Sunday, July 31, 2016

Levi: 5 Months

Our happy boy is 5 months old! I just re-read his 4 month entry, and not much has changed.

He's getting better at tummy time and holding his head up:
"How YOU doin'?"
He rolled from his belly to his back for the first time (other than those random times at the doctor's office) on Monday. He doesn't roll every time he's on his belly, but he's done it a few times now, so he's getting the hang of it.

Sleep continues to regress. Naps are about the same: morning nap in the swing (an hour or so). Long nap after lunch swaddled in the rock n' play (3ish hours). Evening nap in the swing (another hour). But nighttime sleep hasn't been great. He fights it so hard, and it takes forever to get him to sleep. Then, he usually wakes up after about 45 minutes. Sometimes we can get him right back to sleep. Sometimes he stays awake for a while. And he's been getting up twice at night again! Usually around 1 and 4. For the past week, he's woken up right around 6:45 every morning, but he just lays in his bed talking and playing happily for a while.

Nothing new on the breastfeeding front. I was wrong about him stretching out his feedings. He pretty consistently eats every 3 hours. We haven't started baby food yet. They recommend waiting 'til 6 months, and I'm all for waiting as long as I can. I hate doing baby food. It's so time consuming and messy. Plus, he's still such a shrimp, I want him to get all his nutrients from breastmilk as long as he can.

He's 13 lbs. and 24.5 inches (as of his appt. on the 19th. (2% and 7%) Although, he's getting chunky.
This is a terrible picture. Lol. But look at that double chin and leg rolls!

His new thing is tapping his hands against things. He's always patting my arm or his chest or anything that comes within reach. And he's perfected the fake cough. He gags himself a lot since he always has his fingers in his mouth, then he just keeps coughing and coughing.

He loves his sisters. Lucy makes him laugh more than anyone. I try to do the things she does, but he doesn't find me nearly as funny as her.

He likes to sleep with his lovey over his face.
Blurry because the swing was in motion.
He hates the pool.

But he loves the bath. A few times recently when it's been really hot and he's just miserable, I put him in a cool bath and he calms right down. Well, he's not actually calm - he kicks like crazy in the bath - but he's not upset anymore.

He's still on Zantac for reflux, and is still pretty pukey. But the meds take away the pain, so he's usually pretty happy and laid back. He's finally starting to become the 3rd child everyone promised me: go with the flow, easy, content. We love him so much.

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