Saturday, June 4, 2016

Potty Training Week One Recap

Just for my records . . .

PT Day One:
Let her wear diaper 'til 10:00. She screamed and begged for a new diaper until 10:40. Refused to wear undies. Went naked under her dress all day. At one point she bargained with me: "I'll wear undies to the store, we can buy diapers, then come home and take my undies off and put diaper on."

Went outside to play and came in wet around noon.

Physically forced her to sit on the potty chair before naptime. She insisted on sitting on her dress instead of lifting it up.

Diaper at naptime - was soaked by the time she woke up 2 hours later.

Peed on the floor 3 more times before 7:30. I pinned her to the potty chair one more time. She begged to go to bed early so she could wear a diaper.

PT Day Two:
Only cried for about 20 minutes when I put her undies on in the morning.
2 accidents before noon.
Filled diaper at naptime (despite bribes to keep it dry)
Peed in kiddy pool while playing in it after nap
Peed in bath

Was more willing to sit on potty chair. She would sit long enough for me to sing ABCs, then bolt off of it. Still no successes.

PT Day Three:
Didn't cry about undies this morning, but asked 7,000 times when it was going to be naptime so she could wear a diaper.
1 accident before naptime.
Soaked diaper (and pooped) during naptime.
Went to Lucy's school so she got to wear a diaper from 1:45-3:15. It was wet when I took it off.
Carries a towel around with her so she can sit on it.

PT Day Four:
Put undies on her at 8;15. She cried a long time.
8:35 Noticed she wasn't crying and had disappeared. She went in the computer room and peed on the floor.
8:50 Noticed she was gone again. In the computer room, peeing on the floor.
9:00 Diaper on while I went to the dentist, let her keep one on until after naptime.
3:00 She woke up dry, but peed before I could finish nursing Levi and get her undies on.
6:00 She hid in the doorway to the porch while I was nursing Levi. Peed on the floor.
I left for the night at 6:15, but Justin said she neither had an accident or any success on the potty chair.
I think she's starting to recognize the feeling because she's hiding to pee. The first few days she had accidents, I think it caught her completely off guard. Making progress?

PT Day Five:
Cried when I put undies on her.
Peed on floor at 10:45.
Play date - peed upstairs twice.
Pooped in her swimsuit after playing in the pool.
Kept diaper dry during nap.
Wore diaper to Meijer - it was wet when we got home.
Peed in bath.
Still no successes. Still hiding every time she pees. You'd think I'd be able to catch her, but she waits until I'm busy with something and by the time I realize she's gone/quiet, it's too late.

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