Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Seek and Find Uppercase/lowercase Letter Match Game

Lucy has had her capital letters down for over a year, but still struggles with some of their lowercase counterparts. So I came up with this quick little game. This is actually the second time we did it, but I didn't take pictures the first. Lucy was thrilled to do it again.

The first time, I just wrote all the capital letters on a piece of poster board. But today I couldn't find any poster board, so I pulled out the Melissa and Doug "Responsibility Chart" (that has never been used for its intended purpose) and taped some uppercase letters to the back:

Then I taped lowercase letters all around the house. You can make this as easy or as difficult as you'd like, and even have fun with it by putting the letters on corresponding objects. For instance: d on the dishwasher, f on the fridge, b on a book, etc. I didn't get that involved. I just scattered them around:

Then Lucy ran around finding the letters and matching them with the upper case version on the board:
Still wearing her pajamas, of course.
Making progress. (I drew a line under the letters that could be confused when turned upside down/sideways.)
So proud of her finished work! 


  1. Abby has those Fancy Nancy pajamas too!!
    This is a great idea. Abby knows her capital letters well too, but needs more practice with the lowercase. We're totally going to do this today, it looks so easy!

  2. I actually saw this on your Pinterest earlier and thought it was so smart... I didn't realize it was from your blog! Very good idea.


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