Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Saturday 7

Sorry about the lack of Saturday 7 last week. I had nothing nice to say after the election fall-out and didn't trust myself to keep my mouth shut.

1. This week our septic system backed up. We couldn't use the washer, dishwasher, or bathtub. And the toilet only flushed 50% of the time. It was lovely. We had our septic tanks pumped but the problem wasn't resolved. So then a camera guy came and sent a scope down our pipes. Finally, they determined the problem was in a pipe, so they dug up the yard and replaced the pipe. I do not envy any of those jobs! And I've never been so grateful for indoor plumbing! We live in the country, so it's not like I can just run over to the neighbor's house to use the bathroom. Thanks to Niki for letting me bathe my kids in her tub. Thanks also to the library, church, and Libby for letting us use your bathrooms. Haha.

2. In slightly less disgusting news, Lucy lost 3 teeth in one week! Her top two teeth have been loose for months, but a random bottom tooth popped out first. Then one top tooth came out, which left the other dangling by a thread. It was so ridiculous, but she refused to yank it out.
It finally came out the next day, and she's looking so adorable with her toothless grin!

3. Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving already? You know what that means. Christmas is just around the corner!! I've been scoping out deals and doing tons of online shopping. I have a huge chunk of my Christmas shopping done already. I have a couple things to get on Black Friday, and a couple hard people to shop for. but my kids are almost done. Now I just have to stop buying them things . . .

4. After Levi's 8 month update about how he's a bump on a log, I think he's starting to think about moving. I've been trying to put him on his belly and entice him forward with toys. He's doing better about holding his head up and not immediately rolling to his back. And I can see the wheels turning in his head trying to figure out how to go forward. He wiggles his legs and rocks his body back and forth. I've propped him up on his hands and knees a couple times.

He usually holds himself like that for ten seconds, then ends up like this:
Lol. Face plant.
He's also recently started to roll over from his back to his belly in bed. This is terrible of course because he hates being on his belly, but it's progress in the movement department!

5. Justin and I went to our first ever marriage conference last weekend. Our church hosted "The Art of Marriage" - which is a branch of the Weekend to Remember conference put on by Family Life. It was nice because it was Friday evening and all day Saturday, but no overnights and a few breaks in between where I could run home and feed Levi. There was nothing earth shattering, but it was good for us to get talking and kind of assess the state of our marriage.

6. Well I can't believe I don't have more to share after two weeks, but I really can't think of anything else. So here are some pictures:
I hate it when Justin does this. He hasn't dropped a kid yet, but I still can't stand to watch.
Such a man. Already in love with the remote.

Every night Lena lays out her clothes like this for the next day. Haha. 

Meme of the week

Lena's reaction when she found out that my mom's going to Florida for a month in February. 
Snapchats from Lena. Lol.
He seriously loves pickles. So weird.

Pretty little fox baby.

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