Monday, May 9, 2011

My Stomach: Before, During, and After

Warning: This is going to be a disgusting post.  I am going to post some quite horrifying pictures.  Nothing inappropriate: just my stomach.  But it's going to be gross!  View at your own risk!!

This is when I first found out I was pregnant with Lucy.  Look at that nice, smooth belly and cute little belly button.

This was taken on this date last year (May 9, 2010) - 2 days before Lucy was born.  Major stretchmarks and PUPPS! Also - belly button stretched into oblivion!

One year later: May 9, 2011.  My belly button will never be the same!  But honestly, after looking at that last picture, it could be much worse!! Haha.

Only 2 more days 'til Lucy's birthday!  Tomorrow I'll post her birth story, and Wednesday will be the 1 year update!


  1. I think your new belly button is just begging to be pierced. ;-)

    (Totally joking, by the way.)


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