Monday, July 27, 2015

Lena: 2.5

1. She can sing her alphabet, but only identifies three letters: L, M (for mommy!), and O.

2. She counts perfectly to 12, then mumbles some random teen numbers until she hits 20 and then she can do 21, 22, 23, etc.

3. She knows triangle, square, rectangle, moon (crescent), oval, circle, star, and heart.

4. The reason she knows her shapes is because of the book Pa Grape's Shapes. She insists that I read it to her at naptime and bedtime, and has it completely memorized. It is amazing to hear her quote it. I wish she'd let me videotape her . . .

5. She knows her colors, although she still struggles with red and green - especially green. She's getting better at red.

6. She's still completely obsessed with her Binky and Ellies.

7. She generally sleeps from 8:30pm to anywhere between 6 and 7 am. And she takes one, two hour nap every day.

8. She loves Lucy and calls her "my sister." The girls usually play really well together, although they definitely fight. Lena likes to be obstinate and always wants the opposite of what Lucy wants. If I ask them what they want for lunch, Lucy invariably says "macaroni!" and Lena just has to argue, so she says "I don't want macaroni!" If I ask who wants the blue plate and who wants the red plate, Lena wants whatever Lucy wants. When they play house, Lucy always says "I'm the mom!" and Lena always responds, "No! I want to be the mom!" She doesn't even know what that means. She just wants to make Lucy mad. But they also love on each other, and play adorable imaginary games together, and giggle a ton.

9. She's obsessed with Daniel Tiger (she calls him Neighbor) and screen time in general. She'd watch youtube on my phone for hours if I'd let her. When Justin and I went away this weekend, Lena asked my mom, "Did Mommy take her phone?" My mom said yes. Then Lena said, "Did Mommy take her Kindle?" My mom said yes. So Lena said, "What am I going to do??" Ha.

10. She's a girly girl like Lucy. She loves to dress up and wear pretty jewelry and do make-up. She loves playing with babies and making food in her pretend kitchen (and helping me in the real kitchen). She has no interest in balls or sports and is terribly uncoordinated. Lol.

11. She is anti-social just like Lucy. She loves my parents, but that's about it. She still cries when I drop her off to her class at church - and she sometimes doesn't even make it through the hour class without the teacher coming to find me. She doesn't like my sisters or nephews or any of her other relatives - at least not until she's had about half an hour to warm up to them.

12. Mostly, she's just obsessed with me. I call her my leech, because she clings to me 90% of her waking hours. In the morning, when she wakes up, we snuggle in my bed and watch Daniel Tiger until Lucy wakes up. Justin is already gone, so we have my whole queen sized bed to share. But she insists on laying so close to me that she is pressed up against me. When I'm sitting on the couch, she wants to sit on my lap. When I'm cooking, she wants me to hold her. And I'm not allowed to leave her sight. If I walk away from her, she shouts, "Wait for me!" If for some reason she can't find me, she screams in a panicked voice, "Mommy, where are you?!?!" The poor child has abandonment issues and I've never left her anywhere other than church or with a family member. I thought Lucy was bad, but she was nothing compared to Lena.

13. Despite her leech tendencies, she's hilarious and goofy and wonderful and words can't express how much we love her and how much fun we have with her.

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