Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Saturday 6

Something very sad and strange is happening . . . blogging is losing its allure. Hopefully I'm just going through a phase, but lately I feel like I just don't have anything to say.

1. This week was VBS at our church. I taught the preschool class because Lena cannot be away from me. The first day I only had 4 kids! It was a breeze! We eventually doubled our class size, but the kids were good and I had great helpers. I was given a curriculum this year instead of making my own. But it was still a lot of work to choose which crafts/activities to do and then collect/organize all the supplies, and make sure everything was prepped and ready. Lucy actually went to her class without me 4 out of the 5 days. There's hope for kindergarten after all!!

2. I made a new meal last week that was pretty good. I'm obsessed with bacon in pasta lately. Chicken Carbonara is my new fave at Olive Garden (even though it's like $18!). Anyway, this recipe is from the Plain Chicken blog: Chicken Bacon Tomato Alfredo Skillet {One Pot}. Make it. Eat it. Be fat and happy.

3. The only book I read in the past two weeks was The Pelican Bride (Beth White). It was a little more historical than I'm used to, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was about part of American history I'm not real familiar with. Thumbs up.

4. This week was Town and Country Days in Sparta. Justin's dad treated the girls to a night at the carnival. We went too, because did I mention that Lena cannot be away from me? Oy. (More on that in her 2.5 year update later this week.) Lucy rode the same ride 4 times and went on a couple other kiddie ones. That child does not have the spirit of adventure. (Where do you suppose she gets that?) I should probably encourage her more, but I know what it's like to be afraid, and I remember what it's like to be pressured to go on the big rides and then hate every second of them. She'll do it when she's good and ready. And if she never does, who cares?! Less money spent at the carnival!
This was the favorite. Fortunately, Justin went on it with her because I'm getting old and spinny rides make me sick. 
Lena liked it too!

The train.
5. The carnival has one of those kiddie-coasters. Lucy absolutely refused to go on it, but Lena insisted that she wanted to go. She was barely tall enough, and adults couldn't ride it, so she had to go by herself. This is where my helicopter-parenting comes out. I kept telling Justin that she was too little and she'd be too scared and he kept telling me to just let her try it. So I stood by the fence nervously as the attendant strapped her in. It's a really jerky ride and all the other kids held onto the bar in front of the seat, but Lena was too short to reach it and I thought she'd fly right out of the car. The first time they went around, she looked a little nervous. The second time, she started to cry. By the third time, she had a look of sheer terror and was shouting, "Mommy!!!"
Poor baby. Props for being brave, though.
6. Today was the parade. It was scheduled to be at noon, so we showed up around 11:40 and were shocked by all the available parking. As I was parking, Niki called to tell me that the parade was postponed 'til 2 (because of some storms that had just blown through). So we walked around town, got free hot dogs and ice cream, went to the petting zoo, etc. Lucy refused to get out of the stroller, and Lena was scared of this adorable little kitten:

 Finally, once the temperature had climbed to 85*, the parade started. I don't know why I even bother - why we miss nap time and sit in the sweltering sun getting sweaty and sunburned. My girls are terrified of the firetrucks and loud noises:
This is Lena burying her face in my shoulder and clinging to me for dear life.
I did get one cute picture before the parade started:

And they got tons of candy, so it was worth it to them.

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  1. I've always said if we ever go to an amusement park, I will be the mom standing on the ground taking pictures while the kids go on rides with their dad. Unfortunately Abby is looking to be a not-brave type too. The last few weeks Rocky and his family has been talking about getting the girls to try waterskiing (his sister was skiing at age 3), and Rocky was able to convince Ellie to go tubing behind the boat. She loved it! (daredevil child) But Abby was terrified to try it. Finally (the weekend I was gone) he convinced her, though now she tells me "I'm only going to go once every summer." And they keep talking about how fun it would be for "all 4 of us to go tubing together!" Mmm... not my idea of fun. But then I feel bad, how do I convince the girls to try new things if even I don't do them??

    My girls hate the fire trucks too, but love candy. The last parade we went to Ellie sat on my lap the entire time (which she never does) and the people walking would come over and hand her candy directly and she'd still turn into me (what happened to my brave child??)


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