Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lucy Update - 18ish Months

I haven't done a Lucy update in forever! Here's a late 18 month update. It's just going to be random bullet points as things come to me. And it's going to be long.

  • She loves nakedness. Lol. Anytime she's naked or I'm changing my clothes or Justin is walking around shirtless or she sees people in swimsuits on TV or anything she gets a huge smile on her face and says "Nay-nay!" She always says it in kind of a sing-song voice. Cracks me up.
  • She is such a girly-girl. I really think it's innate in her because she doesn't see me modeling girly behavior very often. Haha. She is obsessed with shoes - hers, mine, anyones. She loves purses and necklaces and accessories. Her new thing is make-up. Aunt Libby beautified her once, and every time Lucy sees her now, she demands to play with her make-up. I gave her a tube of chapstick the other day and she rubs it all over her face - and mine - so gently. It's adorable. 
  • I think I wrote in my last entry that she's recently fallen in love with Elmo. We have one Sesame Street video, and she makes me fast forward through all the parts that don't have Elmo in them. I found a couple Elmo books at the library book sale for 25 cents each. I was going to save them for Christmas, but she saw me buy them and she's hardly put them down since then. She just flips through every page and points to Elmo with a big smile on her face. :-)
  • She's still a very nervous child. I gave her a bubble bath the other day and she was absolutely terrified of the bubbles. Haha. Last night, after Lucy was in bed, Justin and I rearranged our furniture to make room for the Christmas tree. When she got up this morning, she stood in one spot pointing at the furniture and crying! Apparently she doesn't like change.
  • She definitely thrives on routine. She has a bed time routine, a "getting in the car" routine, a bath time routine, and an eating routine. She's even in tune to my routines. While she eats her breakfast in the morning, I make my coffee then sit down to read my Bible. If I'm lollygagging or differentiating from the routine, she yells at me and points to my Bible. (Keeps me accountable!) If I forget to hang up my coat when I got home, she freaks out, etc., etc. She gets the routine thing from me. That was part of my anxiety when she was first born - we didn't have a predictable schedule yet and I was going crazy!
  • She has a little of her dad in her too, though. She is so OCD. Haha. She's obsessed with picking up every tiny piece of lint or paper she finds and throwing it in the trash. And she still loves taking things in and out of boxes, bags, and buckets. Anytime I need a minute alone, I pull out the buttons and cups/bowls. She can seriously spend 20-30 minutes at a time taking them in and out, in and out, in and out!
  • Here are the words she knows, whether or not she actually uses them: uh-oh, all done, hi, bye, kitty, naked (nay-nay), cheese, Chase, juice, shoes, yeah, amen, please (new one! she just kind of says "neeee"), mama (although she very rarely says it) . . . I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Mostly she just says eesh, eh, and yeah. 
  • She does motions to "Wheels on the Bus," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and "If You're Happy and You Know It." And she's getting better about letting me sing to her.
  • She likes to read books - but still on her own terms. She will not sit on my lap, and she has to turn the pages at her speed - usually very fast.
  • She's always brushing her hair out of her face, which I think is so cute.
  • She does this motion with her fingers that means "Come with me, right now."
  • She's really starting to get an attitude and exert her naughtiness. Haha. One day this week, I took her binky away and she absolutely lost her mind. I've really been trying to enforce binky only at bed time and in the car, but she doesn't appreciate it. Anyway, that one day she would not stop screaming. I tried putting her in her room, but she just ran after me screaming hysterically. I tried setting her in a time out chair, but she just jumped down and screamed even more hysterically. (I know a lot of you think she's too young for time out. I disagree. ;-)) Finally she just stood in the kitchen screaming and I ignored her until she stopped. I really need to pick one discipline method and stick with it. I'm amazed at how ambivalent I am. 
  • Most of the time, though, she's an absolute joy. I could write forever about all the fun things she's into, all her cute little expressions, and strange quirks. I love being with her all the time, and miss her if I'm away from her for more than a few hours. When she was sick last week, she let me rock her before bedtime and I absolutely soaked it in. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - she is the best thing that ever happened to me. :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Saturday 7

Sorry I'm late today. It has been a long, exhausting few days.

1. I had the whole week off which was absolutely fabulous. I got lots done around my house, and it was nice for Lucy to be able to sleep in and take it easy while she was so sick. In the past couple of days, she's definitely turned a corner. She's almost totally back to her happy self. Thank the Lord!

2. I wrote in my last post that I'd been letting her watch a lot of movies while she was sick. Well her new favorite is the Elmo movie. She's absolutely obsessed. I got a flyer in the mail for some toy with Elmo on it, and she carried the flyer around the house singing "La la la" (Elmo's song). So cute. But I'm going to need to buy her another Elmo movie because I'm already getting really sick of the one we have. Haha.

3. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. We rotate every other year between our families and this year was the VanderKoddes. The extended family is so big that we have to rent out a building to fit all of us. We had it at Kuyper College this year, and had a great time stuffing our faces, playing cards and basketball, etc. I love Justin's family. :-)

4. Oh, Lucy picked up another word this week: Yuck. Every day, while she's in the bathroom with me getting ready she tries to play with the plunger or the trash or the toilet, so I say "No no - that's yuck" about a thousand times a day. I must really enunciate the "ck" part at the end (the Dutch coming out in me) because that's all she says. "Ck!" Haha.

5. Ok. Are you ready for the Black Friday recap? :-) This year was ridiculous because most of the stores opened at midnight or earlier, but some of the stores we wanted to hit didn't open 'til 6 - so we had to stay out all night! Thursday night after Thanskgiving dinner, we headed to Wal-Mart to get in line. At least Wal-Mart is open 24 hours, so we could stand inside, but it was absolute madness. There are pallets wrapped in shrink wrap in the middle of the aisles. Everyone crowds around the pallets until 10:00 when someone comes by to rip off the shrink wrap, then all hell breaks loose! Libby and I wanted a Ninja blender and a $3 waffle maker. I seriously thought we were going to get trampled. It was actually kind of scary! Haha. But I used my sweet skills, climbed up on the pallet and started tossing waffle makers back to people until security made me get down. Haha. [Security being an old lady in a wal-mart vest. Haha.] But we got everything we wanted, so it was worth it!

After Wal-Mart, we headed to Toys R Us. They made us stand outside in a line even though they were already open because they didn't want their store to "exceed capacity." We stood in line for half an hour, and by the time we got inside they were sold out of everything I wanted. From there we hit Kohl's then headed to Target. We all got little things at Target, so we hid them in aisle E12 and went back for them later. :-)

At that point, we had some time to kill before the next stores opened so we went to IHOP - they were woefully unprepared for the onslaught of people who had the same idea as us. We got there at 1:10 am and left at 3. And our food was totally cold. Ridiculous!

We finished out with Meijer, Wal-Mart again, Family Christian, and Menards - the worst ever. My mom bought a Eden Pure type heater and I got a $58 ladder that Justin really wanted. But we got in the slowest possible line. We literally stood in line for 2 hours. By this time, we had been awake for 24 hours, and I seriously thought I was going to lose my mind. I just wanted to lay down and cry because I wanted to get out of there so bad!!!!!

I finally got home at 9 am, slept from 9:30 - 4:30, and fell right back to sleep at 11:00 last night! Craziness! Everyone always asks if it's worth it to get a couple deals for the sleep deprivation and crazy shoppers. It really was fun until about 6 am when we got in line at Menards. Haha. People are so much nicer than you'd think. You make friends with people in line and help each other out when you can. And I just love the time with my mom and sisters. We figured we've been doing this for 10 years, and we have no plans to stop. :-)

6. This morning I worked at the Dollar Store. My sisters and I always work the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's kind of comical because none of us work there any other time during the year, so we have no idea where anything is or how much anything costs. Ha! Justin brought Lucy to me at 2:00 and we headed out to Grandville for a birthday party for my friend Kristy's son Jeremy. It was such a cute Mickey Mouse party!

But now I am absolutely exhausted and my feet are killing me. I'm going to go beg Justin to give me a foot massage and go to bed early!

Ok, I'm going to stop at 6 today since this is so long. Thanks if you made it to the end! :-) Have a great week!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. Lucy turned 18 months last week. I forgot to mention it in my last Saturday 7. By the time I was 18 months old, I was speaking in full sentences, so it's kind of odd to me that Lucy barely speaks. However, she communicates very effectively without words. Haha. She has her own little sign language that I have become very adept at interpreting. She nods and shakes her head for "yes" and "no." (Usually "no." Haha.) Her new thing is shrugging her shoulders to mean "I don't know" or "Where is it?" It's adorable.

My favorite, though, is that she shakes her finger at Lola if she's being naughty. If ever Lola swipes at Lucy or climbs on the table or runs outside when I open the door, Lucy shakes her finger at her to say "Naughty kitty!" Haha. The other day, I stood on the couch to put something on a shelf and Lucy started shaking her finger at me! Naughty mommy. Haha.

2. Lyla (the girl I babysit - I know all these "L" names are confusing) was sick all week. She has a nasty cough, fever, the works. I tried to keep Lucy away from her, but it was pretty inevitable that she'd get it too. Sure enough she started coughing yesterday and I could tell she was super congested. Today she is absolutely miserable. It breaks my heart. She coughs really hard and deep, then cries afterward because it hurts her throat so much. :-( I hate that I can't give her anything! I've been giving her ibuprofen to bring down her fever and soothe her sore throat, but there's not much I can do beyond that. :-( So I'm just going to baby her today. I'm letting her have her binky all day and watch as many movies as she wants.

