Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. My brother, Luke, is home for the weekend! He moved to Florida in February and we've missed him so much.  We have big plans to spend all weekend with him and the rest of my family.  Yesterday we did siblings lunch at Panera and hung out at my parents' house.  All kinds of more fun planned for the weekend!

2. We had such weird weather this week.  90s on Tuesday and Wednesday and 60s yesterday!  We pulled out the kiddie pool at work again on Tuesday.  It was so hot, I climbed right into it with the kids.  Haha. (I brought my swimsuit.)  Of course the meter reader decided to stop by that day as I'm sitting in this tiny pool with 3 kids.  I bet he got a good chuckle out of that.

3. Lucy and I had our yearly WIC apptointment on Monday.  They weighed/measured her: 19 lbs, 8 oz., 30 inches tall!! That's a lot of growth since her 1 year doctor's apptointment less than a month ago, so I'm not totally sure how much I believe.  But still - she's ginormous!! I've read babies are supposed to triple their birthweight by their first birthday.  According to that, Lucy should weigh 24 lbs!! I wonder if that rule only applies to babies who weighed less than 7 pounds at birth.  Haha.

4. Speaking of babies . . . my friend, Kris, had her baby on Sunday.  We went to see him at the hospital and I left with some major baby fever! (Not to be confused with Beiber fever.)  I loved my delivery experience.  Being back in the hospital snuggling that sweet little bundle just reeeeeeally made me want to do it again.  Don't get too excited, though.  We're still going to wait a while.  I am not bringing 2 kids with me to my nanny job every day.  And honestly they won't need me much longer as their kids get older and start going to school.  So we're going to have to figure something out with the income situation before we can have another one.

5.Yesterday was Chase's 5th birthday.  I had the day off, so we celebrated on Thursday.  He's an easy kid to buy presents for because he has so many obsessions.  I got him one gift for each passion: a shark water gun (he loves sharks), a Thomas the Train book, a Hot Wheels police cruiser (he's obsessed with Hot Wheels and police cars), a toy fire extinguisher (he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up), and a box of gold coins (because he looooves money).  It's so crazy to me that he's 5 now.  I've been watching him since we was 12 weeks old!

6. If you're friends with me on facebook, you probably noticed that I had some car trouble this week. My whole family got together on Thursday night to hang out with Luke.  Justin and I drove separately and took different routes on the way home.  I was going 60 mph down a busy road when I heard a "pop."  My van makes weird noises all the time, so I ignored it. Lol.  As I slowed down to turn left, though, I could not turn my steering wheel.  I managed to turn right and pull off to the side of the road.  I called Justin in a panic and made him come get me.  He got it home, but not without trouble.  By the time we got home, it was totally overheating, all the warning lights were on, the heat was blowing cold, etc. We were both furious.  The overheating problem is what cost us so much money last January.  We were outraged that it was happening again.  Buuut, then he popped the hood and noticed a belt had fallen off and was totally shredded.  A belt is such an easy/cheap fix! Woohoo!!

7. I saved the best one for last. Justin had Thursday off this week. He called me in the afternoon and said, "So, I just got the mail.  We got a cashier's check from the mortgage company for the overage we paid into the escrow last year."  It was a big check!!!! Was it just last week that I was complaining about only working 2 day weeks this summer and wondering how we would survive?  God provided again!  This is the second big check we've gotten unexpectedly in the past 2 months.  Seriously! We don't deserve this! To say we were thrilled is a major understatement!!

Well we're hosting small group tonight, so I really need to get off the computer and get cleaning my house.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Have fun with your brother and the rest of your family!!

    O always weighs differently at the WIC office and at the doctor too... weird.

    You... should totally have a baby. A bunch of my other friends are pregnant, so I think it's time for you to join in. Haha ;) All in good time!

    I'm SO glad your van won't be expensive to fix!!

    Wow, God is seriously awesome. He's looking out for you big time. So cool :)

  2. Haha, Rachel! Everybody's doing it . . .

  3. I did WIC for a short time, and they looked at something wrong when they weighed B and panicked and called someone else in to check her out, thinking she was severely underweight. The other woman walked in and said "She looks healthy to me!" and then they realized they had reversed a number or something ridiculous:)

    There's no way B tripled her birth weight -- gosh, she barely has now! She was 8 pounds at birth, and she's only 27 now, at almost 3 years old! She was 19 pounds, 10 ounces at her 12 month appointment...which makes me realize just how little she's gained in almost 2 years!


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