Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Saturday 7

I feel like I have a lot to write about today! Be forewarned, this is going to be long.

1. Let's start with Lucy's new words of the week: owie, bowl, and duck (it sounds identical to "dog")

2. Here's a mom of the year story. I buy deli turkey every week when we go grocery shopping. We always have to wait forever at the deli counter, so I try to entertain Lucy. I inevitably end up saying, "We're getting some turkey. What does the turkey say?" And then we gobble together. Well this week, I was eating a turkey sandwich and she really wanted it. I broke off a piece of bread to give her, but she shook her head and said, "Gobble gobble gobble!" Lol. She thinks turkey meat is called "gobble gobble gobble." Oops!

3. Last Saturday, Justin and I went to Olive Garden with my long lost friend Carissa. We were best friends in high school, and roommates our first year of college, but we don't see each other very much anymore. Anyway, Carissa just got married, so we all went out to meet Phil. It was great to catch up again! Carissa is pregnant and due the same day I was supposed to be with this last baby. I'm a little sad that we won't be able to experience pregnancy together and have our babies together, but I'm so excited for her!!

4. And now a story about a new friend. Over the past year, Niki and I have really gotten to know Becky from our Ladies' Bible Study, and I just have to write about what a great friend she is. She is seriously one of the most generous people I know. She gave us a play kitchen for Lucy, I've babysat a couple of times for her and she always pays me way too much, and she always brings tons of snacks to Bible Study. If I ever mention needing something, she almost always says "Oh I've got one of those in my basement. Come on over and get it!" Haha. Well on Sunday I was feeling ambitious, so I got up early and went to Sunday School. When the class was over, Becky handed me a gift bag and said, "This is for you." It's not my birthday or anything, so I was kind of confused. I pulled out this:
It's the Willow Tree Angel of Miracles. Becky wrote in the card that my baby was a miracle even though he/she didn't make it and she wanted me to have something to remember him/her by. How sweet is she??!!

Another of my friends recently had a miscarriage and wrote the sweetest letter to her baby. I was feeling a little guilty that I didn't do anything to remember my baby by. I'm so happy to have that little figurine now. Thank you, Becky! I love you!

5. So you may have seen on facebook that I had a little emotional breakdown this week. Haha. I forgot to refill my Paxil in time and ended up going 2 days without taking it. Holy moley. I didn't realize how much it would affect me! I'm on the lowest dose - and technically I'm on it for anxiety - but apparently it's controlling some latent depression too. Or I'm so addicted that the withdrawals induced depression. Either way, it was a rough couple of days. I walked around in tears, convinced that I'm inadequate in every area of my life - my marriage, parenting, my job, even my relationship with God. It was amazing how I could feel the difference when I finally started taking my pills again. Whew! Thank goodness for modern medicine! (Although I've always said they could just be giving me sugar pills - I'm sure most of it is in my head. Haha.)

6. Of course, I read another chapter of Radical in the midst of my emotional turmoil. I know a lot of you told me to quit reading it, but we're doing it for Bible Study, so I keep plowing through. And it goes against my nature just to put the book down and say "This is too hard for me." I have to work it out. So this week's chapter was about giving to the poor. The author (David Platt) says that if you don't have compassion for the poor, you don't have God in you. That just rubbed me the wrong way.

I do have compassion for the poor - especially women and children in third world countries who are pretty much helpless to change their circumstances. But saying that I have to give to them in order to be a Christian just added to my feelings of inadequacy. I started get frustrated with God, feeling like his love isn't unconditional. I sometimes feel like he's saying, "Of course I love you. I loved you so much I sent my son to die for you. But now you have to do something for me. You have to give to the poor, sacrifice your hopes and dreams, and be willing to go anywhere and do anything for me in order to be worthy of my continuing love." Ugh. I know how sacrilegious that sounds. I can see all of your hackles raising, telling me that God loves me unconditionally no matter what I do for him.

