Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Saturday 7

1. Good news, guys. We finally transitioned Levi out of the pack n' play in our room to his crib upstairs. We tried for the first time last Saturday, and it was an epic fail. He screamed forever and we finally caved and brought him back downstairs. Sunday night we went to a "concert" at church and kept him up way past his bedtime, so he fell right to sleep when I laid him in the crib that night. But after going up the stairs 3 times between 11:40 and midnight to replace his binky, I finally brought him back downstairs. Monday night he slept all night in his crib for the first time! And he's continued to do well since then. I usually have to go up once or twice to help him find his Binky (I need a bumper for the crib so he can't push them out onto the floor!), and I think I'm going to need to get some blackout curtains, because he's been waking up ridiculously early, but for the most part, he's doing great!

2. He's also making progress with his gross motor skills. He pulled up onto the toybox for the first time this week, and has started to reach down and grab things from a standing position. He's also trying to figure out how to go from standing to sitting. But he still gets around by scooting. Everywhere we go, people tell me stories about their kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews who did the same thing. He's definitely a conversation starter. Haha.
He's been doing great with this walker, too! 
3. I actually read a book this week! After all my binge reading a few months ago, I took a long break to watch Hawaii Five-O on Netflix. I'm still not done with H5-0, but I got the reading bug and picked up one I started a long time ago. It took me a while to get into it, but once I started, I got hooked. It's a fictional account of the Exodus from an Egyptian slave's perspective. It was really interesting. And of course, it had some good romance, too. ;-)
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4. Lena's issues have continued to intensify. She's back to wearing a pull-up full time, now. The rule is that if she pees in the pull-up she has to wear undies the rest of the day. So she's been doing pretty well with using the bathroom still. But she continues to be afraid to go anywhere without me (like her class at church) because she's afraid she's going to poop and someone else will have to change her. She continues to throw epic fits at bath time because she doesn't want to take her pull-up off long enough to bathe. And when she has to pee, she screams in terror because she's so afraid she might accidentally poop on the toilet while she's peeing. It is so out of control and I am so discouraged. I feel like she has a legitimate phobia, and I, of all people, should understand that. But she can't be crippled by it for the rest of her life. She can't just avoid using the bathroom, like I can avoid camping. We have to get past this.

5. She also seems to have added a new phobia to her repertoire. Ever since we all had the flu a couple months ago, she's been nervous about puking in public (which she has never done). But it's gotten way worse in the past week or two. Now, everywhere she goes, she has to have a plastic bag with her in case she needs to puke.
At the library
On Wednesday, there was an awards ceremony for the end of Awana. Lena absolutely refused to go up on stage with her class because she was afraid she would puke on stage. I don't even understand where the phobia came from. She doesn't puke. She's been carrying this bag around for weeks, but has yet to actually use it! She hasn't puked since the flu months ago. I even found her like this one night this week:
Sound asleep with the puke bucket wedged under chin.
6. This one is lame, but I'm out of ideas: Levi has figured out the drive-thru. Even though he's rear-facing in the car, he can tell when we're going through a drive-thru because he immediately starts shouting, "Eh! Eh!" and his little hand starts reaching out for fries. Haha. #momoftheyear

7. And now, for your weekly pictures:
The mullet is going strong

We went to a new park this week and Levi was in love with this car.

Bright sun

Sweet girl picking flowers in the field.

Having an outdoor lunch at Checkers, combining two of Levi's favorite things: being outside and eating

Endless waiting at Discount Tire. At least it was nice outside!
This picture is to illustrate the importance of eyebrow waxing. Lol. Before on left, after on right (in case it's not obvious!). Thanks, Julie!! :-D 

And one cute video of Levi at the park:

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