Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Saturday 7

1. This was our first real week of summer. We implemented our summer schedule - including chores and "healthy" eating choices. We have a goal for each day of the week: Make Something Monday, Take a Trip Tuesday, Water Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, and Fun Day Friday. Justin was out of town all week again so it was nice to have something planned for each day. The girls did awesome with their chores and even had pretty good attitudes about trying new foods. We tried spaghetti and meatballs (Lucy went hungry, Lena ate the required 5 bites, Levi wolfed down the meatballs and kept asking for more), cheeseburgers (none of them liked them), scrambled eggs (fail), homemade pizza (fail again), deli turkey (actually a win by all 3!!), fruit dip (fail), energy bites (2/3 liked them), and fruit leather (only Lena liked it).

2. We went to a couple libraries, a splash pad, and McDonald's throughout the week. We also went to a traveling aerialist show hosted by the library. The girls loved it. I was anxious the whole time that the crazy acrobats would plummet to their death on the cement parking lot.

As soon as we got home the girls broke out the hula hoops and ballet bar and put on their own show.

3. Lena had a well-child appointment at the doctor this week. She's 33 lbs (3%) and just shy of 40" (13%). She keeps asking to move up to a booster seat in the car and I keep telling her she has to do the 5 point harness until she weighs 40 lbs. It might be a while. Lol. Poor little shrimp.

4. I felt so overwhelmed by the housework this week. I don't know if we were out of the house too much or if just having the kids home all day every day makes that many more messes, but I didn't feel like I could keep up. It was all I could do just to keep up with the laundry, dishes, and basic pick-up. That doesn't even begin to touch vacuuming or scrubbing toilets or figuring out what the gross smell coming from kitchen sink is . . . And that's with the girls' help. They each clean up one room a day and help out with washing windows and kitchen counters and the bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, this is our life now. They're always going to be home. There's no end in sight when they'll go back to school and the house will get back in order. The house is school now. I try to comfort myself with the thought that we'll be too busy doing school to be making messes, but then I remember about this guy:
He's pretty much just a walking mess.
5. Another contribution to the mess was Lucy's obsession with baking. I bought her a princess cake kit for her birthday that she's been begging to make. I finally ran out of excuses to avoid it, so we made it this week. So much work and so much mess. I feel like I spent half of my week at the sink doing dishes. And we have a dishwasher!! That was just stuff that was too big or awkward for the dishwasher. This is why I hate cooking.
But look how proud she is. 
6. Justin came home Thursday evening for the weekend, so on Friday after he did some fishing and made a trip to the chiropractor, I fed the kids lunch and hit the road. I spent the next 5 hours shopping to my heart's content at Once Upon's clearance sale and the Toys R' Us going out of business sale. I looked at every single thing and got some good deals on clothes, toys, and Christmas presents! It. Was. Glorious.

7. This morning we participated in Life Walk for the first time. It's a 2.5 mile walk put on by our local pregnancy resource center. We raised money and walked with a bunch of other families to support life - stopping at various points around the city to pray. The forecast for today was 90* and I was kind of dreading it, but a storm front came through that kept it cloudy and mild and we only got the fringe edge of the rain so we barely got wet. I almost grabbed both the jogging stroller and the umbrella stroller because our kids are lazy wimps, but I told myself it wouldn't be that bad. I was wrong. The kids each got a turn in the stroller and Justin and I carried one who wasn't in the stroller while telling the walker to quit whining and just walk. It was kind of rough. When the walk was over we were supposed to have lunch at the park, but Lena had an epic meltdown because she needed to use the bathroom and refused to use the park's restroom, so we just went home. But we were happy to raise a little money and show our support for a cause that's important to us - while teaching our kids that their comfort is not our highest priority, and it's ok to suffer a minuscule amount for a cause.
Before the walk, when spirits were high. 
After some much needed naps (Levi and me), we headed to the theater to see The Incredibles 2 with some friends. It was Levi's first theater experience and I wasn't sure how he'd do.
He wasn't at all scared by the dark or the loud noises, but sat completely still on Justin shoveling his face full of popcorn . . . for the first 30 minutes . . . then he was done. Incidentally, the first 30 minutes were all previews. As soon as the actual movie started Levi just wanted to get down and run around. He was climbing the stairs, walking down our row, running down to the front of the theater where Justin had to run in front of the screen to grab him, and yelling, "No!" anytime we tried to restrain him. He would get distracted by the movie for a couple minutes here and there, but toward the end I just gave up and took him out in the hall. He found a handicap ramp and gleefully ran up and down it over and over until the movie was done. Lesson learned. Don't bring a 2 year old to the theater.

8. Bonus point for pictures!
Assembling and wrapping 250 hot dogs for my nephew's open house.

A couple of cuties on the swing.
Hula hooping beauties at the aerialist show.

Justin's "Welcome Home" feast.

