Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Saturday 7

1. This week, Lucy and I worked on letter E. We made an envelope E and an eyeball e:
 Lucy did not want her picture taken while she was making it:

2. Lena woke up with a nasty cold on Wednesday. Throughout the night on Tuesday I noticed her snorting and choking a lot, and when I got her out of bed Wednesday morning I realized why. She was so stuffed up and gagging on her snot. Plus her eyes were a watery mess. Poor baby. I became pretty adept with the nasal aspirator this week! Fortunately, she reacted to her sickness by sleeping a ton, and got over it very quickly. She's still a little snotty, but for the most part, she's healthy again.

3. I think I got a form of her cold in my eye on Thursday. It was totally bloodshot and hurt like the dickens. I told Justin I felt like there was a piece of glass lodged under my eyelid scratching my eyeball! Fortunately, I saved the eye drops the doctor gave me last time I got pink eye, used those for a couple days, and it seems to be on the mend. Whew! I also finished off the antibiotic for my mastitis this week only to wake up this morning with another killer clog. Grrr. Going to do my best to stay on top of it, so I don't end up with mastitis again!

4. I wrote in Lena's 3 month update that I'm going to get serious about losing some of this baby weight. I'm going to start my diet on Monday, so I've been binge-eating in preparation. Haha. We went to the donut shop one last time this morning. I got a donut so huge and sugary it must've been 1,000 calories. And I've been drinking my weight in Dr Pepper in anticipation of cutting back to one glass a day. I'm going to miss it so much. :-( But when Justin and I went on our date on Thursday, I tried to buy myself a pair of jeans. I was astounded by what size I wear. It was a good wake-up call. Oh! And Justin enters a daily contest on every day. He's been doing it for like a year and finally won! The prize? Women's running shoes. Hahaha. So I'm getting some free Asics! No excuses now!

5. In another effort to work on my appearance, I tried a hair-curling technique I found on pinterest this week: curling with a straightener.
Picture from
I've never owned a straightener, because I can blow-dry my hair pin straight, but my mom has one, so I borrowed it to try it out. My curls did not look like the girl's in the picture, but they were pretty cute! And it was a quick, easy technique. Maybe I'll get better with practice.

6. I put this on facebook, but I want to document it here as well. The power company cut down 5 trees from my parents' front yard this week. Some of them were 75 years old! My dad tried to stop them, but they have easement, so there's nothing he can do. :-(

Sorry about the different angles. My dad took the first picture and I took the second.
Five trees gone!

7. After Lena's doctor appointment where I was essentially told my milk isn't enough for her, I came across this article through my friend Emily's blog. It talks about the benefits of coconut oil to milk production and fat stores. Hmmm! I've heard so much about coconut oil lately that I decided to do some further research. I was amazed by the cult-following this stuff seems to have! There are articles and blogs all over the internet about coconut oil and its miraculous properties.

Don't get me wrong, I have no qualms about the chemicals in my deodorant and toothpaste, and have no desire to make my own. But I might try coconut oil in baking or as a moisturizer for my horrendously dry skin. I'm intrigued, and willing to try something so allegedly wonderful if it will increase my milk fat. (Haha. I feel like a cow after writing that sentence.) What about you? Do you know of any clever uses for coconut oil?

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  1. 3. I hope you don't get mastitis again!!!

    4. Asics are what I wear and I love them! I've been really good about exercising, but I'm terrible about my eating. Ugh. I don't really have a plan to lose the rest of my baby weight but to keep going to the Y a few times a week, but so far it doesn't seem to be helping :(

    7. Let me know if it helps! You know I have an insufficient (or whatever) milk supply too, so I'd be curious about any solutions.


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