Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. I'm trying to be intentional about doing at least one fun craft/activity with the girls a week. This week, we did Pinterest-inspired hospital play. I found this plaster stuff on amazon to make casts out of. Lena thought it was great. Lucy didn't appreciate the mess. We also got a bunch of supplies from Niki after Tayton's brain surgery debacle - cute little masks, alcohol wipes, and syringes full of saline water. The girls thought they were awesome.
Applying the cast 
Poor baby with two broken legs

2. One day, I had to run to Family Dollar for something and Lucy remembered that she still had some birthday money to spend. She got this $5 sprinkler which led to hours of entertainment - and glee:

I've been trying to soak in these moments. Winter lasts so long in Michigan and I dream of these fun, summer days. I love the little moments of running through the sprinkler or laying in the hammock or picking cherries.
Lena picks shirtless, because she eats as she goes and makes a mess. Lol.
3. I'm finally admitting that Lena is strong willed. I've been avoiding the label and telling myself I couldn't possibly have a strong-willed child because Justin and I are pretty amiable, easy-going people. But I can't deny it anymore. When a kid doesn't pee on the potty chair for 14 days, I think she qualifies as strong-willed. When she fights naptime for 2 solid hours, I think she's strong-willed. When I have to wrestle her like a wet seal in the bathtub, I think she's strong-willed. When she'd rather take the punishment than obey me, I think she's strong-willed. Sigh. It's been a hard week (month?). And she's giving up her nap. So I don't get much of a break from the strong-will. But the strong-willed ones are also so sweet sometimes! Look at this precious face:
So proud of herself.
4.We had another garage sale at Niki's house this week. We tried Thursday/Friday instead of Saturday this time and did much better. Finally! The girls loved being at Niki's all day for two days - cable TV, trampoline, new toys, candy galore, and friends to play with. Niki's sister-in-law came with her 3 girls as well, so they all had a blast. Garage sales sure do bring out interesting people. We greatly enjoyed the people watching. Why do old men like garage sales so much?

5. We had an interesting discussion at small group last Saturday about how God speaks to us in this day and age. I'm very wary of people who say, "God told me . . ." and I've been researching a little bit about listening prayer and determining that I don't really agree with it. At small group, we decided that the number one way God "speaks" to us is through the Bible. A few days later, I saw this on Pinterest and thought it summed it up so perfectly:

6. I forgot to tell you what we got Justin for father's day. I wanted to just put this on Levi:

But then I found this online and had it made with my kids' names:
So cute!
His real gift, however, is coming this week: He got the opportunity to go on a 10-day hiking/fishing trip in Wyoming (the state, for my MI friends). He only has to pay for gas and food on the road. Everything else is covered. He was wary at first of leaving me with 3 kids, but we finally decided that now is the time to do it - while we're living with my parents. So he's taking off on Wednesday. Pray for me. (And him - there are bears in Wyoming, y'all!!)

7. This week in pictures:
I wish I could figure out how to post videos. You should see how this kid kicks his legs in the bath. Haha.
I love watching Lucy read to Lena
See the band-aid? She wore it for like 24 hours. Haha.
My new favorite picture.
Captain Adorable getting his toes.

 Why can't I lose the baby weight? #emotionaleating

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