Fashionista at McDonald's. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Saturday 7

1. Justin worked out of town Monday through Thursday this week and I was thankful for my increased dosage of medication. Lol. I definitely think it's helping, because I didn't feel out of control at all this week. And I even noticed that I've been more productive around the house. I haven't noticed any side effects except a little bit of nausea that is probably just my body adjusting. So while I'm not thrilled by being on such a high dose, apparently it's what I need to function as a responsible adult. And I'm grateful to have it . . . Especially because Justin just found out this job is going to last longer than the 2 weeks he was originally told. At least through June he'll stay on the other side of the state Monday through Thursday, and come home Friday through Sunday. It comes with a dollar an hour raise for the duration of the job, so it's worth it. It's just going to be interesting for all of us for a while! Thank goodness for Zoloft and my parents!

2. Another indication that my meds must be working is the fact that Levi did not take a nap one day this week and I didn't go totally crazy. Last week he missed his nap 4 days in a row due to the last week of school craziness, and I'm afraid he got a little too used to it. Every day this week I put him down for a nap at his regular time and he just played with his cars and talked to himself and jumped in his bed for an hour. He never once fell asleep . . . until Friday. He woke up at 6:15 am for some reason (he's usually up between 7:30 and 8) and then crashed from 1:00-4:00! He missed his nap today and will again tomorrow due to more busyness, so we'll see about next week . . . He is too young to give up his nap. I don't care that some people drop their kids' naps at 2. My kids have to nap until they're at least 3. It's non-negotiable. Haha.

3. I think I forgot to mention that we got a trampoline! My sister's kids have outgrown hers and she wanted it out of her yard, so she generously let us take it! Justin and I disassembled it a couple weeks ago (thanks, YouTube for the tips and tricks!), then Justin put it all back together at home. The kids love it and spend hours playing on it - both with and without the sprinkler underneath. At first, Levi was really hesitant and nervous, but he's gotten much more confident and is even getting better at holding his balance when the girls jump around him. It's got to be so good for his coordination. Lena is already doing flips and spins and split jumps. And Lucy loves to coordinate everyone and say, "Ok guys, now we're going to do this . . ." I've jumped on it a few times with them and realized how old I am. Haha. It hurts my legs and back so much! Oy.
We had some friends over on Thursday to enjoy the sprinkler/trampoline combo.

4. This coming week is going to be Healthy Eating Boot Camp at our house and it is going to be brutal. I'm dreading it with every fiber of my being, but it has to be done. Lucy literally only eats the following foods: mac n' cheese, hot dogs, pizza, pizza lunchables, McDonald's chicken nuggets, fries, frozen waffles, pancakes (with syrup), chips, Goldfish, popcorn, and candy. I'm not exaggerating. She will eat a banana if I force her to, but won't touch any other fruit, and the only "vegetable" she'll eat is pickles. This week we're going to focus on just eating some normal people food: spaghetti, turkey sandwiches, pb&j!, chicken quesadillas, cheeseburgers, etc. And I'm going to crack down on the snacking. No bagfuls of goldfish or piles of tortilla chips. I'm going to make fruit dip and try my hand at homemade fruit leather and energy bites. I know none of that is incredibly healthy (sugar sugar yadda yadda), but it's the gateway to healthier foods. Plus I'm going to prohibit snacks if meals aren't eaten (or at least tried). I fully predict total starvation for a day or two. Lucy would rather not eat at all than try something she doesn't like. Which is why it's going to be awful. She is going to be hangry. Lena and Levi won't be thrilled, but I don't expect nearly as much resistance from them. Feel free to pray for me!

5. Speaking of diets, I was down 7 pounds at one point this week, but I gained some of that back. Today I'm only down 5.4. And this weekend is going to be rough. Yesterday we got ice cream to celebrate Justin being home after 4 days away. Then we went to his parents for pizza. I actually brought a salad to eat instead of pizza (who am I??) and I turned away Dr Pepper in favor of water (as a conscious choice, not any of this nonsense about Dr Pepper being too sugary now that I've been off it for so long - I would guzzle it in a heartbeat again if I didn't think it'd sabotage my weight loss). Today I helped prep for my nephew's open house all morning. My mom and sisters got Trini's (Mexican food) for lunch, but I brought my own spinach and turkey wrap and carrots. This afternoon was Justin's nephew's open house. I had just eaten lunch so I wasn't hungry, but I couldn't resist cheesy potatoes and soft pretzels with cheese, so I just had a little bit. Tomorrow, however, is Tayton's open house with Yesterdog chili dogs. I can't resist that either. I'm going early in the morning to help and if I know my sister there will be Tom's donuts for everyone who comes to help. Nobody can resist Tom's. And this is why I hate dieting. I hate always having to bring my own food and saying no to so many of the things I love. I just want to eat what I want and have the body that I want! Is that too much to ask??!!

