Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Sunday 7

To borrow a line from Annie, "Yesterday was plain awful!" And the fact that it was Saturday never crossed my mind.  So here you have the Sunday 7. Enjoy.

1. The day after I wrote that Lucy update about how she doesn't make animal noises she started "Moo-ing" when I ask her what the cow says. Go Lucy!

2. We have a ridiculous ant infestation.  They're coming in the window in the living room.  I've put ant traps in the window, around the window, and in all the corners of the living room - as well as the corner under Lucy's high chair.  They're not helping.  I have the vacuum sitting next to the window, and every few hours I vacuum up all the visible ants.  That doesn't help either.  This morning I found 10 or so ants crawling in Lucy's high chair.  Grrrrrrrrrr. I got a bunch of ideas from my facebook friends on how to get rid of them, but haven't been able to drive to the store.  Maybe today I'll make Justin take me.

3. Justin went on a bike trip with his friends this weekend.  They rode 90 miles in 2 days. Insane. I don't know what part of that would be considered fun! He was gone for one night - the first night I've stayed alone in this house.  I was in too much pain to be nervous about staying home alone.

4. If my mouth ever heals I'm going to go crazy eating.  I'm going to go out to eat for every meal. Chinese - hunan chicken and crab cheese, Qdoba - queso burrito, Logans - steak, rolls, potatoes, Olive Garden - chicken alfredo, Arby's curly fries, McDonald's Dr. Pepper with a straw!!! Yesterday I managed to eat ramen noodles and mashed potatoes.  That so doesn't cut it.  I never realized how much I enjoy eating until the option is taken away from me.

5. I wrote this on facebook, but that's not permanent. I want it here, too, to look back on.  Justin left Friday night for the bike trip.  Saturday at about 3 a.m. I woke up thinking there was an earthquake.  There wasn't.  It was me quaking the bed - I was trembling from head to toe.  I tried to get up and just fell back in my bed.  Obviously having some kind of reaction to the Vicodin.  After a couple hours I managed to drag myself to the kitchen and take some more medicine.  I sat on the floor eating pudding thinking maybe I just needed some food in my stomach.  I managed to sleep for a couple hours.  Lucy woke up at 7:30.  I gingerly stepped out of bed and immediately started puking my guts out.  I puked until my stomach was empty, then dry heaved for a while.  I felt a little better after that, so managed to make it to Lucy's room, but could hardly lift her out of her crib because I was so weak.  It was horrible.  The thought actually crossed my mind, How long will it take for someone to come find Lucy if I die here?  I ended up calling my mom and having her come pick us up.  I felt much better after the Vicodin was gone from my system and haven't taken any more since.

6.Ok, well I can't make it to 7 this week.  I'm in a bad mood.  Absorbed in my little self-pitying world.  Maybe I'll be more upbeat next week. ;-)

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  1. FEEL BETTER!!! And I hope you can figure out how to get rid of the ants... ew :/


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