Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Saturday 7

1. We had a busy week, full of end of the school year activities. a luncheon in honor of Justin's mom's retirement, and a family night with our good friends. In all our coming and going, I was reminded anew how thankful I am that my kids are flexible and easy-going (for the most part). As long as I pack plenty of snacks, they're good. Haha.

2. One of the school-related activities was a party in the park for kids who got 100 points or more in AR (accelerated reading). Lucy was at 96 points on the day of the cut-off, so she stayed after school to finish. Unfortunately, she comes by her procrastinating tendencies honestly. Justin and I had to get 35 hours of family service at school by May 20. We finished on May 19. Lol. I like to say that I thrive under pressure, but I'm really just lazy.

3. We finally got an appointment set up with Early On for Levi's gross motor delays . . . and he's taking off on his own. Haha. Our appointment is June 8, but he's been making such progress in the past couple of weeks. This week, he figured out how to get down from standing . . . kind of. Sometimes he forgets how and gets stuck like this:
He's also getting better at crawling (with his head off the ground!), but he hates it and cries most of the time. He's even taken a couple of steps unassisted! He's getting super fast cruising around furniture and even walls. And he's a pro with his walker. He can steer and turn and get wherever he wants to go with it. I think walking is on the horizon! (He'll be 15 months on Monday, so it's about stinkin' time! Haha.)

4. I read 3 books and a novella this week. And I stayed up 'til midnight 3 times this week to do so . . . I have no self control. The first was Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay. I loved her Dear Mr. Knightley so when I saw another one by her at a thrift store for 49 cents, I snapped it up. This one was a little sadder because it dealt with cancer, but it was still a great story, and she's a fantastic writer. Then I read one of the books I won from a facebook contest: Keep Holding On by Melissa Tagg. And then Rescue Me by Susan May Warren. I'm up to 36 books so far for the year. My goal of 75 is looking pretty good!

5. The other day while we were putting the girls to bed, Lucy told me to go downstairs and get her a glass of water. I responded that she could do it herself because I wasn't her servant, and she totally sincerely replied, "But you're a mom. That's like a servant. You're supposed to do stuff for me." Oy. I've really been struggling with how to balance modeling service and showing my kids that serving others is important with preventing them from becoming entitled millenials. (Are they too young to be millenials?)

6. I can't think of a 6th, so let's just get to the pictures:
On his knees in his crib. He can't get down and just cries until I rescue him.
This huge moth camped out next to our front door for two days. Look how fat its body is! #gross
I told Lena to pose next to the moth and this is what I got. Lol.
Lucy does not appreciate 1800s couture as much as I do. 
Fun with friends last night. (Even the dog smiled for the picture! Lol.)

Fireside devotions. Between us 5 couples, we have 14 kids!

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