it anymore, so got up and nursed her. She didn't immediately settle down afterward, which surprised me. And then she puked allll over the place. Not a little spitting up - all out puking. Ugh. I felt so guilty. 

But then last night, she didn't cry more than half an hour before going back to sleep. So she made it from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am without eating! I think that's her longest stretch ever! Woot! Fingers crossed that we can keep doing that, and soon eliminate the crying altogether!

7. I posted these pics on facebook, but I can't think of a 7th point, so I'm going to put them here too. On Thursday, I was standing in the computer room with my mom and Lucy when all of the sudden I looked out the window and saw this:

Justin and Lucy ran out there to shoo them away:

Ha! You know you live in the country when . . .

Friday, August 2, 2013

Words of Wisdom

I've been thinking a lot about those two articles I posted last Saturday (here: point 6), and the reactions I got to them. Since then, I've been gleaning little bits of wisdom from people far wiser than I. I thought I'd compile it here. 

I was thinking again about the "happy medium" between those two articles - finding compromise between cherishing our children and being honest and encouraging about motherhood. I do think our culture focuses too much on the bad, and over-exaggerates the hardship of being a mom. But do I think God commands us to spend every waking moment doting on our children? No. They should be a top priority, yes, but I think we have to be careful with making them our everything. 

My friend, Rhonda, told me recently that she and her husband consider it their responsibility to teach their children that the world does not revolve around them. Children (and everyone) are naturally ego-centric. They have to be taught that "it's not about me." And by putting all of our other responsibilities and needs aside, as mothers, we're telling them the opposite. Lucy needs me to tell her, "I can't play with you right now. I'm making dinner." Not only does she learn that not everyone is going to cater to her every want/need all her life, she's also learning valuable lessons in patience and delayed gratification.

However, I also love what my friend Laura said:
I feel as though there is this huge idea of having "me time" in the mothering world today. And while I definitely am not saying moms don't need times away from their kids for everyone's good, I think it has gone a little overboard. As Christians, I feel like the Biblical model is much more what the lady in the second article was talking about--suffer the little children to come unto me, put others before yourself.
She gave an example from another blog entry. The author writes about how much she loves baking bread. How peaceful and therapeutic it is for her. Then she says this:
"My kids love making bread too. With me. And I hate to say it, but this changes the experience for me – significantly. Because when I have my little helpers?  I’m no longer unwinding or getting lost in the wonder of it all. Instead, I find myself distracted by their wiggly fingers and chattery words. The mess, the mistakes, and the mayhem. My nerves are inevitably on edge by the time the loaves are tucked safely in the oven. I’ve a difficult decision to make. Should I minister to my own soul…or pour into theirs? A real dilemma. Because I’m aware that if we do this together, our children will probably remember it forever.  They’ll remember sinking their hands into the warm, sticky dough. Kneading and forming each loaf. Trying to follow my hands and copy everything I do. They’ll never realize that it cost me much. They can’t understand how it changes everything. They’ll not know that I gave up some of my own soul-feeding moments to nourish their own."
I love that last line. I feel like I've gotten so caught up in the need for "me time" and my kids driving me crazy and the intense pressure of doing everything perfectly, that I've forgotten motherhood is a call to sacrifice more than anything. My friend Jennie, posted this as her status this week:
I pray that I will be willing to endure anything for the sake of reaching others for Christ. More specifically I pray that I will be willing to endure anything (living out of my comfort zone, being a godly example, giving up worldly culture and comforts) for the sake of my own children's salvation. (2 Tim. 2:10
I need to make that my prayer as well. And then I need to live it out. Not just spending time cherishing my children for the sake of sweet memories and happy feelings, but living sacrificially to show my girls the gospel.

Thanks, friends, for your wisdom! And for all the honesty and encouragement all of you share with me on a daily basis. I'm so glad I have you all to spur me on in this journey!  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

R is for Rainbow

My first plan was to do a color by number rainbow.

This is how far Lucy got before giving up:
She's not a fan of being told what to do. Ha!

She enjoyed the second craft more. I found it on Pinterest, of course.

First I wrote the letter R with dark marker on a light piece of paper, then cut out and numbered 12 pieces of colored paper.

Lucy glued the papers in order over the R.

After the glue dried, I turned the paper over and cut out the R. 

Then we glued the R onto another sheet of paper. Isn't it cute?!
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