Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Saturday 7

1. This week pretty much consisted of three things: preparing for VBS, Town and Country Days in Sparta, and Jordan and Karla's wedding. So bear with me if I don't make it to 7 this week. :-)

2. I have such great memories of going to Sparta's Town and Country Days as a kid, and I love revisiting it now with my own kids. Yesterday, we did some of the "kids' day" festivities: the petting zoo, water tables, fire trucks and tractors, and the carnival. We drove by the carnival earlier this week and Lucy was enthralled. Friday was dollar day, so I promised Lucy we could go on a few rides. She insisted that she wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, but that is way too scary for me, so I told her she'd have to ride with my nephew Tayton. Haha. She was totally planning on it until we started driving to the carnival, when her tune suddenly changed to "Maybe I'll go on the ferris wheel when I'm 5 or 6." Haha. She found a few rides that she loved, though.

I took Lena on the carousel with me. She loved sitting up on the big horse and even liked going around the first few times, but as the carousel picked up speed, Lena got more and more nervous. She eventually started screaming "all done!" Haha. Poor baby.

3. Last night was the big wedding! Justin's little brother, Jordan got married. Justin and my brother Luke (who graduated with Jordan) were groomsmen, and Lucy was the flower girl. She's been counting down the days 'til the wedding for a year! We bought her dress a long time ago and she's been dying to wear it. And she couldn't wait to get her hair and nails done. She is such a girl. A super adorable girl. Haha. She got her nails done with the bride and bridesmaids on Thursday. I was worried that she wouldn't sit still or would be too ticklish, but she loved it and did really well.
She got a little bored while waiting for them to dry. Haha.

Finished product! Lucy picked out her own colors and LOVED the flowers. 
4. Luke's fabulous girlfriend, Esther, came over Friday afternoon to do our hair and make up.

Lucy has been talking all week about how Esther's going to curl her hair. She loves her long hair and loves it even more when it's curly. Haha. So imagine how thrilled she was when she saw this:

Karla made a headband to match her colors and complete Lucy's wedding ensemble:

5. Finally it was time to go to the church and do this thing!
Lucy did NOT want to take pictures.
Finally got her in one at least.
Snacking before the ceremony. I was SO nervous she was going to spill on her dress.
Cheesing it up with Daddy just before going down the aisle.
Up until this point, Lucy was SO excited about walking down the aisle and throwing her flowers. But when I told her it was time for me to go sit down, she got very nervous and said "I just want to sit by you." I convinced her to stay with Justin and prayed that she'd walk down the aisle happily. 
The poor ring bearer did NOT want to go down the aisle, so Lucy was really confused about what she was supposed to do. Haha. She ended up going down somewhat hesitantly, but did crack a few smiles (I just didn't capture any). Whew!
Lucy did great during the ceremony. It was fairly long and I was worried about her being quiet. But she played a game on my phone the whole time and got comfy with her head in Esther's lap and her feet on mine. Haha.

Time to party! We blew bubbles, then Lucy got to ride to the reception on the party bus with Justin. I forgot to get a picture, but heard she had a blast!

One of the fun features of the reception was the mashed potato bar! Definitely the first time I've ever eaten mashed potatoes out of a martini glass! Haha.
6. We danced the night away (my camera doesn't take very good pics in the dark, so I don't have much documentation). Lucy wasn't a huge fan of the loud music, but she loved watching the dances and running around with her cousin Annabel. We stayed until almost 11. And she was out within 10 minutes of getting in the car:

Leading up to the wedding, Lucy always wanted to wear her flower girl dress around the house. I repeatedly told her that she could wear it as much as she wanted to after the wedding, but not before. So when we got home and scooped her out of her carseat and up the stairs, I asked if she wanted to change into her pajamas. She sleepily murmured, "No. You said I could wear my dress as much as I want after the wedding." Lol. She slept in it all night and I'm not sure I'm ever going to get it off her.

7. Sorry this was so wedding-centric and pictures you've already seen on facebook. You know I have to record it for myself. :-) I'll try to be back with my usual witty repertoire again next week. ;-)  

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  1. Crazy busy week!! Lucy looked so pretty in her dress and it sounds like she did really well :)


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