3. Here's a shorter one: I checked out the Black Friday ads online this week. I wasn't sure I was going to go this year since we're not really buying Christmas presents. But I found a few things I want for Lucy, and I need to find something for Lyla. Plus, most of the stores are opening at midnight this year, so we can be done shopping in the middle of the night and go home and go to bed! Haha.

4. I mentioned before that I'm reading Acts right now for my devotions. This week I read Acts 6. I've still been struggling with Radical's insistence that we go out into the world to spread the gospel, so it was interesting to come across this passage. You can look it up yourself to read the exact wording, but it talked about how the first disciples were so busy helping the sick and needy among them that they didn't have time to go out into the world. Their solution wasn't to stop serving the sick and needy, but to take a select few who they thought were most qualified to spread the gospel. While I don't want to limit God's work in my life, at this point in my spiritual walk, I don't feel like I am one of those "most qualified." Certainly, God can work through me, and can give me the words to say. (Look at Moses) But I don't feel called to do that, and this passage kind of showed me that I don't have to. Another disclaimer: I know that doesn't mean I'm exempt from spreading the gospel at all. I definitely need to be doing a better job of sharing it in my own community. But I feel slightly less guilty about my reticence to go "out into the world."

That said, Acts 6 also convicted me to be doing more to help the hurting in my community. If I'm not going to be a missionary abroad, I need to be serving at home. I've been thinking about volunteering at Alpha Women's Center. Do you think I can just call them up and say "Hey, I want to volunteer. Do you need me?"

Wow I'm long winded today . . .

5. I have all of next week off. Woohoo! I was thinking I should take a room of my house and deep clean it every day. Then I remembered I have an 18 month old. Haha. Hopefully she'll take some good naps and I'll be motivated during nap time.

6. I broke out the Christmas music this week! It's been cold and snowy, and I'm dreading winter with every fiber of my being, so I figured I could at least enjoy some Christmas music. I say this every year, but why limit my enjoyment of Christmas music to one month? None of this waiting 'til after Thanksgiving for me!

7. I watched Snow White with Lyla yesterday. Beth gave me strict instructions to watch it while Chase is at school because he's terrified of it! Haha. But after watching it again for the first time in years, I understand why! It's crazy how different society is now than it was when that movie was made. (The 30s?) The stuff in there would never fly in a kid's movie now.

Ok, there you have it. Have a great weekend, everyone! Pray that Lucy recovers quickly if you think of it. Thanks!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. I went to Once Upon a Child this week to get Lucy some more winter clothes. I went in with the mindset of trying to get something besides pink, but left with one purple shirt and about 4 pink ones. Haha. There's just a much greater selection of pink, and the pink stuff is so much cuter! :-)

2. We were selected to do the Nielsen rating system this week. I loved it. Except it's very difficult to write down everything we watch with a husband like mine. He is a serial channel flipper.

3. It snowed for the first time this season on Thursday. I was amazed at how much accumulated! I really thought it would all melt when it hit the ground. I like snow the first couple of times. It's pretty and inspires the Christmas spirit in me. But it can go away after Christmas.

4. Speaking of Christmas, I got started on Lucy's presents this week. Yesterday, my fabulous friend Becky came over with a free play kitchen that her kids never use. I'm so excited! Lucy's going to love it. Becky also brought her sister over, who bought our Wii! Woohoo! I listed it on craigslist twice and got a total of 2 responses. I put it on facebook on a whim and got a bunch of responses within minutes! So now we have Christmas money! Although we're definitely not going to spend all of it. We're majorly cutting back on Christmas presents this year. Pretty much only buying for Lucy, Chase, and Lyla. Sorry friends and family. You're out of luck. :-(

5. So in case you didn't see it on facebook, I have to record the puking incident here as well. Lucy had a rough day on Thursday. She was super constipated all day - really crying and straining. But she was feeling better by dinner time, so we decided to go run some errands. We were in Taco Bell and all of the sudden she gagged and puked all over herself, the table, the highchair, and the floor. It was pretty much pure clear liquid, so I just figured she choked on a piece of tortilla or something. I changed her into the extra outfit I keep in my diaper bag, and she acted totally fine. She chowed down the rest of her taco and was her happy, smiley self. So we went to Kohl's.

We browsed for a long time and she ran around, playing with Justin, squealing and laughing, not acting strange at all. Suddenly she grabbed her stomach and started whining. I fleetingly thought, "I hope she doesn't puke again" but didn't think anything of it. A minute later, she started spewing chunks. It was disgusting. And it just kept coming and coming. Justin and I both stood there paralyzed. Haha. It got all over her, the cart she was riding in, the floor, etc. By this time, I was out of clothes, so Justin stripped her and wrapped her in his coat while I grabbed a new outfit and ran to the register to buy it.

