Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Saturday 7

First entry of 2014!

1. I had a terribly lazy, unmotivated week. I don't know what my problem was. I hardly cooked, barely cleaned, and did about one load of laundry all week (that's still sitting unfolded in the laundry basket). And I'm pretty sure Lucy spent about 20 hours a day watching TV or playing on some kind of electronic device. I have got to get back on track. I already made my menu for next week. I need to get back on board with lessons for Lucy and cleaning this poor disgusting house.

2. We actually did our grocery shopping for next week today because Snowmaggedon is purportedly on its way - complete with subzero temperatures and frigid wind chills. Lovely. We have groceries and a woodstove, though, so I'm rejoicing that I'm a stay-at-home-mom and planning to hunker down inside. Stupid winter.

3. Lucy and Lena both had really bad coughs this week. I actually took Lena to the doctor because she was wheezing so much, but it was just a virus. I couldn't bear to make her CIO in the middle of the night when she was so hoarse and coughing her guts out. So she backslid a little bit with the sleeping through the night. But I cut out her afternoon nursing session, so we're down to once in the morning and once before bed with a midnight snack here and there. 

4. I got all caught up on Parenthood this week, so now I need a new TV series to watch. I saw some big names on Netflix (Breaking Bad, Dexter, Orange is the New Black), but they're all rated MA. Blurg. Any suggestions for a TV series that isn't full of vampires, gore, the F word, and sex?

5. I had two New Year's Resolutions this year: The first is to lose some weight. My first step is cutting back on Dr Pepper. I'm going cold turkey for the month of January and then sticking with one glass a day after that. I didn't actually start until January 3, because the 2nd is Niki's birthday and we had to go to Olive Garden. No trip to O.G. is complete without 2 or 3 glasses of Dr Pepper. ;-) Anyway, yesterday was my first full day without it and the caffeine headache kicked in around 6:00. It still hasn't left. :-( I've been drinking coffee, but it's not enough. Other than coffee, I'm trying to drink only water. I've given up Dr Pepper before, but replaced it with juice or zero calorie pop. This time I'm going to give in to the water hype. I darn better lose 10 lbs, have glowing skin, sparkling white teeth, and boundless energy. Oh, and by the end of this month, I fully expect to hate the taste of sugary Dr Pepper and only desire water for the rest of my life.

6. My second resolution is to read through the Bible. I've made this resolution before and never stuck with it. I've obviously read a good portion of the Bible and I've read through the New Testament many times, but I've never read the entire Old Testament. In my previous quests to read through the Bible, I haven't made it farther than Numbers. But I have heard so many people in the past couple of months talk about how reading through the Bible has changed their lives. Even if you don't feel an astounding revelation from God every day or even feel like what you read is impacting you, the word of God does not return void. This time, I found The One Year Bible on my dad's bookshelf. I'm hoping that having every day's reading put together will help. 

 7. I can't think of one more point, so here are a couple cute pictures from this week:
Sporting her Under Armor outfit and Puma shoes for Niki's birthday lunch.
Laughing hysterically during our afternoon tea party.

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  1. 1- That's how I feel all the time :P I'm trying to do better!!
    2- Ack, I probably should have done that too! I'm going to have to brave the roads on Monday.
    4- Community, Castle, Firefly, Sherlock...
    5- Good luck!! I would fall over from shock if you stopped liking Dr. Pepper, but I'm sure cutting out the calories will be good! I would totally drink pop every day if we always had it around the house... which is why I don't keep it around the house. OH, except my husband got me a Soda Stream machine for Christmas! ACK!


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