Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week One: Creation

This was our first week of my attempt at homeschooling Lucy. We're not doing anything rigid or serious. I just want to incorporate a little "school" into our day to prepare her for kindergarten (which she won't be attending for 2 years - overachiever, much?). Really, it's just an excuse to add more routine to our day. I love routine.

We're still not done with our quest through the alphabet, so I incorporated letter W into our first week. It took a little creativity. Haha. 

Anyway, here's what week one looked like.

Week One: Creation (Genesis 1)
Verse: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)
God is: Creative! 

This lesson was easy because I had something specific to focus on every day. I don't think we'll always do a craft every day, but we did for the 7 days of creation. My inspiration came from here, but I re-worked a lot of them. Every day, we sat down with the Bible, read about what God created, then did the craft to re-iterate it. And we went over the verse every day.

Day One - God created light and dark
I printed off the numeral one and had Lucy paint the top half yellow (light) and the bottom half black (dark). Pretty creative, eh? We had a light and dark snack of chocolate chips and marshmallows. :-)

Day Two - God created the sky
Lucy painted the number 2 light blue, then glued cotton ball clouds on. We attempted to fly a kite (up in the sky!), but it wasn't quite windy enough, and Lucy fell on the driveway, scraping her knees and putting a swift end to kite-flying.

Day Three - God created the sea, land, and plants
Lucy painted the top half of the number 3 blue and the bottom half green/brown. I pulled out the scrapbooking stickers and found some waves for the water and some watermelon and leaves to represent vegetation.

Day Four - God created the sun, moon, and stars
We got out the trusty paints again, this time to cover the number 4 in black. While we waited for it to dry, we pasted yellow tissue paper to a circle for the sun and glittered a cut-out of the moon. Then she stuck star stickers all over the number 4. Let me just declare here that I am not a fan of glitter. We did it outside, but I still feel like it's everywhere!

Day Five - God created the birds and fish
Lucy painted the number 5 light blue on top and dark blue on bottom to represent the sky and sea. We made this bird out of shapes. (I cut them out, she glued them on with my direction. She refused to color the bird.) Then we glued on goldfish. Bet you can't guess what we had for a snack this day!

Day Six - God created animals and man
We incorporated the letter W again by making a walrus. (Modeled from this one.) Then I let Lucy look through my stickers and pick out the animals she wanted. (Apparently she thought God made sunglasses on day 6 as well?) Then we made a construction paper face to represent man.
Day Seven - God rested
To represent resting, we gave number seven some (admittedly creepy) eyes.

Then we glued them shut to show that he was sleeping, and covered him with a blanket.

Every day after we finished our craft, we taped it here:

Here's Lucy modeling her hard work:

I also happened to come across this book at the library. It was perfect! 

Week one was a success! Lucy loved having a project to do every day. I loved watching her learn and soaking up God's word. She learned the verse so quickly, I was shocked!

No guarantees about how faithful or creative I'll be in the weeks to come, but I'm excited to try! :-)

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  1. She's the right age to do Cubbies this year, right? (2 years prior to kindergarten) She will love it and so will you! :)


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