Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Saturday 7: Someecards Edition

Proof that there's a someecard for everything. (I was in a very strange mood when I wrote this entry . . .)

1. My blog has reached 50,000 page views! I should do a giveaway or something. I'll give away more wit and wisdom. How do you like that? ;-)

2. We had some success with vegetables this week! I roasted carrot "fries" for Lena. (Just carrots cut in slices and tossed in olive oil.) She loves them! Unfortunately, I made the fries too thin and she had a very near-choking incident. She finally puked up a huge piece after gagging on it for a scarily long time. So now I cut them into tiny pieces for her to pick up with her fingers. But she's been eating them all week. Woohoo!

And I've gotten back on board with sneaking veggies into Lucy's meals. I put a whole baby food container of carrot/apple in our waffles on Monday. And a container of squash in her macaroni. She was none the wiser and gobbled them down!

3. I made a new recipe this week: Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan. It was delicious, but I used sliced mozarella (instead of shredded) and it totally congealed after being in the crock pot for hours. Should you attempt the same, beware of congealing.

4. I went to a bridal shower for my dearly beloved cousin Rachael today. She's marrying a man named Terver. I couldn't pass up that v in his name. I had to make this:
I made that up by myself. Didn't even steal it from Pinterest. Aren't you impressed?!

5. On the way home from the shower, I stopped at the gas station with the girls. As we were leaving Lucy asked, "Mommy, when you grow up are you going to go to work?" I said, "No. My work is taking care of you and Lena." She groaned "Ohhhh," in disappointment. So I said, "Maybe when you and Lena go to school I'll go to work." To which she replied, "Maybe after school we can go to day care so we can play on the playground!" Haha. There's a day care center across the street from the gas station. Lucy always asks to go to that playground and I always tell her that's just for the day care kids whose moms and dads go to work. Hahaha.

6.  I've recently decided to stop being self-conscious about my flabby belly. Do any of my friends or family love me less because I have a spare tire? No. Do I care if strangers think I'm pregnant? A little. Do I care enough to give up donuts and Dr Pepper? No. It is what it is. I had a baby 8 months ago. She and her sister ruined my body. They were worth it. If things go as planned, I will not get pregnant again for 2+ years. So spread the word. Sadie is not pregnant. She just loves sugar.

7. Considering how long it took me to write this post, I have to end with this:


  1. This post is amazing!!! I love those ecard things. There really is one for everything. :) P.S. Congrats on the pageviews, I'll bet a lot of it is because you pin your own posts to Pinterest. That's when I started getting more pageviews (though I don't write anymore other than my library blog...). There have been times when I've searched Pinterest for alphabet crafts to do with my library kids and your posts come up!

  2. You ARE pretty hilarious... :P

    The Scrabble tiles are so cute! And so you. "I couldn't pass up that V." Ha!

    I don't think there's much we can do about our flabby mummy tummies unless we want to go under the knife, so acceptance is a good thing. Let me know how that goes for you. I have days when I'm ok with it, and days where I feel pretty crappy that I have to tuck my belly into my pants ;)
    I wish I could imbed this image...


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