Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Saturday 7

Sorry for the lack of a Saturday 7 last week. I'm sure there was weeping and gnashing of teeth.

1. I bought Lucy one expensive Lego set (Emma's House) for Christmas because she really wanted it, and I knew she'd love it. (And I got a deal on it, of course!) I'm amazed at how much she loves it, though. She spends hours building it, then turns around and tears it right back down so she can rebuild it!! I don't even know how many times she's rebuilt it since Christmas, but it boggles my mind! Spending so much time building something only to tear it back down seems more like torture than entertainment in my mind. Haha. But she loves it. She spends hours listening to audio books and rebuilding her Lego house. Money very well spent!!

2. As you may have read, I made some pretty lofty resolutions this year. So far, I've done a decent job at sticking to them. I've done my devotions every night but one, have read to my kids every day, have gotten lots of housework done, read 2.5 books (and recorded them on goodreads), and even did yoga twice! The first time, I was short on time, so just searched for "20 minute yoga" on YouTube. I chose a "fat-burning" video and it was a tiny bit too hard for me. Lol. Then, yesterday, I did day one of 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne. It was much easier . . . except for two times when she made me do planks. I am so sore from those two planks. My little sister talked me into doing the 31 Day Yoga Challenge with her, so I better get used to being sore . . .

3. Monday was my big sister's 40th birthday!! She and her family were actually in Florida for the week between Christmas and New Year's and came home on her actual birthday. So of course, we made sure her house was decorated to welcome her home!
40 balloons (I blew up 30 of them myself. Whew!)
The awesome "40" photo collage I made

Lena's contribution
Lucy's contribution
4. Good news everyone: Levi is making progress with movement. He really wriggles when I lay him on his belly and at least tries to move. Nothing happens yet, but he's trying! Haha. The biggest milestone, though, is that when I hold his hands and try to walk him around the room, he actually moves his feet! He used to just hang limply and I'd drag his feet behind him. Lol. But now he's taking steps! 

5. Now that Christmas is over I'm throwing myself into planning for our Florida trip! We're leaving in 11 days and I am beyond excited!!! I've been making massive, detailed packing lists, creating an itinerary, and avoiding news stories about plane crashes and airport shootings! 

I honestly never thought we'd be able to take our kids to Disney World - and certainly not by flying there! We have a few unusual circumstances that work in our favor, but I've also found some awesome ways to get deals. I've already told you how we're doing our flights (in this post, number 4). The short version is that I signed up for a Southwest credit card and was awarded 40,000 points for using it to spend $2,000. Because of that, I got 4 round-trip tickets on a non-stop flight for a grand total of $44!! (The points don't cover taxes or fees.) 

My other steal was from another credit card reward. We use one credit card for everything all year, then cash in the points to stay at a hotel or do something fun at the end of the year. This year, I got $200 worth of Target gift cards totally free to me from my credit card rewards. Then, I used my Target gift cards to buy Disney gift cards! Usually, you can't buy gift cards with gift cards, but for some reason Target classifies Disney gift cards as "entertainment" instead of gift cards, so it works!! (I've read it only works in store.) So we got $200 worth of free Disney gift cards just by using our credit card all year (and we always pay it in full, so we're not paying any extra interest)! 

Our lodging will be free because we're staying with my brother who lives in Orlando. And he has a friend who retired from Disney and can get us 3 free tickets! So those are our special circumstances that really make this trip possible. 

We're also going to go to the Crayola Experience in Orlando, so I searched the Internet for deals and discovered that if you go within 7 days of your birthday your ticket is free! As it happens, Justin and Lena will both celebrate birthdays while we're in Florida! And if Lucy and I buy our tickets ahead of time online, we save $5 each. I love a good deal!

6. Speaking of deals . . . today I braved the elements (stupid, stupid temps in the teens, windchills below zero, blinding blowing snow, and gusting winds) to shop the dollar sale at Once Upon a Child. All of their clearance is $1 each. 3 piece outfits: $1. Winter coats: $1. Snowpants: $1. They didn't have a ton of selection in the girls' sizes, but I got them each a handful of things. I could've spent hours going through the 9-12 month boys' stuff. I got Levi a bunch of stuff, including a winter coat and snowpants for next year - for $1 each! My total before the discount was $110. I paid $24! I seriously can't get over it. Haha. If you're local to me, the dollar sale extends all week, so go check it out! (Especially if you have babies - the selection for babies is amazing!)

7. I have almost no photos from the last two weeks. Weird.

Meme for the New Year

I was trying to get a picture of how he points, but it just looks like he's picking his nose. Lol.

This video is not very exciting,but I forgot to take a picture of Levi's awesome new Sperry's, so I'm sharing the video to show them off. :-)

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