Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. Look at the what I put together in Lucy's room this week:
I found that Scrabble picture at the Thrifty Outlet for $6!! I already had the other 2 pieces, but didn't really know what to do with them.  I think they came together pretty well if I do say so myself!

2. I read an entire book yesterday.  I realized a few days ago that I need to get cracking if I'm actually going to reach my "10-books-this-summer" goal.  Lucky for me, I came across 2 new books by my favorite authors at the library.  The one I read yesterday is called Indelible by Kristen Heitzmann.  I love all of her stuff and was surprised to see a new book from her.  In fact, on the cover it says "by the author of Indivisible."  I haven't read that one either! I went to the reference desk and asked if the one in my hand was a sequel to the one I just mentioned. He assured me it wasn't, but as I was reading, I knew I was missing something.  It's definitely a sequel.  Grr.  Anyway, it was a great book.  I read most of it from 10pm-1:30am.  And of course Lucy was up at 7 this morning.  *Yawn*

3. Lucy's 5th tooth peeked through this week.  I feel like she gets a new tooth every week!!

4. We bought Justin's father's day present last night: a basketball hoop.  He realllly wanted one, so I've been saving since January.  I'm picturing many "Father of the Bride" moments of Justin and Lucy shooting hoops in the future. :-)

5. Lucy really got the hang of walking this week.  I'd say she does it more often than crawling now.  Her only problem is that she can't stand up without pulling herself up on something.  So if she falls in the middle of the room, she can't get back on her feet, and just resorts to crawling again.  She looks so cute toddling all over the place.  She walks kind of like a cowboy - a little bowlegged.  Haha.

6. We had a great time hosting small group last Saturday.  We hung out at the bonfire most of the night, talking, laughing, and stuffing our faces.  Plus I made up a version of "The Newlywed Game" for us to play.  Justin and I were doing well at the beginning, but quickly went downhill.  Paul and Missy took home the trophy for "Best Marriage."  Literally.  I made a trophy out of one of Justin's old soccer trophies and a little polly pocket type doll that I taped next to the soccer player.  Haha.  

7. Ok, it's time for a mom confessional.  Moms - tell me if I'm alone in this.  Every night before I go to bed, I creep into Lucy's room with my cell phone for a light and watch her sleeping.  And every night, I lay my hand on her little chest and wait for it to rise and fall before I can go to bed.  I started this silly routine when she was a little baby and I was worried about SIDS.  Now I have very little reason to fear SIDS.  I just like to know she's breathing. :-)  Am I the only one?


  1. It was really hard for me when Abby started sleeping through the night (which she did EARLY - like 6 weeks old!), I wouldn't get any sleep in the early morning hours because I just KNEW she'd be waking up anytime... and then she wouldn't and I'd freak out and go check on her. :) Now if she takes an extra-long nap during the day, or sleeps in later than usual in the morning, I'll poke my head in her room to watch her chest rise and fall.

  2. When he was really tiny I would freak out every time he slept a solid 6 hours or so, but that was it. O was such a terrible sleeper for such a long time I saw him every few hours anyway :P Then when he started sleeping well there was no way I'd go in his room for fear of waking him up! So no, I don't check on him, but I don't blame you at all for doing so!

  3. I doubt it will surprise you to know that I check on Brooklyn often:) Not every night, but a lot of nights, either Jay or I will say "I miss her" and we'll tiptoe in and peek at her...and yes, make sure she's breathing;)

    Some nights I get in bed and then lie there a while and think "I need to check on her!" It's also just so cute to see her sleeping:)

  4. Aw, such great times playing basketball outside with my dad -- mostly he always hit my basketball away with his...guess that's how I learned to fight through. :) That'll definitely be good father/daughter bonding.

    Also...did Missy tell you guys about the trophy she made for our basketball team? Reading your story about the trophy made me think of it immediately. Good times.

  5. Okay, the Father of the Bride moments made me tear up! I watched that movie after a very long, tiring day a few weeks ago, thinking that it would lift my spirits. It's a comedy, right? Well, the last time I watched it, I was at a stage in life where I pictured myself as the bride...and now all I picture is me as the lonely mom after my kids leave...I bawled through the entire thing but especially when they played basketball! Maurah is really into b-ball so I couldn't help but see her and Jake in that scene. I love reading what you sweet!


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