But I feel like the Bible doesn't always agree with that. Platt pointed to the story of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25. God is separating the people based on who gave to the poor. Not based on who believed in him or who accepted his gift of salvation. Jesus also says, "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven." And even the demons believe there's a God. So it just goes back to the question I've had for years: How much do I have to do after salvation to be accepted by God?

I'm realizing now I should've written a whole post on that. Haha. We'll just let that count as 2 points in the Saturday 7.

Thanks for bearing with me as I struggle with this same issue over and over and over again. I'm hoping that eventually God will give me an answer and I can write a book about it. :-) Maybe it'll be a bestseller and I can give all the money I earn to the poor. ;-)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. Lucy watches her Dora movie every time we're in the van, and in the past couple of weeks, she's actually started to respond to Dora's inane questions. It's so cute. Dora will say "Is this the sticky tape?" And Lucy will respond "Mo." (That means "no.") Dora will keep asking until they finally get to the sticky tape and then Lucy says "Yeah!" And when Backpack says "Yum yum yum. Delicioso!" Lucy says "yum yum yum" too. Haha. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing you probably have to have some knowledge of Dora to understand this at all.

2. Her new words of the week are: star and Grover. She doesn't say either particularly clearly, but I know what she means. Justin and I decided that she inherited our laziness because she only says the first part of words. Dog is "do," star is "sta," off is "o," and so on.

3. Enough about her. Let's talk about me. :-) I worked at church again this week. I didn't have a ton to do besides the bulletin and various tasks Pastor Ken gave me, so I spent a lot of time playing Words with Friends on facebook. It is shameful how long I can play that game without getting sick of it. Seriously. I'm taking the day off from it today because it is such a major time sucker.

4. The people who live across the street from us are a bunch of hooligans. There are like 6 cars parked in their driveway, but I have no idea how many people actually live there. And they are so annoying. Every night at 11:30, they either get home from work or start their car to leave for work. Either way, they sit in their driveway for 15 minutes with the music absolutely blaring. We are in our bedroom at the back of the house, across the street, and up the hill from them, but it is loud in our house. Yesterday, they sat in their driveway playing music We were seriously ready to call the cops on them. But I don't know if that's actually going to help anything. It's just going to make them hate us. Ugh.

5. So Valentine's Day was this week. We didn't do anything too special. We never do, simply because we're always broke. This year, Justin bought himself some ice fishing equipment, and I just asked for Dove chocolates with caramel in them. We went to Qdoba Tuesday night, kissed in front of the register, and got our meals buy one, get one free. Lucy, however, got totally spoiled. We got her an Elmo book and Elmo stickers. My parents got her an Elmo valentine, Elmo stickers, other stickers, suckers, cookies, and a balloon. Aunt Niki got her Elmo stickers, other stickers, suckers, goldfish, a bouncy ball, and a Dora card (with stickers). I don't remember getting anything as a kid for Valentine's Day! Haha.

6. On Thursday at church, Pastor Chris and I got to talking about grace and works and my struggle to find a balance between the two. He ran down to his office and brought me a book to read that is supposed to completely change my perspective. (It's called Trust in the Age of Arrogance by C. FitzSimons Allison.) I asked him if I was going to be smart enough for it, and he insisted that I don't give myself enough credit in the "smart department." I don't know, though. I started it yesterday and I'm already pretty confused. Anyway, he told me to finish it in two weeks and write a report on it! Haha. I feel like I'm in school again . . . I love it! I'm sure you'll see the report here as well. :-)

7. I've been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to think of a 7th thing to write about, so I'm just going to sum up my church experience. I really enjoyed it. I loved sitting in my quiet, warm office doing my tasks by myself. It was such a nice change from chasing after rambunctious kids all day. And I actually made more per hour at church than I do at the nanny job I've been doing for 5 years. :-(  Since my pay/hour cut, I've been thinking about finding a different job. But as nice as the church job was, it only reiterated to me that at the end of the day, being with Lucy is more important to me than the extra dollar an hour. That said, to any of the Pastors who might be reading this, I'm totally not opposed to helping out again part-time in the future! ;-)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Craft

Lyla, Lucy and I made this cute craft today:

I got it from Family Fun magazine, but don't have time to search for the link right now.

