Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. After a very mild August, we had some hot, summer weather this week. We don't have AC, so I made most of our meals in the crock pot. I finally tried the slow cooker breakfast casserole I pinned forever ago. It was muy delicioso! (That's "very delicious" for all you non-Spanish speakers. ;-) )
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2. Of course it was unbearably hot and humid this week, because we had scheduled our garage sale for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. My sister does a sale every summer. We're really poor so we don't buy stuff, which means we don't accumulate stuff, which means we don't have much to sell. But we managed to find a few things this year. My goal was $10. Haha. I made $25! So I sat out in the 90 degree heat for 3 days to make $25. Ha! It was worth it to spend time with my sister. And Lucy loved playing with the day care kids every day.

3. Look what I made this week:

Look how I made it:

Hahaha. I get free baby food from WIC, so it's not worth it to me to make it all myself. But Lena does so much better feeding herself that being spoon fed, so I froze a bunch of Gerber purees in cubes to stick in her mesh feeder. She loves it!

4. I got Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders from the garage sale this week. (One of Niki's friends was selling them.) Lucy loves playing games with me, but she doesn't have the patience to finish the game. And she does not like following the rules in Chutes and Ladders. She just likes hopping her people up and down the slides and ladders. Haha.

5. I read a short synopsis of Susanna Wesley's life this week. How can I possibly complain about feeling overwhelmed with my 2 kids when she raised 10, essentially on her own. (And suffered the loss of 9!! Unthinkable!) And how can I say I don't have time to spend in God's word/praying when she carved out 2 hours a day, and had many more responsibilities and much fewer modern conveniences than I do! It was a perspective check for sure.

6. So here's a confession: I have no idea what's going on in Syria. The only reason I know anything is happening over there is because of facebook. I purposely keep myself ignorant because the details will scare me. I've always struggled with fear, and most people say that fear is a sin. So I've learned to safeguard myself from giving into fear by taking the "ignorance is bliss" approach. Do you think that's wrong?

7. I wrote an article for my [tiny] high school's [tiny] newsletter today. It ignited the writing bug inside of me. I miss writing about something other than the mundane details of my ordinary life. I really need to think of something to write a novel about. And then I need to publish it and get rich. ;-)


  1. Haha I love your fancy baby food ;) The mesh feeder is the best! We receive WIC too, so there was never a reason to make my own baby food.

    I read the story you linked to about Susanna Wesley... wow. I am so lazy and uncommitted. Wow.

    I don't really know what's going on in Syria either :( I don't have a good excuse.

  2. Mesh feeders are the best!

    I don't think the "ignorance is bliss" approach is wrong if it saves your mental sanity. You need to be unafraid, happy, and motivated for your family. Yes, it is terrible terrible things go on, but God tell's us not to worry about anything and I think that includes stuff like this because worry is a hairline away from afraid.


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