Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Saturday 7

1. Justin went to see the new Batman movie today, so Lucy and I hit the town and did a bunch of shopping. First we hit the farmer's market for peaches. My dad had a peach tree in our backyard when I was growing up, so I'm kind of a peach snob. Grocery store peaches just aren't the same. So I was thrilled to find some at the farmer's market. Can't wait to eat them! Then we went to the Thrifty Outlet to find a birthday gift for Lyla. I didn't find anything for her, but I did find a toy for Lucy that was so cheap I couldn't pass it up. I'll save it for Christmas. :-) We finished our shopping at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy an anniversary gift for Justin and a couple bridal shower gifts for Libby.

2. The wedding is only 4 weeks away now! My mom, Niki, and I went to David's Bridal on Wednesday to see Libby try on her dress for her final fitting. I am usually not an overly emotional/expressive person. I didn't cry when I tried my own wedding dress on and didn't feel a twinge when Libby was originally trying dresses on, but when she came out in that dress fitted especially for her on Wednesday, I pretty much lost it. Haha. I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones, but tears immediately sprang to my eyes and started streaming down my face! I was actually controlling myself from sobbing! Lol. Of course seeing me cry made Niki cry. My mom and Libby just laughed at us saying, "What is wrong with you saps?" I can't imagine what I'll be like on the wedding day!!

3. The good news about our David's Bridal trip is that I got a new bridesmaid dress! I should've called them right away. They were so nice and accommodating. I brought in my old dress and told them it didn't fit over my big ole belly. They took it back and ordered one a couple sizes bigger for free! The lady promised me that it will be here by August 7 at the latest. The wedding is August 17, so I hope she's right! I tried on the size I ordered while I was there. It was still a little big on my belly, but I'll probably fill that out in the next 4 weeks. I have less hope that I'll fill out the chest, though, so I'll need to get that altered. Praise the Lord I don't have to squeeze into the old one!!

4. I forgot to mention in my last pregnancy post that my sciatic nerve hasn't been bothering me at all anymore. So random how it was killing me a couple weeks ago and now the pain is totally gone. I'm not complaining, though!

5. Who's excited for the Bachelorette finale tomorrow night??!! I just have to say that I have watched this show religiously for like 10 years and Emily is definitely my favorite bachelorette. She actually has some personality, and I respect her so much for not doing the overnight dates. Although I'm pretty mad at her for getting rid of Sean (here's hoping he'll be the next Bachelor!), I do like Jef. All I can say, though, is she better pick someone. And they better still be together! Haha.

6. I stubbed my toe severely hard one day this week and was hopping around the house screaming. Lucy came running over to me yelling "Kiss!" She hugged my knees and said "all better, mommy?" Love that girl.:-)

7. Speaking of people I love . . . we had to say goodbye to our good friends Brian and Becky last night. Brian is in the army and was just relocated to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We're going to miss them so much! And I'm so sad Lucy won't have their kids around to play with anymore. They have 2 girls close to Lucy's age and Lucy absolutely adores them. As you saw in my last entry, Lucy doesn't make friends easily. Haha. We're wishing them the best, though. And we will definitely be making a religious pilgrimage to Bethlehem in the near future. :-)

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