Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Saturday 7

1. I was looking at my blog stats this week to see what my most viewed posts are. The second-most-viewed is my stomach picture. It has over 1,000 views! How does it get so many? Are y'all sharing it or something? Is it on Pinterest? I did a search on Pinterest for the title/my blog name and didn't find anything. I'm puzzled.

2. Good news! Lucy got into Kindergarten! I forgot to tell you about her social readiness test last week. It was such a fail. She did exactly what I was worried she'd do. She was totally fine until we walked in the door and they asked her to take off her coat. She completely refused. I dragged her into the classroom where they had name tags with the kids' names on them. The teacher asked her to find her name and Lucy fell in a heap on the floor. I tried to tell her it was just for a couple hours and she'd have fun and make new friends and all the other dumb things you tell kids, but she wouldn't get off the floor. I finally told her I had to go to the parents' meeting and left her on the floor despairing that they'd ever accept her. When I went back to pick her up 2 hours later, she still had her coat on, but she also had a folder full of completed crafts and coloring pages. The teacher said she warmed up and participated, so that gave me hope. On Tuesday, we got the word that she was accepted into kindergarten! Woohoo! We got to see her evaluation form. She tested at 61 months for almost everything. Whew. My lack of homeschooling the past few months hasn't totally ruined her.

3. I'm still concerned about her social skills, though. Yesterday, we went to my friend Kristy's house. I see Kristy about twice a year and usually we meet at a restaurant for moms' night, so Lucy doesn't know her or her kids. We were there from 10-1 and Lucy spent the first two hours completely glued to me. The only reason she eventually got off my lap is because Kristy turned on Doc McStuffins and made her macaroni. Ugh. How is this kid ever going to survive school?

4. I had bad luck with books this week. I started and abandoned 3 books in one day! I almost never give up on books without finishing them, but these were really bad. I did read one good one: The Heist by Janet Evanovich. And in my quest to try books by popular authors, I tried a Nora Roberts novel: Unfinished Business. Blech. Too much sex, not enough storyline. I need there to be more of a plot than "will they get together?" because we know that they will. I also checked out a physical book from the library this week, but Lena was playing with it and seems to have misplaced it. I have no clue where it went . . . Oh boy. Another reason to stick to Kindle reading. Haha.

5. I had a rough Thursday again this week. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, the girls were being particularly belligerent, and I was so done. I begged God to help me get through the day, to change my attitude, to give me an idea of something we could do. A few minutes later I realized it was a sunny spring Thursday, which means . . . . garage sales! I did a craigslist search and found a neighborhood sale, texted Kelly to join us, and headed on down to Rockford. I didn't actually buy that much, but it was a beautiful day, and my depression melted away like a snowman in summer. (Haha. I couldn't resist.) The one thing I bought was a $12 bookshelf. I'm in love with it and have already packed it to the gills with books.

6. Speaking of books . . . I hosted an online Usborne books party last night. I was introduced to Usborne a few years ago, and they have largely contributed to my need for more bookshelves. Haha. Last night, I was browsing through the catalog, and laughed out loud at the cover page:

My party is open through tonight, so I'm going to share some of my favorites with you and entice you to check it out for yourselves. :-)

I'm planning on getting this one for Lucy:
Product Link
The sticker books are one of my favorite Usborne products. Lucy absolutely loves them and will spend hours dressing up the characters. This is the "fashion design" edition, so she can decorate the clothes herself before she puts them on the girls. She's going to love it.

I'm also getting this one to save for Christmas. It'll be a good activity for both of my girls for our Advent countdown. (I'm buying 2. They don't share that well.)
Product Link
They have a huge selection of non-fiction and phonics books that would be great for homeschooling. I'm getting this one because it's a combined volume, so you get more for your money. :-)
Product Link
I'm also getting this one to hopefully start alleviating some of Lucy's school anxiety:
This is the "mini" version, so it's only $1.99! 
Here is the shopping link if you wanna check it out yourself. The party closes tonight, so don't procrastinate! :-)

7. As has become custom, my last point is a silly picture from this week. One day, I was making dinner and happened to look out the window to the front porch. This is what greeted me:
I'm watching you . . .

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