Friday, April 26, 2013

Lena's Weight Check: Failure to Thrive Part 2

We drove down to Rockford today for Lena's scheduled weight check. It has been exactly a month since we were there last. The nurse took us back to the room, told me to strip Lena down and asked, "Now why are you here?" I told her the PA was concerned that Lena didn't gain enough weight between her 1 and 2 month appointments. The nurse responded, "She sure doesn't look underweight to me!"

Lena weighed in at 11 lbs, 2 oz. today - up 17 ounces from last time. Over a pound. I did a little happy dance and we went on our merry way. (We weren't even scheduled to see the doctor - it was strictly a weight check.)

I just got a call from a different nurse saying the PA went over Lena's stats and wants me to start her on formula because she's not gaining sufficiently. Are you kidding me?!?! I'm really not liking this PA and wish our own stinkin' doctor would come back from maternity leave! I asked what percentile Lena's at and the nurse said she's just under 15%. She's on the chart! That's more than I could ever say for myself. She's staying at the same percentile and gaining weight. I'm not concerned. And I'm not giving her formula. Haha. I didn't tell the nurse that.

We're scheduled for Lena's 4 month well-child on May 28 - with the stupid PA again. Let's hope Lena gains 5 pounds by then so I don't get chastised for not giving her formula!

Exhibit A:
Fat rolls on her arms.
Exhibit B:
Fat rolls on her legs.
Exhibit C:
Chubby belly. 
Exhibit D:
Double chin. (Lol - not her best angle.)
Exhibit E:
Chubby cheeks.
I rest my case. ;-)


  1. She looks great! I had the same problem with the first doctor Orion was seeing...she told me at four months I was going to "have" to start supplementing with formula and/or feeding him rice cereal because he's breastfed...ugh! The new doctor we see is so much better and practical! More supportive of bf'ing and realizes the charts are not the law if baby is happy, healthy, and has got that chub :) -Emily (darn iPad not letting me sign in to comment)

  2. Yay! Pass on the formula. She's gaining weight, breast is best!

  3. Good for you!! I'm proud of you for thinking for yourself and realizing that a baby does not have to be average to be healthy. Lena is bigger than my babies were, and they're both healthy and happy too. Yaaaay!


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