Here's what you need:
- A plain t-shirt in a Valentine-y color
- A couple heart-shaped paper doilies
- A glue stick
- White fabric paint
- Thin foam paint brushes (not sure that's totally necessary, but it's what the magazine recommended and I found them right by the fabric paint at Michael's so picked them up)
- Old newspaper

1. Lay the t-shirt out flat and stick some newspaper inside it in case the paint bleeds.
2. Lightly glue the doily onto the shirt.
3. Paint over the holes on the doily (like a stencil).
4. Peel the doily off the shirt and let the paint dry.

I love this picture. Haha. I told Lucy to stand next to Lyla, and she walked right up and grabbed her hand. So sweet. Excuse her mouthful of goldfish! Lol.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. This week was crazy for me. I worked at my nanny job Monday, Tuesday, and half day Wednesday. The kids had pink eye on Tuesday, so they didn't go to school. We went to story time on Wednesday. There were at least 30 kids under the age of 3 in there - plus all their parents! It was madness. Wednesday I was supposed to have my follow up doctor's appt. The nurse called me 3 times to cancel, reschedule, then cancel again. Every time, I called my babysitters to change the plans for Lucy, then had to call them back. For some reason, I just felt like it was a stressful crazy week. So by the time Thursday rolled around, I was really looking forward to working in the nice, quiet church office.

2. I had probably only been at church for an hour or so when I got this phone call:

A guy called in and said, "I just want to let you know that I was driving by your church on Sunday and someone pulling out of your parking lot flipped me off. If that is the kind of stuff you're teaching your people at that church, it's just not right." He was going on and on, and I had no idea what to say! I just kept saying, "I'm so sorry that happened. I assure you that is not what our church is teaching." And then he spit out this gem: "This just makes me madder than two homos at a GOP convention!" At that point, I started to think Someone is pranking me. I had posted on facebook that morning that I would be working in the church office, so people knew I was there. But I had to keep acting like it wasn't a prank! He finally hung up and I sat there in disbelief wondering if these were the kinds of calls you get in the church office!

About half an hour later, Niki called to see how my morning was going. As I was telling her the above story, she was laughing hysterically. I knew she was laughing way too hard, but she didn't say anything. We started talking about something else, when finally she said, "So you know who that was that called you? It was Brian Howard." Grrrrrr. So there you go, Brian. You've made it into the Saturday 7. And to everyone else - don't get any ideas about making prank phone calls when I work in the office again next week!!!

3. Other than that, working in the church office has been great. I get a lot of questions from people that I have no clue how to answer, but I usually figure it out. And I loved doing the bulletin. I caught a spelling mistake literally seconds before I started printing all 360 bulletins. Whew! That would've been embarrassing! I will say that I'm not a big fan of working 5 days a week. Haha. I know I'm such a baby, but I haven't done that in a long time! It's exhausting! And my house is a disaster.

I'm super fortunate to have lots of people that will watch Lucy for free. And Justin has Fridays off, so that worked out perfectly. But I really missed her. I hate being away from her that long!

4. Lucy's speech kind of took off this week. All of a sudden, she's saying all kinds of new words: dog, off, "there it is," Bob (as in, Bob the Tomato), Bible, and thank you (She says "nom nom" - it means thank you. Haha) Woohoo!

5. This morning, Lucy and I made the trek down to Cascade to visit some friends. We ran into all kinds of traffic, so it took us a full hour to get there. But Lucy did great in the van (thank you, Veggie Tales!) and it was so nice to see Kristy and Karen and their kids again! Of course, on the way home, my van started making weird noises, and we passed another accident where they were loading someone onto a stretcher, so I started having some major anxiety. I am so sick of it! And I hate that I've passed it onto Lucy. :-(

6. Wednesday as we were leaving the library, Lucy wanted to walk by herself down the sidewalk. Just as I let go of her hand and started to walk away, we heard a dog barking at one of the neighboring houses. She freaked out. And ever since then, anytime we see a dog on TV or in a book she tells this whole story (in her language that only I can interpret) about how she saw a dog, and was scared, and doesn't want dogs to get her. She is traumatized! Poor kid. I've been joking lately that she got my anxiety and Justin's OCD and is going to be all hopped up on drugs before she's 10!

