Sunday, September 22, 2013

The "Saturday" 7

1. A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article for my friend Bethany about her Art Prize piece. She got it published through Life News and it popped up on their facebook feed this week! So exciting! 

2. Lena took off crawling this week. I took her to Bible Study with me on Tuesday night. We met at my friend Missy's house and Lena was obsessed with her dog. She inched forward for the first time to get her hands on that dog! Haha. (So different than Lucy, who is terrified of dogs!) She's become quite a pro since then. She just army crawls, but I've seen her up on her hands and knees a lot. She'll have that figured out in no time.

3. Justin and I took the girls down to Art Prize on Friday. We looked like a couple tourists with our 2 strollers, consulting our map frequently. I feel like we were there for hours, and walked miles but didn't actually see that much! 

Of course we started by checking out Bethany's piece:
It was so cool to finally see it in person! The big picture is a lenticular, so as you walk past it, it changes. Depending on the angle, you either see Beka pregnant or holding her newborn. And Lena and I are in a few of the small pictures on the border. Way to go, Bethany!

Here were a few of my other favorites from the small sliver of art we saw:
I'm usually not a big fan of quilts, but this is carved out of wood! It looked so much like fabric!! [Porcelain Vine]
This one made me hungry. [November 1st]

Some people get all the talent! [Dancing with Mother Nature]

4. It was interesting to see the differences between my girls emerge once again while we were downtown. Anytime we were outside, Lucy had her hands clapped over her ears. She hates loud noises - especially vehicles. Lena, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of all the sights and sounds. She was taking it all in. Fingers crossed that only one of our kids has inherited my anxiety!

5. I got another stinkin' clogged milk duct this weekend. I've been getting them so often lately. What is the problem?! Is there anything I can do to avoid them??

6. I started thinking about Christmas this week. I made a list of ideas for Lucy. I might start buying a few things now so I don't have such a big credit card bill in January! Oh, and someone will be getting some version of this for Christmas . . .
Hahaha. My fave. (Etsy)
7. While we were at Art Prize, I noticed everyone taking pictures with their iPhones. Am I seriously the only one who doesn't have a smart phone? I lugged my actual camera around with me all day. I don't have instagram. I could hashtag #nofilter on every one of the pictures I post to facebook. How can everyone in the world afford a smart phone? I'm seriously befuddled by this.


  1. We got our first smartphones ever for Christmas last year, and that's only because it happened to be upgrade time and the iPhone 4 was one of the free options. We've never paid for a phone. And I still brought my regular camera to take pictures at ArtPrize yesterday, I only use my phone for photos that happen spontaneously and I don't have my real camera with me!

  2. We don't have smart phones either, and I have no clue how people afford the plan!! We buy phones specifically off of "no data required" lists and have data blocked on our lines so we don't have to pay data charges. It would be nice to have smart phones, but it'll be years and years before we can afford them.

    Art Prize looked really cool! And it's super cool that your article was published :D

    My boys are SO different too! Love it.


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