Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. We finally sold my car this week - for $1200 less than I wanted for it. Ha. It's been on Craigslist/sitting in our front yard for over a month with very little interest. Once I significantly lowered the price, I finally got some bites. And when a couple came, test drove it, and made an offer, I practically said, "I don't even care! Just take it!" That car was nothing but trouble for us. Good-bye and good riddance!!

2. I gave up on my diet this week. I've been debating recently which I hate more: dieting or being fat. And I finally decided it's dieting. Haha. I lost 5 pounds (although I don't notice it at all in the way my clothes fit). Good enough. So what if I'm a little chubby? Life is too short to spend it counting calories. And until I start hating being fat more, I'm never going to stick to a diet. Yesterday, I had a donut for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch, pizza for dinner, and roughly 50 oz. of Dr Pepper throughout the day. And it was glorious. #fatandhappy

3. This week was the much awaited VBS at church. Lucy got to participate in the real VBS program for the first time, and Lena was in my preschool class. Levi went to nursery every day and did much better than I expected. I never got called out except to feed him. Such a relief! The preschool class was chaos, as expected. Most days we had 14-16 kids. Two days we had 18. I say this every year, but I seriously have major respect for preschool teachers after this one week a summer. I was with the kids for about 3 hours every morning, and had to come home and take a nap every afternoon! Haha. I also have major respect for working moms. I think I made one meal all week, did one load of laundry, and didn't clean a darn thing all week. Honestly, though, VBS went well. We had a few trouble makers, but no outright terrors. Haha. And I had fabulous helpers. That makes all the difference in the world!

4. Lucy participated in her school's summer AR program this year. The reward for completing so many books was a "splash party" at the beach. Of course, it was scheduled for this Wednesday at 11:45 - 15 minutes before VBS even gets out. On Tuesday night, I packed up all our VBS stuff and all our beach stuff for the next day. We busted out of VBS the second it finished and rushed out to the beach. I was pretty nervous about handling all 3 kids at the beach by myself. It was no walk at the park, but it wasn't terrible. The worst part was hauling all our stuff up and down to the beach.
Levi is in there, under the floatie. Haha. And I was carrying the diaper bag, because the stroller was full of swimsuits, towels, beach blankets, and swimmie diapers.
A very nice mom from the school helped me out once we made it down to the water. She held Levi so I could play in the water with the girls for a while. It always takes Lena a while to get comfortable in the water, but once I eased her into it a little bit, she was happy to play by herself. Of course, that comes with another host of problems for this anxious mother. Lucy is entirely too confident, and swims out way too deep, and Lena is such a klutz that I'm always nervous she's going to stumble, go under, and not be able to get herself back out. Eventually, I sat at the edge of the water with Levi, so I could at least chuck him into the sand and rush in to grab the girls if they needed help. Haha. Levi loved sitting in the shallow water kicking his legs.
I think his legs are tanner than mine!
And look how cute he is in his little suit and hat:

At least until the hat covers his eyes. Haha.

And the girls had a blast swimming. It was a sunny, hot day and the water was really warm. We need to go back to the beach again this year - preferably with Justin. Haha.

5. Yesterday, to celebrate a completed week of VBS, we got slushies and went to Great-Grandma's to go swimming. (Justin has Fridays off, so he came with.)

6. Nothing else to report this week. Here are a few more pictures:
Smiling up at me instead of sleeping
Asleep in the car with my sunglasses on

I went upstairs to check on Lucy last night and discovered this homemade night light in her bed. Haha. Flashlight inside of Halloween bucket.

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