6. Tonight, Lena and I went on a date since she filled her marble jar. The rule is that we can spend $20 on whatever she wants - be it food, an activity, or shopping. Lena chose Taco Bell, Once Upon a Child, and Justice. She got a shirt, a craft kit, fake nails, and a diary. What more does a 5 year old girl need? Haha. She is a major chatterbox and I'm pretty sure she didn't stop talking the whole time we were out - even if the car. And if I don't respond immediately, she says it again . . . and again . . . and again . . . or she says, "Ok? Ok, Mommy? Did you hear me?" And then she started counting to a million . . . Lol. I love our one on one time together, even if it does leave me craving silence.
Don't mind the cheesy roll up she has squirreled away in her cheek . . .
 7. Pictures!
Lucy went to a birthday party at a park on Sunday afternoon. We'd never been to that park before, but Lucy insisted the birthday girl said it was a water park, so she brought her swimsuit. Apparently the birthday girl meant there is water at the park. But it worked out well because all three girls went swimming - swimsuits or not!


McDonald's picnic at the park.

A friend recommended that I read this book about healthy womanhood and this was the dedication on the first page. I sent said friend this picture and said, "I don't know if I can take a book seriously if its author dedicates it to her ovaries." Lol. 

Ice cream!

And slushies, because Lucy doesn't even like ice cream!

Splash pad fun 

Lena wanted to do these rings so badly but was so scared. It took everything in her to work up the courage and then she could only do one or two before falling, but by the end of the night, she crossed 7 of them!! 

Open house prep

A sign on a gas pump in Kent City that makes me wonder if its writer is a native English speaker . . .

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Saturday 7

1. What a week. We started with a glorious day at a friend's cottage for Memorial Day. It was 90 degrees and the water was so warm.

Fishing with Grandpa

I finally bought Levi a Puddle Jumper life jacket. It worked so well to keep him upright in the water - unlike normal life jackets that keep him on top of the water, but usually face down or stuck on his back like a turtle. Haha. 

Kayak rides with Daddy

Lena caught a fish!

Pontoon boat ride

2. On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment to re-evaluate my depression. My new doctor's office requires an assessment every 6 months to see if I still need the drugs. They had me fill out a questionnaire and apparently my answers raised some red flags because they recommended that I up my dosage . . . again. I don't love the idea of being even more strongly medicated, but I'm willing to try it to see if it really makes a difference. I'm also nervous about the side effects. I've never really noticed any, but will I now that I'm taking more?

3. I was thankful for the mood stabilizing drugs this week as we finished up at the girls' school. It was way harder on me than I expected. Especially Lena for some reason. I'm not necessarily sad that the girls are growing up and getting older. I'm just sad to be done with their school that I love. I hate taking them away from their friends and teachers. I hate that they're going to miss out on class parties and field trips and specials like art, music, and gym. I'm worried that when everyone goes back to school in the fall they're going to be sad that they're missing out and resent me for making them be homeschooled. And I feel like everywhere I go lately people say, "So you're really going to homeschool, huh?" I hate doubting our decision and keep telling myself that we've made the commitment and I have to do it for at least a year. But it was hard to say good-bye at school this week.
Lena with her wonderful teacher and her "completion of pre-school" certificate.

4. I've also been having some weird anxiety issues lately. I hated being on the pontoon boat on Monday and was beside myself with worry that Levi was going to fall off or Lucy was going to crash us into another boat while she was driving. They all went out again after dinner but I opted to stay on shore and trust Justin to take care of them. And the weirdest thing is my fear of falling asleep. I hate lying in bed at night just waiting for unconsciousness to take over. I hate being out of control of my dreams. It's so dumb because I love sleep. I have no fear in the morning when my alarm is going off and I want to keep sleeping - only at night when it comes to giving up control. So stupid.

5. Justin and I both have nephews who are seniors this year. Tayton (my nephew) graduated on Thursday and Jevin graduated on Friday. Since we didn't want to deal with babysitters we decided to split duties. I went to Tayton's graduation and Justin went to Jevin's. He got the much better end of the bargain. I love my nephew and am happy to support him, but secular graduations are the worst! It was 2 hours long, there were so many speeches (full of stupid "advice" like, "Be kind to everyone and the universe will be kind to you."), and then you have to clap for half an hour as all 200 kids get their diplomas. Jevin's graduating class was less than 20 kids, so Justin was in an out in an hour!
Color coordinating with the graduate.

We love an excuse to take a siblings picture! (Can you see Libby's little baby bump? She's 24 weeks and thinks she's huge. #eyeroll) 
6. I've been slowly losing more weight. I finally hit the 5 pound mark this week. But I've been slacking off on my water and vegetable consumption. My excuse about the vegetables is that it was too hot this week to use the oven and that's really the only way I like veggies (roasted). I was hanging out with some mom friends on Wednesday and we were commiserating over how we're insecure about how our husbands fell in love with us when we were young and skinny and we feel like they can't possibly love our mom-bods. They all found consolation in the fact that they love their husbands even though they've gained weight, though. But I don't have that comfort! Since Justin's been working construction he's been dropping weight like crazy and building muscle like a mad-man. Plus he's getting so tan (at least his arms, neck, and face - haha) that he's pretty much a sexy beast. (That was for you, my small group friends.)

7. Pictures
From the birthday party we went to last weekend. #momsquad


I told Levi to take out his Binky and say cheese.

She thought it was sooo funny to hold her sign upside down.

I took the kids to McDonald's to celebrate their last day of school, but filled up on this before we left. Go me.

My alarm is officially turned off!!
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