Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Saturday "7"

Not sure I'm going to make it to 7 this week. I feel like all I did was console sick, miserable Lena.

1. The sickness saga - more for my records than anything: Sunday just before church my mom was holding Lena and said, "she feels kind of warm." I took her temperature just to be safe before sending her to nursery. Sure enough: 101*. That night, she was up every hour on the hour crying and burning up. I finally went downstairs and slept on the couch with her on my chest for the rest of the night. Her fever stayed around 102* for the next 3 days despite many doses of tylenol and ibuprofen. She was absolutely miserable. I got nothing accomplished all week and Lucy spent about 20 hours a day watching TV or playing on the iPad. Part of it drives me crazy, but the other part enjoyed all the snuggles. Thursday was her birthday and she woke up fever free! I was surprised that she was still being so grumpy despite her fever being gone. Part-way through the day I noticed she was breaking out in a spotty rash. Textbook Roseola. I thought we were in the clear and knew the worst was over.

2. Friday morning Lena woke up crying and batting spastically at her ears. We were supposed to be getting a blizzard that afternoon and I didn't want to risk being stuck at home with a baby with an ear infection and no antibiotics, so we headed off to the doctor. Justin has Fridays off, so came with us. Our first step was to switch the carseats from my van to his car since my heat doesn't work. The windchill was -20 and he couldn't get the seats to fit in his car. I was seriously concerned he was going to get frostbite. He eventually got them in, we all piled in, backed up the driveway . . . and right into a ginormous drift. So Justin got out again and shoveled us out. I called the doctor to let them know we were going to be late and we hit the road. Half-way there, the road we needed to take was closed because of a house fire. Detour. We finally got to the doctor half an hour late, and I was seriously starting to worry that the doctor was going to take one look in Lena's ears and say "No infection. She has a cold." Is it a little wrong of me that I secretly rejoiced when he said, "Oh yeah, that's infected."? Haha. We went to Big Boy for breakfast while we waited for Lena's prescription to get filled. She was a wreck and Justin and I both took turns pacing the restaurant with her. But when the food came, we couldn't shovel it in her mouth fast enough. The girl's appetite never ceases - even when she's sick!

3. Enough about sickness. Let's talk about birthdays! Lena's birthday was Thursday and we celebrated by . . . doing absolutely nothing. No cake. No presents. No partying. Poor second child. She was sick, it was snowy, she doesn't know the difference anyway. Her party was supposed to be today, but between her sickness and our impassable road, we decided to reschedule. Hopefully she'll be able to enjoy it more later.

4. Justin's 29th (!) birthday was yesterday and we celebrated by . . . almost getting frostbite, having Big Boy for breakfast and frozen pizza for dinner. Note to self: don't have any more babies in the winter. Winter ruins birthdays (and everything for that matter). I did book our hotel for next weekend, though. Thanks to my credit card rewards, we will end up paying a whopping $18 for our room at the Hyatt. And Justin has collected almost $200 worth of Bass Pro Shop gift cards between his birthday and Christmas. Plus we managed to get a Red Robin gift card through my credit card rewards as well. Coupled with his free birthday burger we should have a pretty cheap weekend! (Unless I go crazy in Ikea . . . which is a real possibility . . .) 

5. I get to have Dr Pepper again in 6 days. I. Can't. Wait. I really almost caved a couple days this week when I was so tired and cranky. I think about it all the time. I crave it every minute of every day. I'm soooo sick of water. I think I need to go to rehab.

Well that's all I can think of. Sorry this was a lame one. Hopefully next week will be better!

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  1. I'm sorry you had such a rough week! Having a sick baby is no fun for anyone :( I hope she's feeling better and you catch a break from The Sickness soon!!

    Happy birthday to Justin and Lena :)


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