She was fine and happy again as soon as she was done puking, shouting "nay nay!" in the store as we got her dressed and giggling the whole way home. She's puked once today but it was hardly anything. I really hope she's done! Poor kid.

6. I read another super cheesy book this week: Love Finds You in Branson Missouri. My sister read it and she's usually not a fan of cheese, so I thought it would be good. Wow. It was ridiculous. But I still liked it. Haha. Because, let's face it, I love cheese.

7. I'm actually writing this entry on Friday because I'm going to be gone all day Saturday. I'm going on a bus trip with Justin's mom, grandma, and sister to Shipshewana for shopping and a play.  Haha. I'm not too sure about it, but we'll make it fun. I'm so blessed to love the family I married into. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. Lucy has a couple new words to report this week. I'm pretty sure she says "again" when we're doing something fun. The other day Justin, Lucy and I were playing Ring-around-the-rosie. She absolutely loved it, and every time we fell down she'd jump up and say "gen!" So cute.  But my favorite of her new words is whoa/wow! It's hilarious. Anytime she hears a loud noise she says, "wow!" The other day she was running through the living room and she tripped, but caught herself before falling and said "whoa!" Love it. I also love it when she says "oh." Yesterday we came in from outside and I sat down to take her shoes off. She started to run off before I got her coat off though, so I said "We have to take your coat off." She said "oh" - like "Oh, I forgot!" Haha. She's my fave.

2. She had a blast trick-or-treating. Her favorite part was walking between Justin and me holding our hands. She kept looking up at each of us with the biggest smile, like "This is the best thing in the world." Melted my heart! She also loved the people who let her pick her own candy out of the bowl. Although she had a hard time picking just one. Silly girl.

3. We're in Traverse City this weekend thanks to the generous hospitality of our friends Paul and Missy. I'm a terrible mother, and had very little trouble sending Lucy off to my parents' for the weekend. She's been super clingy lately, so I'm enjoying a little break. That said, everything reminds me of her, and I do totally miss her. Although I didn't miss my 8:00 wake up call this morning! ;-)

4. I finished another book this week: With by Skye Jethani. It came highly recommended by a friend, my dad, and my pastor. They all said it would help alleviate some of the fear Radical struck into me. And it did, to a degree. But mostly it just frustrates me that all these authors can come up with so many completely different ideas using the same Bible! I hate how anyone can twist the Bible to mean what they want it to mean. It only has one interpretation. Someone is wrong. I want to know what's right! And I don't want it to be Radical. ;-)

5. I found out this week that my boss's job is changing, which means my hours are changing. I will now be working a max of 10 days a month. Yikes. It'll be great to essentially be a stay at home mom, but it'll be real hard on our budget.

6. I made my favorite white chili recipe for dinner one day this week. I put it in the crockpot - which I swear I've done before - but the cheese totally did not melt - even after being in there for 6 hours! What do you think went wrong? Are you not supposed to put cheese in the crockpot? I was so confused.

7. I just started reading Acts during my devotions and have a question I'd like to pose to you, my faithful readers. Why do you think Christians today don't receive the Holy Spirit as visibly and dramatically as believers did at Pentecost?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Favorite Things

I got this idea from a blogger I follow. She makes a list of her favorite things every month. So here are mine for the month of October. Some of these were favorites before October, but since this is my first month, I can do that. :-) [Warning: Project Runway spoiler at the end of this post!]

In case you don't know what pinterest is . . . It's a virtual pinboard. Anytime you come across something online that strikes you as useful or interesting, you "pin" it to pinterest. So all your favorite things are in one place. Plus you can look at everyone else's pinboards. I've gotten so many great recipes, nanny ideas, and home decor inspiration from this site. Check it out!

Words with Friends
If you know me well, you know I'm obsessed with words. One of my favorite games is Scrabble, but no one will ever play me because I dominate them. (Haha - I'm seriously not as conceited as I sound. I'm mostly kidding. ;-)) Words with Friends is basically Scrabble on facebook, which allows you to play against your friends. I actually get beaten a lot, but I still enjoy it. It's a huge time-waster for me.

Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist
This just came out last week, so I really should save it for my November favorite things, but oh well! I love this stuff. It's seasonal, so I have to stock up when it appears on the shelves. I feel better about myself when I drink this instead of Dr. Pepper because it's caffeine free! :-)

My New Purple Scarf
I bought this scarf with my birthday money, and I feel so stylish when I wear it. You'll probably see me wear it often this winter, because not much in my wardrobe makes me feel stylish.

Project Runway
The finale was last week, and I'm so sad to see it go! I loved this season, and I'm very happy with the winner!

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