7. I got Justin season 7 of "The Office" for his birthday. We've been watching it the past couple of weeks and missing Michael! That show was so much better with him! We also just finished the last season of "30 Rock" on Netflix, so now we're on to season one of "The Big Bang Theory." Thanks, Luke for paying for our Netflix membership! Haha.

Well we're off to use our Logan's gift card. Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. Lucy went on a nap strike this week. Monday she cried on and off in her crib for an hour and a half. Tuesday she cried for a while, then did sleep, but only for an hour. Wednesday we were at work, and she played in the pack n play - talking and singing for 2 hours! She finally took some good naps Thursday and Friday. Hopefully that means we're back to normal. I'm not a fan of no-nap days!!

2. So my new pay rate went into effect this week. It's pretty depressing. Let me just say, it's a good thing I just read that book about the Holy Spirit, because we are really going to be relying on Him from now on!

Actually, we already saw Him working this week. On Tuesday I babysat for a friend for a couple hours. I told her not to pay me, but of course she gave me a $10 Meijer gift card (and a 24 pack of Dr. Pepper!). Later that day, we got a big envelope in the mail from the Nielsen's. We just did their survey a couple months ago, but apparently, we were selected to do it again. And as a thank you, they sent us $30 cash!! So on Monday, I made $40 for sitting at home watching TV and babysitting the easiest kid ever. Oddly enough, $40 is my weekly grocery budget!

3. A couple cute Lucy stories for the week: I've written before that one of her favorite words is "nay-nay" - which means naked. She was looking at her bookshelf the other day, and all of a sudden shouted "nay-nay!" as she pulled out her children's Bible. She opened it right up and flipped to the story of Adam and Eve. Lol. We don't read that book terribly often, but she remembered that it had a story about nakedness in it. Haha. My kid's favorite part of the Bible is the naked part.

4. After bathtime, I always slather Lucy in lotion (she inherited my horrendously dry skin) and we thank Jesus for each of her body parts. "Thank you, Jesus, for my legs, to run and walk and kick . . ." When I get to her chest, I always tap it a couple times and say, "Thank you, Jesus, for my beating heart. Boom boom. Boom boom."  Apparently she's been paying attention. The other day I drew a heart on her Magna Doodle and said, "Look - it's a heart." To which she replied "Boom boom. Boom boom." Now she does it anytime she sees a heart. I even gave her some pretzels this week that looked kind of like hearts. She put one up to her chest and said, "Boom boom. Boom boom."  Haha. I love that silly girl.

5. Another way God provided for us this week: Justin's car seriously started acting up last weekend. It hardly even accelerated and was shaking so badly it made my teeth chatter. We both immediately jumped to worse case scenario, assuming it was going to cost thousands of dollars and eat up our tax refund. But once again, God provided, and it only cost $135 for a new part. Whew!

6. So my diet is not going so well. Haha. I've been eating Special K for breakfast, and I did eat salad a couple days this week. But I'm a serial snacker. And I can't give up Dr Pepper. And sometimes I just seriously forgot I was on a diet. Wednesday afternoon, I found myself in the McDonald's drive through ordering french fries! It never even crossed my mind that I shouldn't be eating that! Haha. I just don't care enough. Yes, I'm fatter than I want to be, but I'd rather have this body and eat what I want than be skinny eating leaves and twigs.

7. I'm going to be helping out in the church office for a couple weeks while the secretary is on vacation. (Another way God is providing - it's a paid position!) I'll be working Thursdays and Fridays for 2 weeks. So yesterday, I went in to learn the ropes. Oh boy. I'm a little nervous. Haha. The biggest responsibility is going to be making the bulletin. I can handle the typing and spelling and formatting. But I'm nervous about the printing and copying. Moral of the story: if you go to KCBC, don't look too closely at the bulletin next week! And if you call into the office and I hang up on you, I'm sorry! Haha.
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