Sunday, June 19, 2011


Summer Is . . .

Flip flops and fireflies.
Days at the pool, nights around the bonfire.
Towels hanging on the deck railing.
Hamburgers and hot dogs.
Gooey marshmallows.
Scads of Dr. Pepper.
Hot. Humid. Legs sticking to the leather seats.
Tank tops and tan lines.
Bare feet and hot pink toenail polish.
Sunscreen and sunburn. Aloe.
Polka dot bikinis and baby Buddha bellies.
Windows down. Country music up.
Sandy beaches. Wave jumping. That feeling all night in bed of riding on the waves.
Finding sand in your ears. For days.
Walking to the ice cream shop. Double fudge caramel walnut in a waffle bowl, please.
Strawberry juice dripping down my chin. Fresh picked peaches. Watermelon.
Seed spitting contests. Rind throwing contests.
Bocce in the backyard.
Scrabble and card games and driveway basketball.
Laughter. Stories. Shouting over each other to be heard.
Pictures taken. Memories made.

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  1. I like this :) And it made me remember getting ice cream with you when we walked to the beach in Holland. Can't believe that was two years ago!


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