Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. Justin and I went to a Whitecaps game for our May date last Saturday. It was an abysmal game, but we enjoyed ice cream and people watching. The best part was the drunk guy two rows in front of us. He was already drunk when he arrived and kept hitting on two girls sitting directly in front of me. One of them was discreetly snapchatting him and sending pics to her friends with captions like "This guy is so annoying" and "such a creeper." Lol. He thought he was such hot stuff, and the girls were totally annoyed by him. Halfway through the game, he fell asleep sitting up. Being drunk looks like so much fun . . .

2. For Memorial Day, we spent a day at the cottage again. It wasn't the best weather, but that didn't deter Justin. He fished for three hours in the rain. Haha. We did have a little bit of sunshine. Lena adores riding in the kayak:

We actually went to the cottage on Sunday. On Monday, Niki and the boys came over and we spent the day stuffing our faces and playing games - pretty much my ideal day. We played Wizard, Spades, Scattegories, Telestrations, and Speed Scrabble (they gave me a handicap and I still won, thank you very much).

3. I'm starting to wonder if Lena could be color blind. She knows all of her colors except red and green. She can not tell them apart - or even identify them at all. It's the weirdest thing. I know color-blindness is much more common in boys and is usually hereditary. No one in our family is color blind. Maybe I should just be patient and she'll eventually figure it out.

4. Justin went camping with some friends this weekend. He left Thursday evening, so we filled up a few days with playdates. On Thursday my friend Becky came over with her kids. She finally moved home after 3 years in Pennsylvania, and  Lucy is so thrilled (as am I!). She has 3 kids with L names so they fit right in. :-) And we spent all day Friday at Kelly's house with more friends. I spent both evenings Justin was gone eating chocolate in bed and watching TV. The first night, I watched 6 episodes of Friends on Netflix. Glorious. Although we were all happy when Justin came home! (And now I'm sitting in bed next to him watching some horrible re-enactment about a guy who got trapped in a silo full of corn and almost died.)

5. Most of my reading time this week was spent on Lonesome Dove. I realized on Thursday that I only had 7 hours left before it would disappear from my Kindle (because I borrowed it from the library), so I powered through to finish it. And the reason this entry is so late is because I spent all day today reading Becky Wade's newest book A Love Like Ours. (Loved it.)

6. Ugh. This is another boring entry. I know everyone hates when I just recap my boring week. So here are some deep thoughts for you: That book I just finished is a perfect example of something I struggle with. In all my reading of inspirational fiction, I read this all the time: a character is angry and distant and carrying some kind of load. They eventually hit rock bottom and have a "come to Jesus" moment - which comes with an immediate "lightening" of their load. They experience a wash of peace, they feel their burdens being lifted from their shoulders, they feel the presence of Jesus. Now I know it's fiction. But it's written by actual Christians who know other Christians. Do people really have those moments? Is it just for hardened sinners who have dramatic conversions? I feel like there have been times in my life when I've hit "rock bottom," when I've cried out to Jesus. But I never feel my burden lifted or that wave of peace. Am I not hitting rock bottom enough? Am I not doing it right? Am I putting too much stock in emotions?

7. I've got nothing else. So here are a few pictures from my phone that never made it on facebook this week:

These are the kind of snapchats my sisters get on a regular basis. Lol.
She takes them herself and uses the "talk to text" function to write captions. (Look at those eyelashes!) 
We went to see my cousin Esther's new baby last week. Lena loooooved him . . .
Such a sweet picture . . .
And then there's Lucy:


  1. I wonder if you would like some of our nerd board games... So many good ones. And I love that they give you a handicap in Scrabble... And that you still win :P

    We wondered if Desy was colorblind for a long time too because he has the same problem! Turned out he was just still learning his colors.

    I think the rock bottom experience is hyped up. Yes, it DOES happen, but sometimes life is just hard and you have to be faithful and fight through it, and life turns around in THAT way. I think sometimes it takes those hard experiences to teach us so that we can manage it through our lives and often so you can help other people with the same struggles. It's definitely learning the hard way, but sometimes I think that teaches you the best.

    ... So that's my two cents :P

  2. #6 -- I heard a message once about the story of the prodigal son, but the message was actually focused on the older brother. He was upset with his father because he never got any special parties, but the father replied "you are always with me, and everything I have is yours." What I got out of it is to be thankful that we haven't had to wallow in pig muck, and instead see the blessings the father has already given to us, and don't be afraid to ask for a party anyway. Of course the speaker told it in a much longer, better sermon than that. :)

  3. #3. Colour-blindness is extremely rare in females. It means that the father has to be colour-blind, and the mother needs to be a carrier(meaning her father would also be colour-blind). My dad is colour-blind, so I've had many discussions about it, and on Bertie possibly having it as well.


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