Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Saturday "7"

1. We've been doing terribly with school lately. Last week was crazy with wedding prep. I don't know what my excuse was this week. I just feel like we've been so busy. We did one tiny lesson about the "sh" sound. Lucy did awesome with making "sh" words:
Oh, and we did our Cubbies lesson. It was about the fiery furnace and gave Lucy the bonus activity of recreating the story with Play-doh. She has an obsession with watching YouTube videos about play-doh, so she loved this activity:
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and the angel in the furnace.
2. I was so excited about doing Truth in the Tinsel with Lucy, but I've failed at that too. And the Advent Activities have been pretty lame too. We made snowman pizzas:
We made gifts for Lucy's Cubbies leaders:
Melted crayon ornaments.
I can't believe I forgot to take an "after" picture. They looked really cool! Although they took forever. Word to the wise: only use a few tiny crayon pieces. Lucy got bored quickly and left me to melt those stinkin' crayons for like 30 hours. And burn my poor little hands.

3. The only other thing we did from our Advent list was throw a birthday party for Jesus.
If you want to see the list of activities I intended to do, see here.

4. We finally got the OK to close on our house! And not a moment too soon, since our propane is down to 8%. Haha. We're closing Monday at 5:30. I'm going to take that big check to the bank Tuesday morning and go buy myself a car! I know it doesn't really work like that, and the bank will put a hold on the check for a few days, but I can't wait to finally have a vehicle that works! And has heat! Keep an eye out for me: under $5,000. 3 rows of seats. Working heat.

5. I've got nothing else. I've been working on this entry for an hour. The end.

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