Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Saturday 7

1. My parents watched the girls last night while Justin and I went out. Apparently they watched some of the Olympics. This is what Lucy took from it. "The American swimming girl won the race. And she had her nails painted red, white, and blue. But while she was swimming, one of her nails fell off!!!" Lol. Priorities.

2. The girls love watching gymnastics, too, but it's on ridiculously late! They got to stay up past their bedtime to watch a couple of the events, but once swimming came on, they had to go to bed. The event they saw both times was vault, so now they've been running through our living room, jumping on a chair, jumping down, and throwing their hands in the air. Lena throws in a somersault, but Lucy can't do somersaults, so she usually just jumps with flair. Haha.
Oh the selfies I find on my phone from these two . . . 
3. Levi has been having some strange sleep changes lately. He randomly slept through the night (9 hours) a couple times this week. But he has been such a bear to get to sleep - both for naps and at night time. He fights and fights and fights. One night, I had him sitting on my lap facing me, and he would literally nod off - his head would tip forward and his eyes would roll back in his head, but then he would jerk awake again, like "I'm not tired! I'm awake!" It is soooo frustrating. I've tried putting him down earlier, later, swaddled, unswaddled, in the rock n' play, in the swing, on my bed, in my arms. It doesn't matter. He cries and screams and screams and cries f.o.r.e.v.e.r before finally giving in.

4. I think part of his problem is that he's a third child and we're not home enough/on a consistent enough schedule. We went to our friends' house this week (to go down their awesome redneck slip n' slide - aka tarp with soap and hose water) and he fell asleep like this for about half an hour:

When Lucy goes back to school (in two weeks!), I'm hoping he'll get on a better schedule . . . and continue sleeping through the night. I'm so dreading getting all three kids up and ready and to school on time every day.

5. We spent another day this week at my uncle's pool. It was sooo hot that I made Levi get in with me. He didn't like the pool at Grandma's a few weeks ago, but I eased him into it a little slower this time and he ended up loving it. We even strapped him into the life jacket to see what he'd do.
Lol. He didn't even mind! He sucked on the edge of the life jacket and enjoyed floating around (with assistance, of course).
6, I was looking back at some pictures of Lucy as a baby recently and my first reaction is sadness that that stage of her life is over, and we'll never get it back. Why is that? Why can't I just look back at the past fondly and be happy? I feel so much pressure to soak in all the little moments with my kids now because I know in the near future, I'll be looking back sadly again. And then I start to panic that they're growing up so fast that I can't even enjoy them now! Haha. I was thinking about it like this: summer is drawing to a close and I'm already dreading winter. But why waste what's left of summer worrying about the inevitable winter? Why not enjoy summer while I can and deal with winter when it gets here? Easier said than done.

7. Some pictures. To cry over in a few years.
Big boy sitting up in my bed.

"I don't wanna be a girl!!!"
Blurry cheeseball
His new favorite expression: the old man face
My bug bite bruise. It's looking much better now. No need for alarm. (Or WebMD)

Or maybe I am just lazy . . .

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