Sunday, December 7, 2014

Advent Activities 2014

This is our third year of doing an activity a day for the month of December, leading up to Christmas. (Ideas from 2012 and 2013) This year, I was a slacker and didn't make any kind of cute presentation. I found half a package of foam Christmas trees in the craft closet and wrote the date on one side and the activity on the other, then taped them to the back of Lucy's bedroom door. I love having pre-planned activities for us to do everyday, even if it takes a little bit of prep work. Here's what we've got for this year:

Dec 1: Make/mail invitations for Jesus’ birthday party
Dec 2: Watch Christmas movies on TV (A Charlie Brown Christmas)
Dec 3: Find Christmas books at home, get some from the library. Read in a fort.
Dec 4: Make Christmas card for Judie (our Compassion International child)
Dec 5: Buy Lena a present
Dec 6: Set out Nativity
Dec 7: Get/decorate a Christmas tree
Dec 8: Make snowman pizzas
Dec 9: Make gifts for Cubbies leaders
Dec 11: Jesus’ birthday party
Dec 12: Make snowmen (It doesn't look like there's going to be snow for this. Might have to edit!)
Dec 13: VK Christmas party/peppermint ornaments
Dec 14: Paint nails red and green
Dec 15: Make bird feeders (probably just toilet paper rolls and peanut butter sprinkled with birdseed)
Dec 16: Make treats for librarians (swirl cookies?)
Dec 17: Family game night
Dec 18: Elf and popcorn
Dec 19: Go sledding
Dec 20: Unwrap special ornaments. Put on tree. (I buy the girls each an ornament every year.)
Dec 21: Make snow ice cream
Dec 22: Make candles for Grandma VK (I don't think she reads my blog . . .)
Dec 23: VK family Christmas

Dec 24: Unwrap one present (Frozen jammies) 

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