Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Saturday 7: Florida Edition!

1. The beginning of this week consisted of me cleaning and shopping and packing, so we're going to jump right into the vacation recap. It's long and detail-filled so feel free to skim!

2. My mom dropped us off at the airport on Wednesday at 1:30. We checked in and went through security without incident (other than Justin's bag getting searched - haha). And the girls were very patient waiting to board. They played with their sticker books and ate snacks.

I was a little anxious before boarding, but not terrible. But as we got on the plane, I was amazed by how tiny and cramped it was. The anxiety started rising a little. There were two rows of 3, and we hadn't really discussed how we were going to sit. The plane was about half full by the time we got on and I felt like we had to hurry up and claim some seats because people were pressing in behind us. So Justin and Lena went one way, and Lucy, Levi, and I went the other. I'd read online that if you sit on the aisle with a baby no one will choose to sit by you (we flew Southwest where you pick your own seat). But then the flight attendants started announcing that it was a full flight and every seat needed to be filled. An old man climbed over me and Lucy to get to the window. He was super nice. Justin and Lena had gone all the way in so Lena could sit by the window so a lady sat on the aisle of their row. She was nice, too, talked about how she has a grandson the same age as Levi, and helped us pass him back and forth throughout the flight.

I was fine until we started taking off. I forgot how the plane kind of dips as it goes up and makes your stomach drop a little bit. At that point, my anxiety went through the roof. I immediately dug into my bag for the xanax. Haha.(I'm going to take it before we even board on the way home so it has time to start working!) The girls did fine the whole time. They played with their tablets and the activity books I had packed and didn't get bored or gurmpy. Lucy complained a couple times that her belly hurt (despite the dramamine she had taken earlier), but it wasn't horrible. And they both said their ears felt clogged on the way down (despite chewing gum).

Levi did fine for the first hour, but then he was bored and tired, but would not go to sleep. So Justin and I passed him back and forth, distracted him with snacks, and did our best to keep him entertained. He never screamed or got loud, he was just antsy and irritable.

The flight was a little bumpy, but once my xanax kicked in, I felt better. I don't mind landing because I like being on the ground. Haha. Although I feel like the pilot really slammed on the brakes. We all flew forward in our seats. Is that normal?

My wonderful brother and his wife picked us up at the airport in two separate vehicles so we could fit all of our kids and luggage, and we headed back to their house.

3. They have one extra bedroom for us, so we're all sleeping together. It's fine except that Levi does not sleep. He's been getting up every two hours every night that we've been here. I'd usually let him cry, but I don't want him to wake up the girls or my brother and Esther. So I get up and nurse him every two hours. It's ridiculous.

4. On Thursday, we went to the Crayola Experience. It was really cool and we spent hours there.

Big light bright!
Fun for all ages!

Waiting for her crayon to melt
Finished product (crayon molds)

The girls also got to make crayon labels - give them a name and wrap the crayons. I think that was their favorite part, but I didn't even get a picture. Oops.

5. And finally, what you've all been waiting for - Disney!! Luke has a friend who retired from Disney and could get us in for free! It was easiest for him to meet us at Epcot, so we went there first. 

We wanted to get right to Magic Kingdom, so we didn't do anything at Epcot except take a couple pictures:

Then we hopped on the monorail, which the girls loved.

We thought it would bring us right to Magic Kingdom, but instead, it dropped us off at a ferry stop. So then we got to ride the ferry!

Reaching for the water.
6. By the time we got through security and into Magic Kingdom it was 11:00 (we didn't meet Tony at Epcot 'til 10) and the girls were hot and tired of walking already and being grumpy.
We made the immediate decision to rent a double stroller, then set off. I knew we'd want to spend most of our time in Fantastyland, so we headed that direction. Our first ride was the carousel.
Their attitudes swiftly improved.
Then we did the teacups.
I love this picture.
The girls loved it, and Levi did great on all the rides. Once in a while, it would get loud and he would start whimpering, but for the most part, he loved them.

Dumbo was one of the girls' favorites.

We rode it twice.

Their other favorite was the Buzz Lightyear ride. 

Thanks to the free Disney gift cards I got from my credit card rewards, we got lunch in the park.
Our $50 meal!

Levi did great the whole time. He loved riding in the stroller, going on the rides, watching everything. But he started to get really tired and just wouldn't fall asleep. Finally, we got on the people mover, and this happened:

The library in Belle's castle!

The girls refused to get their picture taken with any characters. I wanted my picture taken with Belle, but the girls wouldn't go with me, and I thought it'd be weird without them. Haha.

Small World selfie
The girls each got an $8 hot dog for dinner, and Justin and I got soft pretzels. Lucy hurt her foot coming off the Magic Carpet ride at 6:30 and she was done. But I wanted to see the show on the castle, so we stayed for that.
My excellent photography skills at their best
Daddy pack mule helping the girls see over the crowd

When the show was done, we headed out of the park and watched the fireworks from the ferry. It was the perfect place to see them since my kids all hate loud noises. We had a beautiful view (that my phone does not capture well):

The girls stayed awake on the ferry/monorail/30 minute car ride back to Luke and Esther's! But they did fall right to sleep when we put them to bed at 10:00. It was a great day. We had beautiful weather. No rain, glorious sunshine, the high temp got to 82. It was a little hot at times, but not terrible. I loved it. 

7. Today's plans include shopping at Disney Springs (with a much awaited trip to the Lego store) and enjoying the 80 degree weather in Luke and Esther's backyard. Justin is currently fishing. And he and I might even go out on a date tonight (thanks to L&E's generous offer to babysit)! Tomorrow, we head to Venice Beach for a few days to stay with Justin's dad (who is "wintering" there through February). I've already forgotten about the snow and cold and I really don't want to go back to it! 

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