Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mini Lucy Update

I don't think I'm going to do the monthly updates anymore now that she's one.  I need to be careful not to out-do myself with Lucy in the event any other children come along.  Haha.  So I'm just going to do a mini update every once in a while when I have stuff to share.  And I'm sure I'll include most of her major milestones in the Saturday Sevens.

Lucy is getting better at walking.  She has pretty good balance and can take many steps in a row when she feels like it. (Her record is 13!)  But for the most part, she prefers to crawl.  That said, her newest form of transportation is walking on her knees.  It's hilarious.  When she wants to carry something across the room, she picks it up, then gets up on her knees and shuffles to her destination.  I took a video, but there's no way I'm going to try to upload it on my dial up connection.

Binky Rules: Lucy still has her Binky.  I'm not in much of a hurry to get rid of it.  It's really her only vice.  She doesn't have a lovey or a blankie or anything.  She's not allowed to have it all the time, though.  Pretty much only in bed and in the car.  Although I've been known to slip it to her in restaurants or the grocery store to keep her quiet. :-)

I'm still working on sneaking veggies into stuff.  I recently discovered that she loves bean burritos.  So this week I bought a can of refried beans and smothered some on a tortilla with a generous helping of pureed green beans and a sprinkling of cheese.  She chows it right down!  I also tried adding an entire jar of pureed carrots to a batch of mac n' cheese.  It made it dark orange, but Lucy was none the wiser and gobbled it down with her usual abandon.  2 points for mom!

She's been doing better with naps lately.  I tried cutting her down to one nap on Monday and it was an utter disaster.  She was a wreck all day.  So it's back to 2 naps, and she's doing fine.  She usually sleeps about 2 hours in the morning and an hour or so in the afternoon.

Oh, and I wanted to document the conclusion of my weaning saga.  I had a few clogging issues for about 2 weeks after nursing her for the final time.  Nothing terrible, just uncomfortable.  I'm all back to normal now! And Lucy is doing much better with drinking cow's milk.  I had been giving her pretty generous portions of chocolate, but I've been cutting back on that, and she drinks it just fine. :-)

Well of course this update wasn't so "mini", but that's just how I roll.  :-)

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  1. I need to start taking tips from you on getting Orion to eat veggies... he has been SO picky lately... arg.

    Sounds like Lu is doing fabulously!


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