Tuesday, August 13, 2013

T is for Tea Party

Lucy is the quintessential girly-girl, so when we got to the letter T in our quest through the alphabet, I knew we'd have to have a good old fashioned Tea Party!

I found the perfect craft on Pinterest, and kind of made it my own.

We used styrofoam bowls because they're easier to puncture than paper. I thought it was so brilliant to thread a headband through pipe cleaners so the kids didn't have to try to balance a bowl on their heads.

I bought a couple flower vines at the dollar store and snipped off the buds (leaving an inch or so of stem to push through the bowl). Then I made a bunch of little tissue paper roses by twisting a square of tissue paper around my finger and tying it off with a pipe cleaner.

I bought 5 teacups/saucers for 50 cents a pair from a thrift store, grabbed some stickers and a tablecloth from the dollar store, and found this awesome tea canister on a shelf in my parents' kitchen to complete the tablescape.

I decided to set out some of Lucy's dress-up stuff for the girls to choose from, and realized how appropriate Tutus were for our "T" day.

And then of course, I had to make a "T" sign:

Finally, our friends came over! Niki brought all the girls from her daycare.
Making hats

Time for the photo shoot! (Lucy did NOT want to be in the picture. *sigh*)

Finally, it was time for lunch and tea!

The "tea" was actually warm apple juice. And I let the girls squirt a little honey in their cups. :-)
And then it was time for dessert!

Despite the previous crying pictures, Lucy had a total blast:

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