Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. One of the best parts of having a baby is all the meals people bring you in the week following. Haha. We had so much good food this week thanks to Niki's delegating and my friends' generosity. Major thanks to Missy, Niki, Kris, Amy, Kelly, another Missy, and Tammi! I'm not looking forward to doing my own cooking again. (Although I won't have to for a while thanks to the mounds of delicious leftovers!) Oh, and good news! Despite all that amazing food, I'm down 15 pounds! Since I gained less than 30 pounds for the first time in the history of my pregnancies, that's over halfway! Woohoo! Not even going to attempt regular jeans, though. I know my hips are still too wide and I just don't need that kind of disappointment. Haha.

2. My due date is tomorrow and I am so glad I'm not still pregnant! Although I do kind of miss my built-in table. I had a bowl of cereal the other day and didn't know what to do without my belly to prop the bowl on! Haha. It's so weird to think that Levi wasn't technically supposed to be here yet. It already seems like he's always been a part of our lives!

3. Mini Levi Update: He's 12 days old today.  He still sleeps most of the day. He's eating every 3 hours around the clock. Still struggling with the latch. He did really well with it on Thursday and Friday, but was bad again last night and this morning. He sucks twice and pulls off before he gets anything. Over and over and over until he's screaming in frustration. He's still puking a ton. Not as much projectile in the past few days, but still spitting up good portions after every feeding. We had a WIC appointment yesterday and he weighed in at 6 lbs. 15 oz - his exact birth weight. Whew! And he's having plenty of wet and dirty diapers. He actually pees out of his diaper fairly often. I think I'm not used to diapering a boy . . . or the newborn diapers are still too big. I just can't get them tight enough around his scrawny little legs! And I'm still working around the gross umbilical stump. Once that falls off, I can hike the diaper up a little more. I'm hoping that will help.

4. I'm starting to feel the exhaustion. He's actually a great sleeper. He lets me get 3 hour chunks throughout the night and usually goes right back to sleep after eating. But he's a painfully slow eater, takes forever to latch, and keeps falling asleep so I'm up for at least an hour at a time every 3 hours. *yawn* It's making me a little cranky during the day. I've been short-tempered with the girls. I hate myself for it which just makes me more cranky/depressed. I had a little meltdown last night. I know logically that it's hormones and sleep deprivation, but I still feel a little out of control and I hate that feeling. Overall, I'm doing great emotionally. It just hits me every once in a while - usually in the evenings.

5. I'm also fighting a cold, which doesn't help with the exhaustion. Lucy came down with a cough the day before we came home from the hospital. So it's been almost 2 weeks. She does.not.stop coughing. It is driving me absolutely insane! I finally counted tonight. The longest she makes between coughs is 13 seconds. She usually coughs about every 5 seconds. All day, people! I bought her some stronger cough medicine tonight that I'm hoping will help. But I'm tempted to call the doctor if it doesn't go away in the next few days. I doubt there's anything they can do for her, though. The cough is her only symptom. It's probably more habit than anything at this point. Oy.

6. A random Lena phrase: At night when I rock her, she says "Scratch and soft me" meaning she wants me to rub/scratch her back. Haha. I don't know why she says "soft me" but it's adorable.

7. Since I've been home from the hospital, I've finished Bones, Fixer Upper, and Property Brothers on Netflix. I was almost done with the first two before giving birth, but I powered through Property Brothers. I have to do something to pass the time while nursing a baby 12 hours a day. But now I'm stumped for what to start next. I like home improvement shows because I don't mind the girls watching with me, and it's not something I really need to pay close attention to.  Today, I turned on America's Funniest Home videos just for something to have on in the background. The girls ended up watching with me, and at one point, there was a time-stamp on the bottom of a video that said 2001. Lucy said "Wow. 2001. I bet that guy [Tom Bergeron] wasn't even born yet!" When I told her that I was born before 2001, her eyes nearly bugged out of her head and she declared incredulously, "You were born before the 2000s?" Lol. #old

8. Bonus point for pictures:
His favorite position (and mine)
We introduced the girls to Culver's tonight and let them pick out their own ice cream mix-ins. They were pretty geeked.

Look at what a tiny little bundle he is!

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