Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Saturday 7

1. Lucy was very sick this week.  She's been sick before, but this was the first time she required antibiotics. :-(  I'm sure most of you have followed the saga on facebook, but I'm going to recap it here for my own records.

She woke up Sunday with a fever of 103.3.  Staggered ibuprofen and tylenol all day.  Monday morning her fever was down to 101.  By the time we got to the doctor at 9:30, her fever was gone, but the doc diagnosed her with a sinus infection.  I've never heard of a baby having a sinus infection!  Dr. said her ears looked fine, but her throat was irritated from snot dripping down it.  Ick.  The doctor wrote a prescription but suggested waiting a day or two to fill it since Lucy's fever had broken and she was probably on the mend.  Monday night, Lucy whimpered all night in her sleep.  She really started crying at 5, so I got up to give her some ibuprofen.  She was so miserable and would not rock with me, so I nursed her and she went right back to sleep.  Justin had Tuesday off so I left her home with him while I went to work.  It was very hard for me!  I texted him like 5 times to see how she was doing!  I picked up her antibiotic that night since her fever was back and she was miserable.  It wasn't until yesterday that she really rounded the corner.  All week she was soooo cranky - not at all herself. Poor kid.

2. In happier Lucy news, she took her first steps this week!! She's taken one or two falling steps here or there, but on Thursday she suddenly got the hang of it.  She still hasn't taken more than 4 steps, but they're much more controlled.  She gets the biggest smile on her face and is so proud of herself.  Adorable!!!

3. I was flipping through Lucy's baby book the other day and found the section where you write the cost of living.  The price of gas this time last year was $2.95!! Ugh. How are we going to survive if it keeps increasing at that rate?  I remember the year Justin and I got married (2005) we went camping over labor day weekend and got gas for $1.99/gal! So the prices have doubled in 6 years.  Unfortunately, our paychecks haven't increased at such a rate.

4. Kelly and Presley came over yesterday.  We put the girls down for a nap and spread our scrapbooking stuff allllll over the floor.  I finally started Lucy's book! Haha. 5 days before her first birthday.  I got 3.5 pages done.  Woohoo!

5. Lucy's 1 year pictures are today!  I'm really nervous.  I just hope that she's happy and smiley and cooperative.  And I hope I can make her hair look cute.  I'm such a hair novice.

6. I did not do very well with cooking this week.  Lucy would not let me put her down most evenings, and there's only so much I can make with one hand.  Haha.  I only made 3 meals: breakfast burritos, my favorite white chili, and Dorito casserole (yes, it is as healthy as it sounds - haha!).

7. I started a new book this week: Spiritual Parenting.  So far, I'm really liking it.  I'm taking notes, so I'm sure I'll fill you all in. :-) Oh, and I started a new "feature" on this fabulous blog.  Look to the left and you'll see my "currently reading, on my reading list, recently read" modules.  I linked all of the books so you can check them out. :-)

Well we have an insanely busy day ahead of us, so I should probably get off the computer and go get ready.  Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. I LOVE Spiritual Parenting, Sadie! I hope you like it too...I'll be interested in your thoughts. Some of the things might not fully apply to our little ones now but they're such good ideas to implement in our homes regardless. And, I'm loving your preview of your shoot on Facebook!


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